10 thoughts on “Empowering Children through Urban Education: Christopher Emdin at TEDxColumbiaSIPA”

  1. I love what Professor Emdin said about pain; children are being numbed of feeling pain which allows them not to fight for a better life. Examples of urban children painkillers are:
    poor/lack of education, self destructive music, sports lottery, and Christianity taught to wrong, just to name a few.

  2. I think urban schools should take the top 10% of the students from 5th grade and make a separate middle school and high school. I think this separate school school should be by demographic if the community is 40% white, 30% black and 30% Hispanic the school should have the same demographic. The people of the community are capable of solving their own problems and being leaders of their own communities they just have to be given the opportunity to do so.

  3. This is wonderful. I'm an master's education student (certifying for English 6-12 and German K-12) at UWM (Milwaukee, WI). Milwaukee suffers from some of the worst segregation and violence in the country, and I'm very interested hearing what more there is out there from Emdin regarding urban education. They've also been discussing at UWM the possibility of the college composition classroom being a place where students engage with their communities to gain an appreciation of what it means to live in Milwaukee.

  4. Hello Mr. Emdin. My name is Lamar Allen Davis. I recently published a book called, "The Success of Academic Failure". It is a culmination of some of my experiences as a teacher in the urban setting. I would like for the book to be considered to be read by students training to be teachers. Please read a portion of it on Amazon.com. Thank you. What you are talking bout in your speech I think is an education that has been imposed much like colonialism in fact you could call the imposition of education in the urban setting by "outsiders" who don't connect with their culture and daily experiences as "educational colonialism" or "intellectual imperialism". Great presentation you gave but I think most teachers who are more obedient than rebellious aren't able to move out of this mode until they are able to internally face fear which has castrated their ability to think critically and more important, to move equally so. They too have been lulled to sleep. I could say more but this is not the correct forum.

  5. amazing video! Chris Emdin knows what is going on in the communities and what should be done in the classroom!

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