Environment Education for Kids : Environmental Air Quality Education for Kids

Until about a hundred and fifty years ago,
our air was perfectly pure and clean, but so what happened now. Hi, I’m Debbie Noah,
and I’m here to help you teach your children about the importance of clean air, and how
they can help. First of all, you need to teach your children that why…talk about why clean
air is important. It’s hard to breathe if we don’t have clean air. It makes people sick,
it makes animals sick, it makes our plants sick. So the import…talking about why it’s
important is…is paramount, so they can understand. Let them watch the news, talk about the ozone
levels, talk about smog, what smog is, and how important it is that we as individuals
try to help that situation. And the ways we can help, and talk to your kids about things
like planting a tree. Talk to them about how trees produce oxygen for our environment and
how important they are. Make it a family tradition, at our house, when we moved into our new house,
we planted a tree for both our kids and for us, and watched the tree grow, which was a
really special thing in our family. Another thing you can do is talk about car pooling.
Mom and Dad are going to work, they need to car pool. If you can walk, walk. If you can
ride a bicycle, ride a bicycle. All those things will impact the quality of our air.
I’m Debbie Noah, and that’s how you teach your kids about air quality, how to keep it
clean. Don’t get it dirty.

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