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  1. Jon, your apology and your attitude on the cepher etc…was stellar. I felt your sincerety and your comments were honest and straightforward, but in love and non offensive. You're a great guy, and a terrific talk show host! God bless you and yours!

  2. Teaching the doctrine of devils egypt mysteries? Do you not know how the rock was “carved”

  3. well there went my hopes that us big girls where worshiped as Goddesses at one point in history rotfl…yeah it is a joke. xoxo

  4. Hi Jon and David. You guys have fearlessly taken on many very controversial subjects that people need to know about which is one of the reasons I admire and love both of you.
    I'm not saying that NYSTV is always right about every issue. That would be impossible. But both of you have been willing to change your minds when you find out that you have been deceived and that is one of the reasons that love both of you so much.
    One subject I haven't yet seen addressed on NYSTV or on David's radio show is the subject of trans-gendered world leaders, Hollywood celebrities, newscasters and religious leaders. These people worship Baphomet, the androgynous goat god. Some people reporting on this subject appear to have a few screws loose which is one of the best ways to discredit something. Unfortunately, this has been going on for thousands of years in satanic families.

  5. I bought the Cefer and leather case so I spent a pretty penny. You've been in this walk for 10 years and just realizing this? We allake mistakes, I get it but this is detrimental to new believers and ppl just now trying to walk out Torah. So disheartened by this. Mainly because is trusted you. Lesson learned. I appreciate u Jon cuz u brought me to coming to this truth, but I can't help but feel gullible in some things.

  6. Bless you my brothers. I just wanted to say I always look so forward to your intro…it is so inspiring and cool. I don’t know if that is from a song or if it’s done specifically for your show, but it is way cool. Love that voice and narration. ☺️👍🏽🙏🏽

  7. Please brother give clarification ..I thought the word of god gave chronological writings going back to Adam estimated 6 thousand years are you saying you don't believe the word you think world is older if your not taking the word as your authority then where is your authority coming from

  8. Just because you dont like it, doesn't mean its not the truth. I bought it because i watched your show. … and Im still glad I did. I question why you decided to add this to the show. Sounds like tales from the the world. … and not of the spirit. Where's your heart ? Do not show anger or fear. ..

  9. I have information that would blow your minds! I have the image of christ's crucifixion, hidden by freemasons

  10. This schism is sad! I am sure that there are imps applauding in the background counting down and rubbing their slimy little hands in glee barely able to wait for that time when they can say in that annoying nasal voice …. "And then there was none!" he he he … are you going to fall in their trap?

  11. Shalom. I loved listening to Dr P n still think there is alot of good meat for us to chew from his talks. But I lost all respect for him when the Cepher app was updated and he had changed the word firmament to expanse. He was either lazy with his initial translation or most likely to fit his heliocentric paradigm. What else has he translated or changed to fit his paradigms. Can't trust his discernment either way and I regret buying it now. Also his blog on the pillars of the earth is an absolute joke.
    Blessings and stay safe

  12. There was definitely a pre-adamic race. Cain was Adam and eve's first born and then when he was cast out to the land of Nod, he found a wife there….So that was an already established civilization..

  13. Wow who cracked this brain code???!!!! Comparing the pictures, paintings, sculptures? This is amazing and very creepy!

  14. I have been saying for years that our mind is the third temple. When a child is raped his third eye is open, that is why most of mediums has been victims of sexual abuse.

  15. Jon I commend you for being humble and coming forth with your conviction on supporting the Cephar.

    Thank you for being obedient and honest.
    Apologizing and staying true to the covenant you have made with your viewer.

    I had a similar happening from a post i posted once on FB.
    I mistakenly advocated an idea that didn’t back up scripture by mistake because I was careless and didn’t quit understand what i posted. Then i humbly went back and apologized and it was so hard. I was mortified that i had even posted it once i was called out and realized what exactly i posted.

