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hello everyone interact back here again with another episode of entity education in this episode we're going to be covering probably the most requested killer seriously every comment section is just spammed with spirit video when the spooky Japanese vengeful ghost herself Rin yamaoka probably better known as the spirit as always there will be timestamps up on the screen right now and also down in the description of the video if you want to skip to certain sections the spirit has the slower base killer stats meaning her base movement speed is 110 percent or 4.4 m/s and also has a smaller tear radius of only 24 meters the reasoning for these seemingly odd numbers will make sense in just a moment once we cover her power wow what a great segue to talking about rinse power Yamaoka is haunting yarmulkes haunting has well let's just say a lot of things that go into it so please bear with me this might get a bit complex by pressing and holding down mouse to by default on PC you will begin to charge up your haunting once active you will leave the physical realm and enter the spirit realm what you say it's not called the spirit realm it's called the ethereal plate how do you mess that one up i I mean you'll enter the ethereal plane by plane shifting because apparently despite wielding a katana Rin is a thirteenth level wizard either that or they really messed up spell casting in 5th edition oh sorry I'm where was it oh right we were talking about DB D not DMD my mistake jokes about me being a complete nerd aside once you finish your channel of 1.5 seconds by default and you are actually haunting around you will move at an increased speed of 176 percent or 7.04 meters per second you will only be able to maintain the state for a default of 5 seconds during this time you will become completely invisible to the survivors and survivors will become completely invisible to you this includes the auras of survivors as well you will however be able to see any scratch marks the survivors leave behind from running both you and survivors will still be able to see things such as grass or corn rustling around and you will be able to hear survivors whether they are just breathing vaulting something working on generators etc you also get loud noise notification bubbles you will in this state still be confined to the physical plane because apparently magic doesn't work very well in the entity's domain this means that you won't be able to walk through things like windows dropped pallets walls etc behavior already made the mistake of making the nurse once while you are phase walking the location that you channeled will have a husk spawned in place of you which will stand still during the duration of your phase walk giving off your normal terror radius and playing these same idle animations as a rin meaning survivors won't actually have any idea that you are face walking or if maybe you're just standing still this leads to some fun times that we'll discuss in the tips for playing section the video but back to talking about our power for now because there really is a lot that goes into it for a very brief period after exiting yarmulkes haunting you will have what is called a reappearance speed boost which seems to be the same speed as your haunting this will last for only 0.5 seconds half of a second but will give you an increased lunge range for the duration since you're moving so much faster it can be a little bit hard to get a feel for landing the extended lunge if you just started playing rin since it is only half a second window but you'll get a hang of it pretty quickly you can always cancel your haunting early if you think you are close enough to a survivor to land a hit with the reappearance lunch or just a normal attack because they're right next to you you aren't forced to continue haunting until you run out of your power bar if you do cancel your haunting early however you will lose 10% of your total charge bar your Yamaoka is haunting will take 15 seconds by default to recharge and requires a full charge to be used you can't use it with a semi filled bar to haunt around just for a little bit it's 100 percent full or no haunting for you if any survivor is outside of your husks terror radius while you're haunting but within your terror radius the survivor will in stet here a whooshing sound instead of the normal heartbeat this is commonly referred to as the phasing sound emission by behavior for just the spirit is haunting next to me sound by survivors this will alert survivors to the fact that you are in fact near by them and phase walking just keep this in mind while you're haunting around the map you aren't completely sneaky just mostly sneaky Rin also has an odd passive ability known as phasing I know this could be a bit confusing since I call yarmulkes haunting face walking most of the time but they're pretty much different things so apologies for any confusion my nicknames or behaviors odd naming conventions may cause during the course of this video Rin will sometimes phase in and out of existence this will only happen while you are moving this will make your actual model go completely invisible for survivors and instead replace where you were with some random images of Rin moving in kind of random directions and random facings it's kind of odd I'll put a example up on screen so you can see what it actually looks like while phasing your red-stained will be removed from existence basically all this just means is that during a chase survivors may become potentially confused as to where exactly you are in what direction you're facing and if you're about to hit them or not I attempted to test how often this happens but it seems to be fairly randomized it seems to be just kind of a random number as to whether it'll happen or not it does happen every 1 to 5 seconds however although I'm not entirely certain how it determines when it can happen or when it shouldn't happen each phase will only last for half of a second by default as well now with all of that discussion about how our power works out of the way let's quickly get into the add-ons that you can equip while playing the spirit please bear with me on this one I don't speak Japanese despite being a bit of a weeb so I'm probably just going to butcher the hell out of some of the pronunciations of these add-on names I apologize in advance to everyone in Japan also before we get started I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Reddit user Chester Rhett for finally getting me the data mind info on dead by daylight that I've been attempting to get for about as long as I've been doing these videos I did test all of the add-ons myself before I got the data mine but now that I actually have the data mine info I can just use the code to tell you exactly how every add-on works based on how its coded in the actual game I'm also happy to say that most of my testing seem to be extremely accurate so I didn't make any stupid mistakes while testing this one yay me we'll start off at the common