40 thoughts on “Ending School Segregation | Brown v. Board of Education”

  1. Look at your own natural habitat in Africa and how completely run down it is when you people run things?

    Maybe that's all you deserve because that's as high as you can climb without us? Why do we have to support you, or educate you?

    No we did not bring you here.
    Ask Farakhaun who brought you here.
    (and he doesn't mean O.J.)

    Seriously why can't you pick yourself up?, …every other race can, especially with the opportunities here in America, and no one's holding you back, there is not one law on the books restraining you from getting the American dream, if you'd rather sit in your mama's porch drinking a 40 ouncer, don't blame that on me.

  2. December 9th 1952 = Start the Case
    May 17, 1954 = Supreme Court decision.
    May 31, 1955 = put plan in place to persuade school boards to accept new law. Wow that’s fast.

  3. The ink is black
    The page is white
    Together we learn to read and write
    A child is black
    A child is white
    The whole world looks upon the sight
    A beautiful sight

    And now a child can understand,_
    that this is the law of ALL the land
    ALL THE LAND! . . . 🙂

  4. 0:14 Interesting you don't mention there are likely just as many poor Whites that had a black school much nearer. But they didn't complain.

  5. This is when many Afrikan Americans became anti Semites in NYC rejecting Jewish teachers…after we helped civil Rights movement.
    We marched and died in Selma civil rights marches now written out of Oprah Winfrey Selma film…
    Rev All Sharron,Farrakhan,Jesse Jackson all hate Jews and repeat evil David Duke diatribe against us.

    Yet I agree with this food decision.
    After Scotsboro boys case and Dred Scott decision we see a fair humane Court.

  6. "Segregated schools get them ready for the segregation they will encounter as adults."

    Sounds awfully similar to the logic the high school I went to (and probably plenty of others) used to justify their cookie-cutter curriculum.

    "Forcing you to do things you're not interested in will get you ready for being forced to do things you don't want to do as an adult."

  7. Why are Americans so racist my grandmother who’s a surviving slave never said anything racist in her life I just don’t understand this hate for people you probably never interact with

  8. Earl Warren was an American jurist and politician who served as the 30th Governor of California and later as the 14th Chief Justice of the United States. WikipediaBorn: March 19, 1891, Los Angeles, CADied: July 9, 1974, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Georgetown, D.C.Governor: Culbert OlsonParty: Republican PartyAppointed by: Dwight D. Eisenhower

  9. 9-0. I wonder why segregation is illegal but positive discrimination is not? If I for example say that I want more white students at my school that's legal? But if I say that I don't want that many black students at my school it's illegal? Makes no sense. The outcome is pretty much the same. I still select white students and deselect black students.

  10. Huh, that former black only school looks really good and fancy. I thought it would be some rundown building but this looks better than the school I went to in Denmark.

  11. A few notes on this one:

    1.) Warren was not the FORMER Governor of California when Ike appointed him Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. He was the CURRENT Governor of California.

    2.) As you might imagine, Robert Jackson ended up dying shortly after the ruling. By the time Brown II was decided, he had been replaced by John Marshall Harlan II.

    3.) Linda Brown ended up running for Kansas's Second District in the US House of Representatives in 1996. However, she was beaten in the Republican primary by former distance-running pro Jim Ryun.

  12. Honestly I know it was pre civil rights . but can't discriminate basis of race ethnicity anyway in employment,education,social welfare and businesses

  13. I just typed out a paragraph about meeting one of the Little Rock Nine but then Youtube's auto-play feature erased all of it. Long story short; It felt like all the history I had been reading about was suddenly real. This man was standing in front of me, saying we lived in very troubled times but would get through it. It was truly amazing to hear him talk and I will never forget it. I experienced someone who generations beyond me will read about. I have met one of the Little Rock Nine, I desperately wish I could remember his name, Mary Beth Tinker, and so many more.

  14. Hey Mr. Beat, Does Plessy or the Brown rulings have any relevance to "gender segregation", ie girls and boys bathrooms, locker rooms, etc?

  15. 9-0 amazing. Yet ppl think institutional racism exists today? Ppl need to see how things were this is good information

  16. It still blows my mind that an entire government body can be such racist cunts.

    Everyone in the US owes the naacp a great deal of gratitude.

  17. III. On top of that, the “social science” that the justices used as their pretext for Brown was fraudulent, and its proponent, City College social psychologist Kenneth Clark, perjured himself about his own research.

    Clark claimed that black kids attending segregated schools chose white dolls over black dolls; that this was proof that their self-esteem was harmed by segregation; and that they would not learn as well, due to their low self-esteem.

    Everything Clark claimed was false. He lied about his research; some black kids chose black dolls, while others chose white dolls.

    Black kids have never suffered from low self-esteem. Their self-esteem was typically higher than white kids during and after segregation.

    There is no positive relation between high self-esteem and academic achievement. Kids with high self-esteem are often dunces, and kids with low self-esteem are often very bright. During the late 1990s, Diane Ravitch cited research in which Korean kids who were excellent at science thought they were terrible at science. Meanwhile, black kids who were actually lousy at science, thought they were great at it.

  18. II. The New York Times called the Brown decision “sociological” jurisprudence, which the Times thought was just fine, but sociological jurisprudence is no jurisprudence at all. Social science can, at best, describe reality, but it cannot provide norms for what anyone ought to do.

  19. I. Brown v. Board of Education was one of the worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court.

    Its defenders have always been dishonest about it.

    The decision had no legal precedent to support it, and it did not violate the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Many public school districts were founded after the enactment of the 14th Amendment, without anyone thinking to say that they violated it.

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