English at UVic

[Music] You can really tailor an English degree to your specific interests because the programs will give you a
broad sense of the literary tradition, but you’re also encouraged to really
pursue, really rigorously, what you’re interested in. I’m from the Hupacasath and Alexander First
Nation, so Nuu-chah-nulth and Cree. And so a big part of my experience has been
attending indigenous and non-indigenous institutions. And so for me, one of the ways, I guess I kinda understand my world the
best is through literature. And it’s really trying to situate it in historical
and political, and current realities of First Nations literature, and how that voice is
important in the literary field itself. During my studies at UVic with English, I
had the opportunity to work with a digital humanities research project. This research project was the Internet Shakespear
Editions. With that, I had the opportunity to bring what I was learning in Literature into a real world situation. The Professional Communications program really
appealed to me because it was very hands-on. A lot of the classes, you’re actually doing
the task that you would do in the workplace. So while I was learning, I was able
to actually take these projects and put them on my resume as something that I had done. [Music]

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