tier with Zuri Zuri will slightly increase your movement speed while in yarmulkes haunting thanks to the data mining we note this is a 5% increase in your haunting speed bringing you up to one hundred and eighty one percent next up we have Shiawassee amulet Shiawassee amulet will slightly increase the duration of your haunting based on both my testing and backed up by the data mining this is a 10% increase to your haunting maximum duration bringing the maximum duration up to 5.5 seconds following that we have origami crane origami crane will slightly increase the recovery of your haunting meaning it will take less time to charge up a full bar it's a little confusing the way they have this one worded this means an 8% increase to your recovery speed meaning it will take you thirteen point eight seconds to recover your haunting fully the way that they have this coated is extremely weird so I'm actually glad that I tested it but now that I actually have the code I it they made this one real weird maybe it's the best way to actually make something like this happen I wouldn't really know though because I can barely code my way out of a wet cardboard box RINs final common add-on is gifted bamboo comme gifted bamboo comme will slightly decrease the activation charge time of your haunting this is a 10% decrease to your activation time bringing your activation time down to 1.3 5 seconds now moving on to the uncommon tier we start off with light hair ribbon white hair ribbon will moderately decrease the activation charge time of your haunting this means a 20% decrease to your activation time bringing it down to one point two seconds then we have RINs broken watch rings broken watch will moderately increase your power recovery once again weirded weirdly for some odd reason this is a 12% decrease to your recovery time bringing it down to thirteen point one five seconds to fully recover your power from empty this one is a bit odd since it has a lot of extra decimal points involved in the math on the back end of the code and I'm not actually sure how many decimal points the Unreal Engine uses but it doesn't really matter it's thirteen point one five seconds to fully recover moving on I get a nice English add-on to pronounce properly before we move on to some more Japanese words that I'll probably screw up the add-on is muddy sports day cap muddy sports stay cap will moderately increase your movement speed while haunting this means a 10% increase to your movement speed bringing you up to 186 percent speed alright let's get back to me butchering Japanese words our next add-on is Chi hoon Talisman Chi hoon talisman will moderately increase the duration of your haunting this is a 20% increase to the duration of your haunting bringing it up to six seconds and the final uncommon add-on and one that I actually know how to pronounce juniper Banzai juniper Banzai will slightly increase the frequency of your passive phasing testing this one was fairly difficult so I'm actually very happy that I have the data mining phasing happened between 0.1 seconds and about four seconds apart in my testing the way this works is basically there's a normal cooldown time for passive phasing to happen that is anywhere between one second and five seconds juniper bonds I will bring this cooldown down by one second so theoretically I guess it brings it down to zero seconds to four seconds I guess in theory you could have passive phasing just happened back-to-back for an infinite amount of time but the odds of that happening are probably extremely astronomical so it not gonna happen moving on to RINs rare add-ons we start off with rusty flute rusty flute will considerably increase the power recovery of your haunting based on my testing and the data mining this seems to be a 20% decrease to recovery time bringing it down to 12 seconds this add-on gave me a lot of difficulty during testing so I'm actually once again extremely thankful for the data mining I thought I was going insane because if this add-on had followed normal behavior add-on conventions it should have only been a 16% decrease so I not sure if it's supposed to say tremendously instead of considerably or if I'm just nitpicking and they just decided to break conventions for this add-on who really cares honestly next up we have oh boy cats amore talisman which will considerably increase the duration of your haunting based on testing and data mining this is a 30% increase to your duration bringing you up to a maximum duration for haunting of 6.5 seconds and next up we have a unique add-on after a long string of cycles and repeats with katana Suba katana Suba will slightly increase your hauntings reappearance duration and slightly increase your hauntings reappearance movement speed this add-on is a 50% increase to the duration of your reappearance bringing it up to 0.75 seconds as for the movement speed since I've sworn off testing it I looked at the code and apparently it is a 5% increase to your reappearance speed so whatever you're haunting speed was plus an extra 5% back to the cycles now we have dirty labaki dirty uo Bakke will considerably increase the movement speed of your haunting this means a 15% increase to you're haunting speed bring you up to one hundred and ninety one percent speed not quite hillbilly speeds but getting pretty close and RINs final rare add-on and one that is thankfully in English is bloody hair brooch bloody hair brooch will considerably decrease the activation time of your haunting based on the code this seems to be a 33% decrease to the activation time of your haunting bringing it down to just one second now let's move on to rings very rare add-ons where we have some very Japanese names starting out with yokoo yokai amulet yaku UK amulet will moderately increase your haunting duration moderately increase your movement speed while haunting and moderately increase the power recovery of your haunting this means it's just a combination of the add-ons kayu intellagen muddy sports day cap and rinse broken watch this is just a 20% increase to your haunting time bring it up to 6 seconds a 10% increase in your haunting movement speed and a 12% decrease to the recharge time of your haunting bringing it down to thirteen point one five seconds to fully recover and our final Japanese named add-on is wakizashi saya wakizashi saya will moderately increase your haunting reappearance duration and movement speed thank god once again for data mining I could get the duration from testing but not the movement speed altogether this is a 0.5 increase to your reappearance time bring it up to a total of 1 second and a 10% increase in your speed during the reappearance what does this all mean you may wonder well I'll put what a little a wakizashi saya lunge looks like up on screen it's basically a swing from downtown this add-on is actually pretty insane and I love running it now we're finally done with Japanese words let's move on to our next add-on prayer beads bracelet prayer beads of bracelet we remove the phasing sound omission while you were