Energy of today July 11 2019 – Introversion & Learning Time Stay Focused

hi welcome this is the energy for today July 11th I hope you're doing well spirit what is the energy for today's July 11th what's this of you ready to see him here okay so let's see here the dark space darkness I'm with this darkness it means you're ending some kind of cycle you know you could be in the darkness right now but really need to follow your intuition on which which road to take um there's guidance there for you this is a path that's opening up for you for a new a new path as far as having inner growth and going in the right direction to opening up expanding to different things okay and then really it takes your focus so this is where you're taking time to really buckle down on your whatever you're trying to manifest whatever you're trying to visualize to make a change in your life maybe to go in a different direction something more positive something that gives you a lot of strength on the inside and then the darkness so definitely I feel like maybe you could be going through something where you need to decide something new that brings you stability in your life okay so let's clarify these for you okay let's see please clarify card 40 darkness for the viewer please clarify card 40 for the viewer okay so you have the ten of swords definitely completing some kind of hard cycle and with the ten of swords it's something that you've been stagnant about perhaps you've known you needed a change of direction really feeling as if you couldn't move from a situation but I feel like this is ending for you like I said it's like you're needing to know which direction to take your life at this point you you could have had some kind of sleeplessness going on something that you know could have caused you some kind of stress and anxiety and things like that okay sorry do you have my kitty with me today and he's knocking around the camera you guys wanted to see him here he is he's a little pistol definitely a boy and he's purring right now and he's knocking the camera if you if you see it move it moving so with the forest swords oh this is the four swords not the dinosaurs so you need some kind of peace in your life I feel like you need some kind of peace in your life leaving this kind of stagnant situation where maybe you need to change something and your life needs to change I feel like this is a lot of thinking about it definitely binding keeping you binded and I do feel like it's a change for the better which really allows you to rebuild with the three of cones it's something that allows you to rebuild whether it is you know with finances with whether it is within your core your inside or maybe a relationship that you're trying to build I feel that you're working on it with the eight of coins I'm definitely been in your on your mind a lot really seeking some kind of peace and I feel like that piece is gonna come in a form of an answer for you with your inner guidance okay let's see what this the path is card eight in the path I feel like you're taking a new path and whatever way it could be worked it could be leaving some hard relationship situation but it's like you're wanting to leave something stagnant to go to something that's more peaceful because you really have felt that you know you're feeling almost in a sense where you can't move being maybe maybe controlled by others maybe being controlled by your old way of thinking and you know like stereotypes and things like that okay but I feel like you're working on it yes definitely getting some kind of answers with the queen of swords this is definitely where you have truth so you could have gone through a difficult situation and just really woke up and said okay I need to make a change in my last life because this is a number eight and it is the path it's taken a new direction in your life what speaks about getting stronger having truth having a stronger core okay oh okay let's see here so this is where you're expanding yourself with the 3 of Wands you're waiting for something to come in for you I feel like you you definitely are ready I get the sense of I'm hearing freedom and it could be freedom from a hard situation with the ten of swords it's definitely something that's been difficult and hard for you perhaps this is a call from spirit for you to move forward the 3 of Wands it's beautiful because you are expanding but you're becoming more mindful as far as your mindset your body your spirit whichever with whichever way a spirit is directing you to go where you definitely leave something that has been sorrow with the five of cups there's some kind of sadness some kind of despair here um and I feel like you want to break free from that okay definitely want to break free from that what is the the focus card 14 what is the focus you might hear the kitty roaming around in here at least he's not meowing today what is card 14 focus please 14 card 14 focus you're definitely trying to focus on something and it's in your your sixth chakra that this is happening really I feel like you're trying to manifest something and and it is causing you to change so the hangman this is definitely telling you in this deck it's like yeah you've been suspended for a minute you you've you've taken some opportunity to really contemplate a situation but that contemplation period is over it's now time for you to move it's time for you to move and start whatever you're trying to manifest as far as a change in career a changing relationships um something that just hasn't kept you really happy really following your intuition and going forward and then so some of you have had at our moment where things could be crushing down on you and I got that sense with with the very first card the darkness I do feathers that cause for you to change something in your life that's caused you a lot of this is the nine of swords it has caused you some kind of oh that's the kitty sorry guys this has caused you a lot of sleeplessness worried but I feel you're seeking peace I definitely feel that you want to go from a place where it's been really you know turmoil to somewhere where at least you can have peace and rest okay so I feel like you're heading in a different direction and here's that lovers card so you got to choose something that makes you happy you have to choose something that truly makes you happy whether it's a new job a new business partner this indicates that something new is coming in for you whether it's it's that that love that you've been waiting for because the deep lakes two lovers here it's also spirit town you choose wisely you know what makes you happy you know exactly what makes you happy with the lovers card okay and um really I do feel that you have a chance of something opening up for you as far as with the knight of cups this is part it's like it could be a new offer as far as you know work as far as relationships as far as maybe making peace with somebody in the family something like this it could be also that you're giving yourself any chance because I feel like for some of you you've done something and you feel regretful for it but I feel like that's gonna change for you you have had that terrible moment something that wasn't stable came crashing down for you and now it's in a sense like coming back back up for you okay so in other words you you ended some kind of cycle and now I feel like you're seeing things clearly you're really seeing which way to take which path to take which will allow growth in your life okay so let's see here oh how do we conclude this energy of today please so definitely having a new a new beginning as far as love and it could be self-love I feel like maybe you have self-love coming in for yourself something and then for some of you it's a new love as far as a new commitment a new partnership maybe for some of you I'm getting that if you've had a rough time with a partner because I feel like maybe something happened in the family life or someone you're already with you have a chance to sort of renew the relationship okay if some of you are already partnered for some of you I feel like something new is coming in for you in a form of a partnership where it brings stability for your life and there's that six cups and I did it shuffle ease I always shuffle before I record so it's like I do feel for some of you you're repairing a relationship that's what I was trying to say and then for some of you something new is coming and the Sun is at the top of the deck so definitely I do feel like something is coming in your way that is more positive okay so listen to your intuition and have a great day I hope my kitty did not disturb you too well too much have a great day

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