    So thank you for being humble and admitting what you honestly thought was ok but found out it wasn’t.

    I do own a Cephar and have read some of the extra books and have enjoyed them. But now i must consider its contents. Thank you!

  16. These big butt, and hip gals remind of the Kardashian’s. Who now have their own “church”If you pay close attention kris (handler) , her boyfriend wears an ankh all the time. She’s always wearing symbolism lately. Kanye now has a clothing line with Holy Spirit written all over them with other things. You can see it on Kim’s Instagram. I stalk celebs (fallen angels) instagrams to put the symbolism together.

  17. Ahh crap so… I just got my Cepher a month or so ago so. So should I not use it? Oh ok I see I’m sorry just didn’t wait to comment.

  18. I’m interested if someone on the NYSTV crew can explain why they condemn commentaries from the Sanhedrin and other Jewish scholars, and various other extra biblical texts yet reference someone sketchy like Graham Hancock and placed value on The Cepher? When I first started listening to you guys I was as PAGAN and lost as could be. Like, super without the Ruach Hakodesh, Im talking like queer, egocentric, tattooed and pierced individual but even without G-d’s spirit to guide me, I immediately was aware to not place so much value on a textbook written by some dude who just happens to be an attorney who published his comments and studies of Hebrew about the Tanakh. I knew if anything, I’d rather learn Hebrew myself first. Which I am. I’m just asking honest questions. I feel like you guys are trying to do the right thing but as a channel you should be aware that a big part your audience isn’t mature enough to handle topics like this, because there are so many new people learning about their faith, and learning in general. so maybe prefacing more complex subjects of sensitive topics with a disclaimer? I don’t know. I highly suggest everyone go visit YT channel Shalom132. The transmissions are in Spanish originally but they offer English translations and are starting to introduce other languages like Russian. When I have doubts, I check in to see what their stance is, and usually I get satisfactory answers or at the very least see things more clearly. Then I pray and fast and ask G-d for clarification or confirmation. They also have a ministry you can contact via WhatsApp and they NEVER EVER charge for ANY PART of their ministry. You can ask questions, ask for demonic liberation, guidance, help find a local group, etc. Shalom.

  19. Can someone inform me what was the disagreement between Dr. Bill Schnoebelen & NYCTV? I asked because I stop listening to Dr. Schnoebelen. There were some teachings that were a bit outlandish for me.

  20. Nice tattoos Jon. Leviticus 19:28 "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am YHVH"

  21. Jon Pounders & David Carrico are both humble men of God that i have been listening to for years now. After listening to your monologue I had to tell you in person how much I appreciate you guys and the insight to the Bible that you bring out in the open. Things I always wondered about. Keep up the great work that you do. Thank you so much.

  22. It makes me wonder if they are or ever were Christians! They may very well be jesuit/zionist plants …that seek to lead people away from Jesus and back to their Babylonian talmud!

  23. Anyone who would write mean and hurtful words to you because of your faith stand and your leading, should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. I love all of you guys on nystv and i love Dr Steven pigeon. And on the mark with Jake Grant . we should love each other like Jesus loves us. I believe in the unconditional love of Jesus . and i pray we can all learn how to love like him. I truly do love you John abd David and Steven and jake.and Chad and all of you i considere my brothers.

  25. Jon,

    You mention the Cepher giving canon "on it's own authority" but I would like to know (and I mean this humbly, brother) what authority are the other translations written with? Dr. Stephen is correct when he talks about "canon" being a matter of Roman Law, its not biblical nor is it necessarily prudent to the conversation when trying to convince someone of a certain collection of writings. While I admit that I own a Cepher and use other writings like the KJV rather frequently, I can't find an issue with the Cepher text. Books like the KJV and ESV have also added stuff (footnotes or not it was still added) but on who's authority?