haunting meaning you'll be completely silent why this isn't one of her ultra rares is kind of beyond me I'm really not sure and rinse a final very rare add-on is dried cherry blossom dried cherry blossom will slightly increase your passive phasing frequency and slightly increase its duration this means it will reduce the cooldown between your passive phases by one second the same as juniper bonsai meaning you can have your passive phasing happen at a frequency between zero and four seconds it will also increase the duration of your passive phasing by 50% bringing it up to a total of 0.75 seconds in duration now let's talk about rinse to ultra rare add-ons we start off with mother-daughter ring mother-daughter ring will tremendously increase your movement speed while in haunting at the cost of removing your ability to see scratch marks while you are haunting this means an increase in speed of 40 fucking percent making this add-on one of the few times behavior has actually used the word tremendously properly this means you'll be moving at 216 percent speed while haunting which is only 14% slower than hillbillies chainsaw sprint in case you needed perspective its insanely fast and rinse final ultra rare add-on is one of the least inspired to science I've ever seen in the video game father's glasses fathers glasses will allow you to see blood trails while haunting that's literally it behavior if you are watching this and you work there and you're a designer swap the rarity of Father's glasses and prayer beads bracelet seriously and something got mixed up now let's talk about some tips for playing the spirit this is gonna be kind of an oddly organized tips guide thing but the spirits kind of a unique killer so I'm going to start off by talking about a few different camps for how people think you should best play the spirit I'll try to cover most of the different playstyles even though I kind of obviously fall into one of the camps pretty heavily if you've ever seen me play the spirit since killer's rely heavily on their powers these different camps or philosophies or whatever you want to call them that I'm talking about are just varying schools of thought of the best way to use llamó cos haunting I'll try and go in order of how often you'll actually be using your power the first camp of thought would be one that uses yarmulkes haunting as often as possible so they can traverse the map quickly in this style of play you'll essentially just be using your power when it is off cooldown as frequently as possible to move around map quickly and apply pressure spread out as much as you can to keep the survivors from finishing generators the downside to doing solely this play style would be that you would not often have your power off of cooldown when you could be using it to prevent a loop or to get through a loop easier if you plan on running more heavily in this play style you'll probably want to rely on add-ons such as movement speed add-ons power recovery add-ons and possibly generation add-ons the next major school of thought would be one that typically tries to use llamó because haunting at loops to get through them quicker in this play style they'll typically wait until survivors add a loop that you believe you can get through easily by using your haunting and then use your haunting to either get a hit on the survivor without them dropping a pallet or force the pallet to be dropped typical add-ons you'd run for this kind of play style would be activation time add-ons recovery add-ons reappearance add-ons and maybe tracking add on like father's glasses I don't know and the final major school of thought I guess is what I'm calling it would be the mind gaming school of thought in this play style you will abuse the fact that survivors are unable to tell whether you are actually using your haunting or not since they are in fact unable to tell whether your haunting or just afk making a sandwich once you get to a loop you can just stand still making sure that you have full view over both sides of the loop that they can go towards and then just stand still and wait for them to make mistake either by slowly walking back towards you because they think they're juking you or by panicking and dropping the palette or possibly by panicking and just leaving the loop altogether the add-ons for this play style don't necessarily matter since you won't actually be using your power most of the time assuming that they actually fall for the mind game they'll just walk right into your loving caring arms and you'll cut them with the glass katana as with most killers there isn't one true play style that's better than the others you want to incorporate a bit of all of these different schools of thought or play styles if you want to maximize your ability to guess sacrifices as the spirit if you only used your power for movement around the map as soon as you got two loops you'd just be a 110 percent killer which means that you would get looped pretty easily if you only used your power for looping that means that you would be a 110 percent killer when moving or the map which is not very efficient the reason I typically try to use mind games at palettes is that it leaves your power available for movement and for going through loops if the mind game ends up failing that's why I personally find that the best way of playing the spirit although by no means am I even remotely close to the best spirit player in dead by daylight this is just the way that I prefer to play relying heavily on mind games to get through loops instead of using my power to get through loops so that it is off cooldown when I needed to move around the map or two possibly chase the one who's running away from a loop obviously as you play the spirit more often you'll come to find what play style suits you the best and which you feel is the most efficient way of playing the spirit obviously you should be incorporating all of them but maybe you prefer to move around the map more than you prefer to mind game this is something you'll just have to get a feel for through playtime it isn't really something that I can teach you because it does vary person to person now with that weird kind of rant about different schools of thought out of the way let's get into some generalized advice for playing the spirit since you can't actually see the survivors actual models while you're haunting there are a few things you're going to want to get accustomed to to use to track down survivors the first and most obvious is scratch marks these will give you a general idea of where survivors running since they spawn behind the survivor while they sprint around these are decently inaccurate however and if you only rely on scratch marks you'll leave yourself open to one of the most common tactics survivors employee against the spirit which is just doubling back on their own scratch marks to cover up their movement and possibly confuse the spirit player and get away from them this means that you'll probably end up relying more heavily on the two other major methods of tracking