English – Parent Teacher Interviews (Elementary School)

Going to school, it’s an
exciting time. Yes, free field trip. What about a fraction? There’s so much to do… Who can give me an example of
a… So much to learn. Richard. So much for a child to try and
cope with in a new country. This video is
about one of the important ways that parents
can help their child succeed in school. Okay, so, boys and girls, I have
a letter here that I’d like you to take home
to your parents please. It invites your
parents to come to our next parent teacher
interview, okay? And it’s really important
and I’d like to see each and every one of
them, all right? Now, parent teacher
interviews… Once or twice a year you will be
asked to come to your child’s school to
talk with the teacher. The letter will suggest
the time but it can be changed if it isn’t
convenient for you. Watch for the invitation to
what is called the parent teacher
interview. Mom, dad, well, the teachers – I
don’t know but there’s a letter he gave me. What is it we’re going to? Parent teacher interview. What’s
that? What’s wrong? It might be – it might be a
teacher wants to meet with us. Okay. What date? Okay, December 2nd. Oh, let me write it down.
December 2nd. Hello, welcome to Clark School.
It’s nice that you could come tonight.
We’ll just check the list. Oh, yes, you’re
with our interpreter and you’re down in
room four. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I am Melissa. Thank you. Meeting the teacher to talk
about how your child is progressing may be a
new experience for you but it is
very important for your child’s success. Most
parents are glad to come and hear how
they’re child is getting along. And you’re in room ten. Okay. Down this way. Thank you. Thank you. Jennifer will reread words and
her sentences… The interview only takes a few
minutes and you can bring a friend to help
with English if you wish. Your next step should be… does
it sound, right? Some schools can even provide an
interpreter. Jennifer [foreign language] Mm-hmm. Welcome to the parent teacher
interview. I just wanted to say that
I’m very glad that you can make it here this
evening. Now, Richard is a very strong
student. You must be encouraging him quite a
bit at home. That’s okay. Thank you very much. Just to give you an idea of what
he’s been doing. Here’s an example of some
of his earlier work. And if you take a
look at what he’s been writing just recently
you can see that he’s progressed quite a
reasonable amount. Now, as you can see his
sentences are fair but longer. His
spelling and grammar are much improved too. Mm. In China, Richard loved to
write stories. Yeah. It’s funny that you mentioned
that because actually when he first came here
I asked him to write something in his
first language. He put some English words there. Yeah. That’s interesting. No, but that’s good… Yeah. …you know, I mean he put in
what he knew and then everything else
that he didn’t he worked on, you know. The teacher will tell you about
your child’s progress and explain how you can
help at home. That’s great. That’s good. And we’re happy to hear that but
we have a concern about the homework. Oh, okay. So, uh, compared being back in
China we didn’t see Richard bring home a
lot of homework. Right. Right, that is
understandable. What we normally like to do here is
we’ll… …start something off in class. That gives the students a chance
to basically if they have any questions that
they wish to ask, you know, they can ask
myself… Teachers also want to know about
your child’s first language skills
and the things he likes to do at home. The teacher will also answer
your questions about school work, homework and relationships with other
students. We are worried about that if
Richard is making new friends here. You know, I understand that’s a
great concern to a lot of parents
especially, you know, when – since Richard’s new
to the school but I guarantee you have
nothing to worry about. Richard’s a great
sociable child. He’s very involved in the
school community. Mm-hmm. Now, do you have any other
questions or concerns about Richard at
school? Uh, are there any, uh, program
for Richard after school? Definitely, there are lots of
after school programs, you know, that you can
take advantage of. There’s the soccer
program, you know, I know that you
said… Mm-hmm. Yeah. …Richard likes soccer. Meeting the teacher like this is
a good opportunity to learn how well
your child is doing. As a parent, it’s always
wonderful to hear of your child’s progress
but you should also listen carefully for
suggestions on how your child can improve
and how you can help at home. Okay, as you can see from
Richard’s reading mark it would benefit
Richard to read a little bit more at home.
Do you read… Mm-hmm. …with him often? Yes, we – we read with Richard
every evening but sometimes we read in
Chinese. Yeah. You know what? That’s – that’s
all right. That’s actually a great thing,
you know, if… Mm-hmm. …if that’s something that
Richard’s more comfortable by all means let him
read in Chinese, you know, and then we
can gradually get him, you know, um,
into exploring, you know… …certain English language
books, you know, but that’s great. So… The teacher may also review
their report card and explain how well your
child is learning to speak, write and
read in English. Can I ask a question? Please, by all means. No, I – I think I understand
about this part. Okay. But I have a question here. So,
I understand that you grade the students
according to different subjects but here,
what does… Okay. …this part mean? What the learning skills are is
actually – it’s an area where we comment on – not
specifically on grading students on
academics. More about some of the work habits or
study habits that we’d like to see
students… Mm-hmm. develop. These are more areas of
personal growth that we want to
encourage. Well. Thank you very much for coming
both of you tonight. It’s been a
pleasure having you here. You know, um, if you have
any further questions, comments or
concerns, you know, about Richard or
anything else that you’d like to ask please
feel free to contact me. Many parents do. Mm-hmm. Okay. Meeting once or twice a year
like this, you and the teacher can discuss any
difficulties before they even begin. Thanks. Good evening. Good evening. How are you doing? Oh, I’m great. How are you
doing? Not bad at all. Please come on
in. Thank you. I’ve returned grandma. I’m back
home. It was great to meet your
teacher. What did the teacher say? The teacher said that you did
very well in your school. The teacher also said you have
made a lot of friends at
school… So, the parent teacher interview
has many benefits. You get to know the
teacher. You see how your child is doing. You
learn how you can help your child do even
better but one of the greatest benefits is
the support your child feels when you come
to the school because meeting the
teacher connects the most important people in his
or her life. We are very proud of you. So, find out about your child’s
parent teacher interviews. Look for the
letter that invites you to come. There’s no
better way to help your child do well in

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