    It seems there is more to this story and I can understand why NYSTV isn't disclosing all of it. From my perspective though, you can't expect everyone to take your word on it. Perhaps you can publish something, somewhere, that informs us of the recent disagreements? It would be good for other NYSTV followers like myself to see for themselves and discern accordingly. I watched the video in question and I also went to CPG's blog to hear their side and I'm honestly confused because I don't really see the issue with what is being said. Maybe you can point me to Dr. Stephen making his points on salvation?

    Shalom and blessings to NYSTV.

  26. It's been put upon my heart to tell you the truth of Graham Hancock. He is an admitted freemason, he has admitted to falsifying information in his books. Countless researchers such as Carl Munck, Robert Beauval, and Josh Reeves have been plagiarized by Hancock. Graham Hancock exposes a small portion of others research, twists the meaning and then conceals what the powers that be do not want the public to know. I love you guys but if you're taking info from hancocks books you are opening up the doors to deception. Also hancocks so called Scottish accent is phony. God bless you and I hope you take what I stated here to heart.

  27. My precious and beloved brother and fellow servant of the Most High, it disheartens my spirit to hear, to see, to witness and to learn of the disputes, division and contention between you, this ministry and our precious and beloved brother and fellow servant of the Most High Dr. Stephen Pidgeon and his ministry. Our ever crafty and cunning enemy, that serpent of old, the destroyer comes to steal, kill and destroy, he comes to bring division, chaos and confusion to the Spiritual Body of Christ, to attempt to hinder the manifestation and power of our Living Almighty God in and through us.

    I will be fervently praying in the mighty and powerful name of our LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yahushua HaMaschiac, by the authority, anointing, power and promises of the Living WORD of God, that you, beloved brother Dr. Stephen Pidgeon and all brothers, sisters and anointed ministries involved in this division, this spiritual attack on our spiritual family and the work of our Heavenly Father in both this ministry and Dr. Stephen Pidgeons will be resolved, that the forgiveness of our Abba Father will manifest in each of you, one towards another, that healing and restoration will come and that unity and fellowship between all parties involved will once again commence according to the perfect will of our Everlasting Father. All parties involved in this matter when united together in one accord doing the work and will of our Father make a powerful force to be reckoned with in this most fragile and pressing hour against the wicked one.

    We must remain in a constant state of repentance, forgiveness, brokenness and reconciliation one towards another without compromising the Truth, the Living WORD.

    The grace, peace, love, mercy, wisdom and strength only found by, in and through our LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yahushua HaMaschiac, be with you, fill you and consume you always.


    Frank "Zo'ar" Licher
    Servant of the Most High

  28. Did you know that everything God does Satan copies and everything Jesus did the antichrist will copy? So what makes you think that total enlightenment or opening the third eye or the kundalini is evil? I would had agreed with you over a year ago. Last April I was baptized and filled with the holy spirit . A month later I was healed from head to toe of 7 medical conditions. Another month later I was on my pool deck meditating on God's words and feeling at peace. That night I'm laying across my bed and a snake goes up my spine. I can not agree with the thoughts of Satan having me when for a year now all I've done is worshipped the father in heaven and Jesus. I've gotten the hunger for God's words. I study 8 to 10 hrs a day. I have no fear of dying no desire for sex or anything but to love God and study his words. I've learned a lot like when my child runs a fever I can lay my hand on her head and rebuke it and it leaves. Jesus gave us that authority. I can not agree with it all being demonic. Sure if you are an evil person you may tap into Satan's world the same way. I believe if you are a child of God you have a pure heart you tap into him. He's given me visions I've heard his voice that low but sweet voice inside me. I praise Jesus Christ holy name.

  29. This really opens up the possibility of the ‘man of sin’ manifesting himself in the AI technology that our tech industry is currently trying to integrate into our human brain.

    It makes sense – there are people claiming that we will have to integrate into the ‘internet of things’ and over time, the AI will consume more and more of our brain activity.

    This could be a candidate for the mark of the beast and would align itself well with what NYSTV is showing us.

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