survivors while haunting sound cues and environmental clues while survivors are running like most normal human beings they'll have louder and more labored breathing if you use decent headphones which is something you should always be doing while playing dead by daylight since the game is really sound based you can oftentimes hear where they are running because they'll be panting this isn't exactly precise however because sounds in debt by daylight are frequently bugged it feels like every other patch they break the sounds but it give you a general indication of where a survivor is even if they aren't running and leaving behind scratch marks the other major method of tracking that I eluded to is the environmental clues this typically means grass rustling around but on some maps it can mean corn or cattails I think it's called bull rush if you aren't from the southern United States but it really depends on the map which of these you'll be using when a survivor pushes through any of these objects the grass or corn or whatever will be pushed around giving you basically a 100% accurate idea of where the survivor is at any given moment this is going to be probably your best method for tracking survivors while you're haunting however given that maps such as the game exist you aren't going to want to solely rely on environmental clues for your tracking you're going to want to use all of them to their fullest potential and the final thing that you can use to find survivors while haunting is collision this typically comes into play in two scenarios and is helpful in both the first scenario is if a survivor is camping one side of a pallet if you're chasing a survivor and you happen to be haunting if you think that they're camping the pallet run into the middle of the pallet and attempt to move through it you may bump into the survivor on either side of the pallet meaning that they're standing right there if you do break out of your haunting and swing immediately typically this will let you a hit and possibly even scare the survivor into dropping the pallet as well the other instance in which collision is helpful is if they're trying to double back on scratch marks if you're chasing them and haunting and the scratch marks seem to abruptly end and then something bumps into you it means the survivors right next to you so break your haunting and hit them once again as with all killers getting a hang of the spirits unique techniques and power will take time and practice but you want to get a feel for pretty much everything that I've mentioned here on how to track survivors since you can't physically see them all haunting if you get really good at tracking them through most or any of these methods you'll be able to see the unseen like you're daredevil or neo or something other reference here with all of that out of the way let's talk about the teachable perks you'll be unlocking if you put your blood points into the spirit at level 30 they'll unlock the teachable for the best perk to come out in probably years spirit Furia spirit of fury will make it so that after breaking 4/3 / 2 pallets the next time you become stunned by a pallet the entity will instantly break the pallet for you you still suffer from stun effects as you normally would however by itself I guess this is a decent enough perk at saving you time if you plan on disrespecting the hell out of pallets but when you combine it with enduring hold boy now you're cooking at level 35 you'll lock the teachable for the perk hex haunted ground hex haunted ground will make it so that two totems on the map will become lit as if they were any other hex perk by themselves these hex totems will do absolutely nothing however once a survivor cleanses one of the hex totems a few things will happen firstly the second lit totem will just become a normal dull totem secondly and more importantly all survivors on the map will suffer from the exposed status effect for 40/50 slash 60 seconds meaning any basic attack will instantly down them running hex haunted ground by itself can be a little dubious since if survivors don't see a hex icon appear once they work on a generator they're probably not going to go seek them out but sometimes you might catch that curious survivor who just can't ignore the allure of a burning totem and cleanses it anyways and gets his entire team killed and finally at level 40 you'll unlock the teachable for the perk rancor rancor will give the equipped creature plus 2 plus 0 and trample as and hold on sorry rongkhun here we go rancor will make a survivor in the match become the obsession each time a generator is completed the obsession will see your aura for 5/4 / 3 seconds and all survivors locations will be revealed to you for 3 seconds do note that it does not show you the auras of survivors it just gives you a kind of modified scream notification so it won't even tell you in the bubble which survivors which it gives you like a base stripped-down survivor model for each notification so you can't actually track this is a claudette this is a diet this is a Jake they all look the same this perk can be pretty helpful when it comes to just getting a little bit of extra tracking everytime a generator is finished oh and I almost forgot to mention when all the generators are powered the obsession gains a permanent exposed status effect and you get two more– them without even having to hook them but I'm sure everyone just runs this perk for the subpar tracking right obviously I'm joking this park is called rancor for a reason rancor in case you didn't know means a long-standing hatred or resent for something or someone when this perk came out it was pretty much the I hate the stupid decisive strike user and I want to murder them as brutally as possible after they finished all the generators rancor typically works best when run in combination with another perk like save the best for last for instance where you basically just ignore your obsession until all the generators are powered and then you just Morey the ever-loving christs out of the obsession before they get to leave now let's talk about some perk builds for the spirit as always I'll start off with a perk build for new players assuming you've only put points into the spirit and therefore only have her three unique perks and the basic killer perks then I will talk about the meta perk build for the spirit and follow it up with a that build meaning a toxic build that isn't any fun to play against and then round it out at the end with some meme builds for fun starting off with a new player build your perk build might look something like this whispers sloppy butcher unrelenting and hex haunted ground whispers helps you know where you need to be patrolling to find survivors and where you can just kind of skip over because it's not lit up and it also works well phase walking which is very helpful since or a perk store not sloppy butcher helps you slow the game down by making healing take a little bit longer unrelenting might seem like a very odd perk choice since normally people