ENC Literacy Project

that is been the only guy she came with me back 10 years as a Zeus eyes were eyes as she stared at me we're a lot of memory on that value real great rules like the lion but let me tell you right now the ugly child is ugly as you and I know that far back it's talking about say on the old boy no no no it don't lie to me don't lie about that one brave man right now my son like that a few moments later why why you like your father say anything anybody knows everybody in the neighborhood knows it's just kids man I only know this kid all right all right you were really happy when I told you about the lot you were happy happy when you told me I told you that well he wasn't mine you crazy woman oh I mean just insane that's when you are you dementia that's me what you have to mention a note shut the sugar before you the bang sounds make you shut it don't ever rap again in this house I told you that last time all right guys guys guys let's take care of you chu man don't worry about hate that's you know see my life saving life it's okay just make sure you take your angel the he pretty young and make sure you get out of here to dig and find who the father of angel and this you know you still young you got final men in life if I one day we can you put up by the father you guys have a wonderful day and next time when you have time to fight Oh angel come to the show thank you I keep trying every time lady my life y'all it's mine all mine see you can't be eyes you die cuz car no longer cuz I got things to do and you got place to go and we would never know but uh playing jazz because we still need to grow sometimes we let it go come and to let me go now he goes let's go I love to talk but then I sing a song I love to walk with in it trying to run and fall my daddy taught me how to deal with lost mommy told me life is tough it brings you down so son be strong so I got a kick going forward this after all the dump time the light is gorgeous spent car keep going and making mistakes lift ones no big Brett try not to look back

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