English Literacy Support for Students

additional language support program for English was started and it was targeted at low progress pupils who have difficulties coping in the main class through this program because learn it's usually done in a small group setting so ample opportunities are given to them to really voice up your ideas and so on I cannot make too much work there no news I'll get the better than that well she did my son last time he doesn't be cousin really right on his own he has a lot of problem in having understanding yeah unable to read all of us after this movement before them he really able to read and his reading has really progressed quite a lot this program is useful because it first of all it really builds up the self confidence in the pupils gets them to really articulate their ideas in proper sentences and also encouraging them to speak in proper English so the language aspect comes in and of course the written aspect isn't able to construct the sentence on their own using the vocab and grammar that's been covered in the class

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