just kind of laugh at it and ignore it as soon as they learn basically anything about how did by daylight works however on the spirit that can be decently since if you're swinging most of the time when you're of haunting to make the best use of your reappearance super lunge you're probably gonna be missing a few here and there and unrelenting can help you make these missed hits a little bit less punishing and finally we have hex haunted ground this is probably the hardest perk to decide upon but there really aren't that many good baseline killer perks and without enduring spirit fury is just kind of not that great of a perk and you shouldn't often be getting stunned by pallets while playing the spirit anyways if you get some greedy survivors who want extra blood points from cleansing a hex totem or thing that they're helping out their team because maybe there's ruin and they just haven't touched or generator yet you might be able to get some instant downs during a match just by running haunted grounds by itself now let's talk about the meta perk build for the spirit your typical meta build for the spirit looks something along the lines of this barbecue and chili hex ruin make your choice and whispers barbecue and chili and hex ruin are just basically some of the best killer perks in the game so you don't really pass up on them whispers I just discussed why you run it it's really good for tracking make your choice is kind of the odd perk out in terms of typical meta perks since you do move so quickly while using haunting you can typically make it away from and then back to a hook by the time the rescuer is not even that far away from the hook meaning you can rapidly keep the pressure up in any given match as long as you're hitting the person that's saving off of the hook and making the right choice some other perks you may want to consider are unrelenting as I said if you swing every time you come out of your haunting unrelenting will really lessen the pain that you'll feel from missing swings every now and then save the best for last is one that a lot of people like running on killers that rely mostly on Mouse ones to hit survivors the spirit is no different she still has to actually use her basic katana swing for every down though she can obviously get those swings a lot easier than maybe say a trapper can now that pop goes the weasel' finally got its quality-of-life buff I feel a lot less silly recommending it it's a decent alternative to ruin if you don't like the fact that ruins to basically just have a thunderstorm hit it every time it spawns in about maybe five to ten seconds and the final recommendation would be the perc Strider I know a lot of people like to run Strider so they contract via sound cues during haunting instead of having to worry so much about scratch marks or looking at the grass or anything like that but as sound seems to bug out pretty frequently I still find this to be kind of inaccurate personally I prefer just using the grass or the corn but sometimes you do get a map like the game and Strider can probably help you out a lot on a map like that where you can't use grass now let's talk about that build meaning a toxic build that isn't really any fun to play against to be quite honest this one is kind of on the tamer side compared to some of the other builds that I've talked about for other killers but it's still extremely on fun to play against I'm talking of course about prayer bead bracelet spirit or Jen grab spirit or jumps get whatever you want to call it man it's all the same the add-on prayer bead bracelet removes what little counterplay survivors actually have against the spirit the whooshing sound she makes while she's haunting around I know of a few high ranked survivors that basically just disconnect anytime they realize that you're running prayer beads I'm not really sure if they still do or not but yeah people really don't like playing against it while it is kind of fun to play and that was kind of one of the reasons I almost didn't even classify it as a that build it's not very fun to play against I'll be honest I do enjoy playing prayer beads spirit and it did help me get the most recent ghost-faced achievement where you have to grab people off of generators but I could tell that nobody was having fun in the match and it wasn't all that great for me either against someone like maybe jump-scare Myers you can at least use your eyes to prevent getting grabbed off of a generator prayer beads doesn't really have any counter play to it other than just not working on generators and that's not going to happen because most survivors aren't absolutely insane and they understand that they need to do generators to leave now let's talk about some meme builds for the spirit the first one I could think of probably be like a double ultra-rare or blood tracker spirit if you want to call it that bloodhound spirit I don't know you're going to want to bring in both ultra rare add-ons the mother/daughter ring and father's glasses this will make you go insanely fast while using your haunting for Perks you're probably just going to want to bring whatever perks you really enjoy using and then maybe swap one of them out for sloppy butcher this way you'll just have to follow the trail of orange juice spelling out of the survivors pockets because you broke their I don't know non sponsored orange beverage when you hit them with your katana and the other main build that I could think of and it is honestly probably the truest to me and build of all is facing spirit this build isn't even good it's just a pure unadulterated name bring whatever perks you want to use and then the add-ons dried cherry blossom and juniper bonsai you'll just be spasming all over the place with your passive phasing and you know it's neat to look at the cool animations that they made for Rin but at the end of the day you're just gonna be a hundred and ten percent killer since you're probably just not going to actually haunt that much because then your add-ons don't do anything and then you'll just get looped as normal and I still like doing it though but it's not very good and that's it for this episode of entity education covering Rin Yamaoka probably better known as the spirit the next video we'll be covering for killers at once I mean it's covering the Legion which is Frank Julie Susie and Joey but it's for people so it counts whatever I'm putting out a video on for killers at once what more do you want from me you can follow me on the social media of stuff on the screen I'm not really gonna go through it big thanks again to gesture Rhett for giving me the date of mine so these videos should be coming out a little bit more frequently now that I'll say moderately more frequently maybe slightly good could be considerably I don't really know it kind of depends on what behavior says that's just a bad joke anyways I'm gonna stop rambling now and let you get on with your day thank you for watching I do appreciate it I'll see you in the next one covering fjs Jade also known as the Legion bye

