Emotional Education in the 21st Century | Alain de Botton | CDI 2013

24 thoughts on “Emotional Education in the 21st Century | Alain de Botton | CDI 2013”

  1. Strange, but refreshing to hear a writer admit that the world will not be changed by writing more books… But then follows the idea that somehow we are to magically establish new cultural institutions – amidst the current chaos – in order to save ourselves?

    Too late! This party without God is already at an advanced stage… The secular religion of materialism; with quality of life as goal of self-lovers; is alive and thriving. Hypnotic mass media and educational institutions are actively employed in the huge mind control experiment subjecting the global population to destructive cultural marxism; keeping the working class under control – entertained and amused – instead of training them how to think for themselves. And really, are there not already more than enough capitalists cashing in on other's problems?

    Even a child can understand that each individual has to take responsibility for his/her own wrong behaviour – lying included. Each one of us has a free will to do so (or otherwise); and one day each will give account. The same goes for the audience who has been lied to; this as far as extending forgiveness. To shame and make the innocent party look guilty for having standards; sounds too much like how SJW victims operate? You seem to be in defence of lies and adultery; are those the only categories of victims you have empathy with?

    Alain, you might have had much to offer, but somehow got lost along the way, and now you are using your platform to lead others astray. Humble yourself under God's mighty Hand.

  2. The closing words seem like such double talk: A man about to die has heard of angels and doesn't believe in God but desires an angel to hug him and help him at his time of death. Pitiful.

  3. How dismal and hopeless a position—to believe this life is all there is. What then of the aborted or stillborn and children who died at an early age? Cheated?
    "The fool has said in his heart 'there is no God'."
    The creation, evidence of a creator, has left them without excuse as written in Romans 1.

  4. He said nothing about how "emotional education" could be implemented in the 21st century, so the title is very misleading! He is learned and interesting, but perhaps he doesn't have much idea about this topic.

  5. God doesn't exist is not a logical statement.it is wrong to say God exists and God does not exists without evidence

  6. I think he’s great but his view of art is nonsense. Rembrandt wasn’t advertising religion. Some major commissions were for the church and he had to survive. He also did large, group portraits of noblemen and wealthy bankers but he wasn’t advertising wealth either. Art in museums isn’t dead. Major art museums have attendances in the millions. What will die with this kind of rhetoric is an appreciation for the poetry of contemplation and the idea of art that doesn’t actually ‘do’ any one thing in particular. I find it depressing to talk in this way as he’s a very funny and intelligent man.

  7. I think this man is brilliant especially in assisting in the neurological navigation of relationships. It is a good talk. To say "I am an "Atheist" is about as off base as a person who wants to call "God" a man or woman or any other creature for that matter. Many religions have murdered the word. The word God needs to be redefined. It has been greatly missinterpreted. This word god that we are currently still trying to define today is pure energy and Pure Energy does exists.

  8. It's amazing how this man can be so eloquent and Brilliant in his communication of love and yet be so incredibly dance and his communication of the idea of God and the lack thereof. I can account for love beauty the fear of dying needing to be fulfilled in one's vocation or relationships at cetera within a Christian theistic worldview. I cannot account or make sense of these things at all in a naturalist Universe where there is just matter and motion subject to the laws of physics Bound by the strictest determinism. I can't even make sense of why he has a discussion and why it's entertaining or enlightening when these particles of motion subject to the laws of physics are just literally by automation bound to do what they do. If you were to be consistent in his world view he's bound to say and do whatever he does and so are we sounds of Fury signifying nothing. But it has heart of hearts he knows better. Why is he afraid of dying? It's certainly not because he's going to be aware of nothing someday or not even aware at all. It's because that which may be known of God has been made manifest in him and in the created order itself so he is without excuse and unbelievers suppress the truth in unrighteousness. God Spirit convinces the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment and of sin because they believe not on Christ. It is that simple. He is at odds with the truth and knows of judgement in his heart of hearts. Most likely because he has a perverted view of Christianity or religion. What is represented in church today is not Christianity and especially not Catholicism which is the enemy of the world

  9. Alain may like to read a bit more on ancient Chinese culture and history – secular and self -contained and spiritual…. does not need religion. And still flourished.

  10. taking the tools of religion and then you do not give it credit and say its not relevant, then why make reference to it. The bible that very old book has all the answers to modern problems, its just that the majority of earths population is currently not able to utilize the information in it because they are brain damage from child hood because the devil has attacked the family which impacts directly on children, creating a cycle that is being hand down from generation to generation, very selfish generation lacking love and empathy for themselves and others. Most people don't possess discernment and insight which is critical to making connections with the world around us to include connections with other humans and the earth, the natural environment. This gentleman is very intelligent but he needs to give credit to his creator. There is one true organization out there but is to search and find it, or it will find the honest hearted persons.

  11. When will Alain de Botton be given a Nobel prize? When? Intellectual genius, this man is an international treasure.

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