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hey guys how are you all a little English conversation lesson today with my friend John Cavanaugh John Cavanaugh and you have a Facebook page and Instagram page for English learning just like me that's that's how we know each other that's how we sort of met online what's the name of the page that's right my name my page online is true learning so on Facebook and Instagram true learning today we're talking just a little bit conversation about kind of jobs kind of interviewing John about how he became a teacher and his experience is working and work and just generally answering that kind of question how did you become a teacher John how did you become a teacher good question for me I always love languages I've worked in I suppose different professions before coming becoming a teacher and how did I become a teacher I started working part time originally and then gradually became it became a full-time job I've been teaching but yeah I think actually this year nice 15 years since I started as a teacher and for me I've worked in Germany I've worked in Ireland most of my life has been spent here in Dublin teaching so it's it's it's become a it's become a full-time job and then recently I've gone online I've started doing more types of courses and basically creating creating projects for myself creating different ways of teaching especially with the social media and so on I find it's it's it's a good way to engage your creativity you know and tell me about earlier you know you actually worked speaking completely in German at one point in your career yeah where was it that's right I studied German in college and I moved to Dublin than 20 years ago more or less when I first moved here I worked in Lufthansa Lufthansa's the German airline where I was working on the tickets the ticketing Department so my job was speaking German working with German clients booking organizing preparing passengers for travel so was it stressful I would say that the the job itself was quite repetitive once once you learn the the functions you can repeat repeat the actions the I suppose for me it was a challenge it was a you know you're speaking a different language and you're working with with different different types different types of clients all the time so not so much stressful but quite repetitive and demanding it was quite it's quite heavy work I think so do you have any advice for people some of our people watching want to work in English which is a different language do you have any advice for someone preparing to work in English or work in a different language if you're preparing to work in English all the time be prepared to feel stressed at the start and be prepared to feel very very tired for the first definitely the first three months I remember certain working in different language and just exhausted you know you're concentrating on the job you're concentrating on your co-workers and mentally tired totally yeah definitely definitely you're mentally tired and of course physically you're working but it's all the stress of normal day at work plus extra concentration so it takes a long time to get used it but I guarantee after definitely after 10 weeks after 3 months you can do the job and you'll be surprised at how fast you can use the language but definitely it's a bit of a shocker you know but your English will improve very fast so it's definitely worth it you know I agree totally with that advice because I myself I worked in Spain and Barcelona in different places in restaurants speaking on ups and in Spanish I remember I was very tired mentally but after a time it is definitely a good experience productive thing just one or two more questions done um why do you like being a teacher and why do you feel teaching is important to you very good good questions today I have to say very good we have as well for me personally I love languages I love meeting new people I'm curious about the world and I created as well I enjoy painting and I love art visual visual things for me teaching has been really one position where I've been able to amalgamate all my skills and you know work were combining skills together and as I said I have worked here in Dublin for most of my career and the world has come to me so I haven't really had the need to travel I would still love to travel the world I haven't ruled that out and I plan to travel more but for me I've met people from I've worked with people from China Japan Australia India South Africa South America basically I've worked with with people from all over the world and it's been it's still it continues to be an interesting job for me it's it's it's communication it's it's meeting people plus the creativity side where I can present ideas or find new ways to engage students or motivate students or at least to get to know people you have to meet them in different ways so yeah for me it's a great way to mix and you know use all my skills in one job and you see the results that's that's what I like about it very cool done I can agree because I learned Portuguese basically living in Ireland it's like I could speak Portuguese already before the first time I went to Brazil is it but Brazil came to me in you know so I you're living in Dublin are you running any classes at the moment or any group classes or anything I am I've started well I recently have started business English on Tuesday nights I've started to IELTS exam level English on Wednesday nights and I also do private classes and during the year I do certain group classes I do sneers English I do another course in business English for me it's creating opportunities and I think the more students are meeting and the more students that are moving here to Ireland to study they're bringing ideas and I'm starting to learn that there are other ways to teach rather than just Duke school and go home and do your homework there's other ways to teach that are maybe more interactive or more on-the-job training or using language that you can use instantly you know in the conversation so I think for me it's constantly you know meeting students and getting them to yeah find it how they learn and how learning has changed because definitely every few years students have different different ways that different ways to pick up a language sir definitely okay guys that's the end of our interview I hope a little bit very interesting very charismatic man to talk to if you're living in Dublin and want group classes he is the man to talk to what's the name of your page again my page is true learning on Facebook and Instagram so give me a follow say hello and we'll put a link below the video okay guys thanks for watching if you would like more interviews with more teachers get their more authentic conversation let me know write a comment I won't make more unless you tell me so let me know all right bye

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