10 Educational Toys and Their Benefits Affecting Child Development Positively A person learns 60% of their lifetime skills from 0-6 years old. Playing is one of the most important tasks as an action that children take with all their attention. The game also ensures that the child’s creativity, his or her own decision making skills and imagination develop. For this reason, games and toys played by the child are the two most important factors that directly affect the development of the child.
Which toys can you get as fun and educational for your child? We have compiled 10 different educational toys for you to play by both girls and boys. 1. Wooden toy The child who takes the texture and smell of the wooden toy will learn the nature of the tree and the harmony with nature. 2. Play dough The game dough improves children’s hand skills, strengthens the hand muscles. It also encourages children to creativity by developing their imagination. 3. Find the toys The simple and big ones of bul-toy are infants, the more complex ones are suitable for 2 years and over. It improves the ability of the child to fit and distinguish objects and spaces. 4. Lego Children develop finger muscles, encourage creativity. It allows the hand to co-ordinate the eye. 5. LaQ It has similar characteristics to Lego. It is produced in Japan; It is new in Turkey. It allows children to follow directions, learn colors, develop their creativity, interrogate and find solutions. 6. Musical instrument Playing a musical instrument is a skill that can be developed with training as well as an ability. It teaches children patience, discipline and self-confidence; Encourages creativity. 7. Puzzle Playing puzzles improves the ability to focus on part-whole relationships in children, eliminating attention deficit. 8. Painting Painting improves children’s imagination and teaches them to use their right and left brain at the same time. It also enhances children’s self-esteem, improves finger muscles. 9. Toy writing board The writing board, which helps to develop the muscles that move children’s fingers, also helps to develop fine motor skills. 10. Activity table More than one child can play at the same time in the activity table, which encourages creativity because children are attracted to curiosity. So your child will also learn to share and friendship.

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