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Hello friends! How’s it going today? Weeee! So! What’s up? Hey, ever wondered what Energy is? Well, it is the ability to do work! Want to know more about Energy? Come on then. Zoom in! Energy can be found in a number of forms. When you eat, the body breaks down
the food and gives you energy to work and play. When you go to school, you receive
Sun’s energy in the form of heat and light. And while coming back from playing,.. ..the street lights use electrical energy
to give you light. Kinetic and Potential energy are the
main forms of energy. Kinetic energy is the energy that is in motion. Feel the air around you,
that is kinetic energy! That’s because it is moving. Potential energy is the energy stored
inside an object. If an object is not moving and is still,
it means that is Potential energy in it. It is known to have Potential energy because
if it is released, it would do a lot of work. Hey, watch this! See this ball. Right now, this ball has potential energy in it. This means that there’s energy stored
inside this ball. Let’s push this now! See the ball rolling. Well, now it has Kinetic energy in it! So I am going to tell you something
that you must remember for the rest of your lives. Energy can neither be destroyed nor created,
but it transform from one form of energy to another. Just how Potential Energy
transforms into Kinetic Energy. Mechanical Energy: If an object has both
Potential and Kinetic energy at the same time,.. is known as Mechanical Energy. A massive demolition ball is a good example. Once the ball is at rest, it has potential energy. Once, it starts moving, we know it has kinetic energy. And when it hits a wall, we see some
work being done and that’s Mechanical energy! Chemical Energy: This energy is caused by
various chemical reactions. During the process of digestion,
chemical energy is released when food is broken down. Electrical Energy: Whenever there’s electricity,
you know it is the electrical energy. See that light bulb giving out light and heat. Well, that’s exactly what Electrical energy is. Gravitational Energy: It is the motion caused by gravity. Simple example is when an object falls to the
ground because of Earth’s gravitational pull. Plants use Energy from Sunlight during
Photosynthesis. Only 10 percent of energy in a
light bulb is used to create light. Ninety percent of a light bulb’s energy creates heat. Our friendship is like Energy,
it cannot be destroyed! So this is me Zooming Out!

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