22 thoughts on “Entity Education: The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka/山岡 凜) – Dead by Daylight Tutorials and Knowledge”

  1. Great video as always. Unless I missed it, you didn't cover Spirit's unique window vault animation (for survivors) where she teleports through the window rather than vault it. It enables certain mindgames as windows where you can fake a vault. While at it, I don't know if you saw my reply with source regarding the Hindered %-values on the Huntress video, but I did respond with a steam forum link.
    I also have a question regarding her Phasewalk vacuum sound. If a survivor is standing 30m away from Rin when she begins phasewalking, will the survivor hear the emission sound when she comes within 24m of the survivor, or when she comes within 6m of the survivor? As in, does she emit a sound within her own terror radius? Also, if using Monitor and Abuse, does the emission sound go down to 16m when used out of a chase, and go up to 32m when inside of a chase? Lastly, if you have M&A equipped and you begin phasewalking inside a chase and a survivor is standing 30m away and the chase drops while phasewalking while she is moving towards said survivor, will that survivor hear the vacuum noise as she approaches or are the emission noise values "locked in" the moment she starts phasewalking?

    Keep up the great work, dude!

  2. I'm more aggressive and map control Spirit. I don't mindgame much at all besides red stain to phase walk. For example on other killers try to hide their stain on tall walls. On Spirit I intentionally give off my red stain then as I am in the phase transition I turn my red stain and I go back the other way to hit/down them.

