Encouraging new teachers

When I was in 9th grade, we had a lot
of kids, and there was a lot of sickness, and so a lot of kids were sick and home.
And I would tend to get done with things, and so my 9th grade English
teacher Joanne Caldwell…I hope somehow she could see this because she
definitely was the one…I knew I always wanted to be a teacher from the time I
was really little, but in 9th grade, because of those kids being gone, she
would, instead of, I guess instead of, having her go over with five or six
different kids as they’d come back in staggered formation as teachers know
kids always do…and instead of her having to go over it again, she knew I would
have taken notes and things. And so I would go over with the kids, and at
the end of the year, she said, “I’m just going to tell you that I’m
giving you the English award.” But she said, “But I want to talk with you before
we go to that, to tell you that I think you would really make a good teacher.” And
so I think she solidified that for me and really made me feel that English was
my area, that that would be my area. I just…she had loaned me her own personal
books and talked with me at lunch about them. I saw it as having somebody who was
like an older friend, mentor, to do that. And so that was very pivotal for me that
she would take her lunch time, which was short, but what she needed, and that she
would encourage me to bring my sack lunch in, and we both would eat together and
talk about a book. And they were books that were higher level, and so that was
very nice for me, and I got a feel for what tutoring was like. I’ve had many
students over the years, and this year, I’m going to be having a different kind
of student. Mary Day, one of my colleagues at the high school, has an internship
class. And prior to this, they’ve mainly gone to businesses and things. But this year
she opened it up. And so some of the students wanted to go to intern with a
teacher. And I’m very honored that one of my students will be back with me. And she came
for the first time today, just to kind of show me what the
expectations are and to discuss it with me and just be in my class for a little
bit. And I’m already excited tonight to go home and try to think of some really
nice, cool things that she can start doing to contribute and to be a
volunteer and to learn more about students, so that she’ll be encouraged.

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