Emotions and the Brain

when we hear the word ’emotion’, most of us think of love, hate, happiness or fear those strong feelings we experience throughout life our emotions are the driving force behind many of our behaviours: helpful, and unhelpful just where do our emotions come from? our brain is wired to look for threats or rewards if one is detected, the feeling region of the brain alerts us through the release of chemical messages emotions are the effect of these chemical messages, travelling from our brain through the body when our brain detects a potential threat, our brain releases the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol which prepare us for a fight or flight response when we detect or experience something rewarding, such as someone doing something nice for you our brain releases dopamine, oxytocin, or seratonin – these are the chemicals that make us feel good and motivate us to continue on the task or behaviour in these instances, the feeling region of the brain kicks in before the thinking part sometimes the reactions of the feeling brain are so strong that it dominates our behaviours and we’re unable to think rationally in the moment: our emotions hijack our brain while many of our emotional responses happen subconsciously, our thinking can influence our emotions and sometimes this can be unhelpful just thinking about something threatening can trigger an emotional response this is where we can manage our emotions with conscious thinking our emotions play a powerful role in the way we experience the world understanding and regulating our emotions through our thoughts and behaviours can help us take greater control of our brain, and achieve our goals

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  1. Balancing our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors really is the key to achieving goals and overall health

  2. These SentisDigital videos have changed my life. I am really in love with the animation series. They are so short, but they are filled with solid information. I would definitely love to see some more. Thank you so much.

  3. This is one of the better presentations describing emotion in terms of perceptions related to threat or "reward" reach the brain via the amygdala and set in motion chemical changes enabling us to cope or re-act in ways that best serve our well-being. However there are various perceptions of situations and objects, indicating promise which are neither "rewarding" or "good" ,as others suggest,
    i.e the term "promise" is more appropriate encompassing all attractive stimuli initiating emotion..

  4. While there are some impulsive acts which lie outwith the process of emotion as described the assertion that there is no cognitive activity on arousal of emotion is untrue. Emotion is initiated on a judgement that threat or promise exists so that,, brief though it may be, the judgement can not be other than a cognitive function. Following the initial judgement but prior to re-action (if any) we also often have time to call on reason and memories to influence how we may best respond.

  5. Perfect for people with Borderline Personality Disorder or those who wish to understand it better.  Am definitely sharing this!

  6. Synthetic happiness is extracted from a negative outcome by rationalizing the outcome received, to be better than the outcome expected changing it into a positive outcome by merely vocalizing our change of perception.

    Natural happiness is achieved when we get want we want – 
    • “Yahoo! … I got this, and it’s just what I wanted”

    Synthetic happiness is rationalizing a negative outcome to be a positive –
    • “Now that I’ve thought about it … this one I got, is actually better than the one I thought I wanted – That one sucks.”

  7. It is a shame people tend to get too ignorant to understand that emotions are nothing more than a function of the brain itself.

  8. looking for God has brought me here and this is oddly helpful. I guess humans aren't perfect after all. or am I? Haha. just because were made in his image you know? I like to ponder in that thought. Hope someone stumbles across this one day.

  9. emotions are not chemicals, wtf. emotions are universal vibrating energies that vibrate on a cosmic level. emotions are something that god created for us. emotions cause the chemicals in the brain, the chemicals are not the cause or the emotion itself.

  10. This is a big problem. Our emotions can take over our thinking completely to the point where we are insane if we don't watch out. Pride is the worst enemy to rationality. I wish more people knew this.

  11. The video focuses predominantly on thinking and the need to control our emotions – yet emotions can be very helpful and very beneficial. Also, can't emotions occur without thought? A dog can feel fear – does it have language to go with that?

  12. This is what Darwin made a theory at least. I like this theory a lot, it makes sense, but there are flaws too. If you're truly interessted in this topic I suggest you go google some more (I recently read “What is an emotion?“ which I got at University and it delivered lot's of insights though I guess there are loads of books called that so you might not be able to find it anyways). I just wanted to say that it isn't enough to simply state that an emotion is just some function of the brain and people should stop making a fuss around it. As I personally agree with this theory I'm not going to deny this is true, just that it's not that simple. So please guys in the comment section calm down and do your research

  13. Emotion are your thoughts your wants your feelings and these are supported by making you feel guilt. If you get the guilt feel and your thoughts makes it a complex motion where none but you gets suffered. Emotions can be controlled only by killing that guilt and that brainwashed environment you are born and brought up. If you can remove the environmental thoughts and you yourself do brainwash which will leads you towards your goal you are done with it. And nobody can't make you fear as mostly the fear is the guilt which is formed in the daily society by videos and news and all the ads. Believe it.

  14. I found the animations adding nothing to the subtitles, and the video dictating my reading speed. A simple page of text would have been more useful.

  15. Nice video Honestly i really enjoyed it looking forward to more, BTW i also made a video about better controlling our emotions on MY CHANNEL feel free to CHECK IT OUT 🙂

  16. You can't feel emotions without a chakra energy center to experience them there are 7 chakra energy centers in the human soul

  17. Bacic , not bad except trying to change your emotions through thought. You can try to provoke a change but that depends on value of the previous input .

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  19. Ever heard of dissociation? Emotions aren't a big problem. Emotions are good ,without them we cannot have much of an experience in life. Our brain becomes lost in nowhere because nothing has meaning.Furthermore, without them we wouldn't know what to value so that we can act accordingly. This actually happens to people who experience dissociation. Victims of extreme stress or some psychological trauma lose their emotions because they are too intense that they become overwhelming to the point where the brain can no longer handle them. It is a kind of different suffering that is many times worse than an unwanted emotion. So next time you begin complaining about emotions, just be grateful you have emotion..

  20. What wwe think upon is what influences the brain Additionally we talk out that upon which we think and reinforce patterns and invite self-fulfilling prophecies. It's not what happens to us but what we do with what happens to us which means we've a choice!

  21. Emotions. What Are They And Where Are They Coming From? https://www.forbes.com/sites/palomacanterogomez/2019/05/07/emotions-what-are-they-and-where-are-they-coming-from/#22a2cc1974bc

  22. I've never understood how people let the emotions control them? I'm very curious so if anyone has a video or answer plz tell me!

  23. little confused about how you said the outer part can be unhelpful but regulating thoughts and behaviours can be helpful……but thanks for the video!

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