    The reason I don't like stand still mindgames is because if the survivor runs off the loop I lose distance if they abandon the loop. It really only works on loops they cannot run off.

    Mindgame Spirits are also extremely susceptable to flashlights. If the Spirit is blinded she is unable to see, denying her free information and unable to enter phase walk. Spirit can also be blinded and forced out of phase walk by blinds. This gives the survivor control of Spirit

    I've blinded several Spirits out of phase walk and on mindgames and they hated me for it. I went a game chased for 4 gens by a Spirit denying her power because they can't play without mindgames and had horrible add-ons for aggressive use of her power.

  3. Int3r4ct I just reached the 17min mark where you dissed fathers glasses. Now I understand where you are coming from but that is possibly my favorite add on.
    See when I play spirit and I want to wreck a team, I will run mother-daughter ring WITH Fathers glasses. Add in sloppy butcher and you will find people constantly while haunting. It is tried and true for me and I think that is why it is such a rare add in because when it is used right it's downright terrifying. You should try it. I will also use BBQ, distressing, and Nurse's calling(or ruin) try it out

  4. There actually is a apparent pose/animation when spirit stars her phase walk, giving you the ability as survivor to tell if she is faking the phase walk or not will grant a great advantage at pallet loops and jungle gyms

    If you'd like to dm on discord about this, my name and tag is: Flux#7777

  5. Love your guides they are super helpful and informative but there's something am curious about, are you going to talk about post rework and pre rework freddy. I honestly think it would be pretty interesting if you compared the two

  6. Whispers isn't too good on Spirit IMO, it can hurt you actually, because Whispers makes sounds which can distract and making you unable to track properly grunts of pain, breathing or footsteps sounds, which are essential for her.
    Surveillance is 10 times better than Whispers, at least on Spirit. Surveillance increases the sounds from gens with 8 meters, bringing up the sounds coming from gens to 24 meters. So when you hear a gen, you know that survivors are in your terror radius, so you can phase and grab them, because survivors can't hear your phasing sound while they are in your terror radius. You don't need Prayer Beads to grab people, you just need to be smart about your terror radius. Also, Surveillance just gives you much better tracking and map awareness than Whispers will ever do.
    Make Your Choice can be really good on Spirit, but it's a little bit situational to be really meta, perks like : Surveillance, Pop Goes the Weasel, A Nurse's Calling and Sloppy Butcher seems to be more consistent on her.
    On newer players, I suggest Rancor over Haunted Ground. Rancor is a solid perk for Spirit in general because it gives you information even when you are phasing, which is very good for Spirit. Also, running Haunted Ground on its own, on Spirit, would be a dumb idea.
    You don't need grass on The Game, you can easily track them with footsteps sounds, they are so loud in indoor maps.
    I don't know high rank survivors DCing because of Prayer Beads, I know high rank survivors running Spine Chill because of that add-on ( Spine Chill counters Prayer Beads and all stealth killers except EW1 Myers, it's really not a bad perk ).
    Mother Daughter Ring + Prayer Beads is her strongest add-on combo. Mother Daughter Ring + Bloody Hair Brooch is her second strongest add-on combo.

  7. I haven’t even watched it yet but, I appreciate you and you making these videos so much!

    I love your other vids!

    I have no doubt it will be great.

    I really am looking forward to the 35 min. Length.

    Thanks so much. For the effort!

  8. u can't meme that jane dead hard after this https://www.twitch.tv/int3r4ct/clip/CoyFunStorkBudBlast?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time

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