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Hey guys and welcome to a new flight report Today we are flying with the “Game Changer” That’s Emirates new First Class in the 777 From Dubai to Frankfurt Just recently Emirates added Frankfurt to their flight plan I am really excited, before they only flew to Munich or Geneva Now we are flying seven hours in the new First Class to Germany Intentionally we planned in a longer layover and we slept in a hotel The Dubai International Hotel in Concourse A And we hoped that there will also be the boarding Because from that First Class Lounge you can directly board the airplane No it’s Gate B3 And I can’t believe it, it is a bus gate You board the new First Class, prestige porduct WIth a bus, I am a bit disappointed But that’s the way it is, and I am still really excited Wow guys look at this This is the new First Class Of Emirates in the triple seven And it is not as gold anymore as Emirates is known for It looks more modern, silver Beige, even with cuartins I got three windows for my own And look at this, if I want to look out of the window I can see exactly how the load up the other plane over there Of course our plane stands extremly far outside We drove out here about 15 minutes We should have departed already So we are late for our flight to Frankfurt, it’s no problem for me though So I will say Cheers Emirates is providing champagner on this First Class flight Dom Pérignon The usual bootle offered is from 2009 But this one is the one from 2000 So this liquor is 18 years old, I will enjoy this now And I hope you will also enjoy this flight and this video If yes, you can already give this video a thumbs up If you have questions or criticism write a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe! Cheers! Guys! What should I say? I am totally statisfied I already received the champagne We have different options with the seat, but the Amenity-Kit And additionally a pyjama In different sizes, you can order it, I ordered size M Slippers And a fleece bag for the pyjama We like to use that bag for our MacBook Or other computer stuff And addtionally A basket with many sweets, and it changes every time From month to month or year to years But this we already had at our flight during christmas To Kuala Lumpur, oh and there a different kinds of chocolate And dried fruits As soon as I ate somehting of this Somebody is coming and filling it up again That would be interesting, if it wouldn’t be that dark But we are landing in Frankfurt, so I can spot a little there Look at what is in front of me A big makeup mirror, and in there are different amenitys a wet cloth, cremes air freshener, a writing set, with ballpen and you can take everything with you All those things, but not the basket And this is the huge screen Amazing! Touchscreen And I also have a controlling device to the left of me Wireless And I can use Emirates entertainment system, which is the best one I know, without any problems And you see next to the screen are boxes with drinks And sweets Fancy smarties? And of course the arabic coffee and a date are belonging to and Emirates First Class flight It’s almost a ritual in Emirates First Class The arabic coffee is distributed with a golden can Aditionally you get a date Either with orange, or almond Or just the date Emirates First Class is using the principal of ordering whenever you want I can order how much, when and what I want That’s actually normal for a First Class But there are some where you get to dine at a certain time Those are the two champagnes But there are many really good wines Four white wines, four red wines And desert and on-board wine Officially we are starting really early 3:45 am But it is already half past four That’s the reason, why we get breakfast on this flight But there are also warm entrees For example a beef burger As I came in here, I thought what is that on the ground It looked like confetti But those are small LED’s Which are shining thru Guys, I am going to Dominik really quick, who is seated in the middle With the virtual windows, and it’s great, look at it You can really look out there And with a great quality, although it is at night And those are not just normal virtual windows You can even darken them That is great I am feeling really comfortable in the middle I miss the binoculars tho But the middle is really comfortable, that is really no problem A little bit of gold is still here Here in the suite The belt and some buttons on both sides But you still recognize that Emirates changed a lot In the new First Class suite It also planned that this suite is going to be in the new A380 But there is no conversion planned Hep 2018 Emirates is flying more and more destinations With the triple seven with the new first class Frankfurt was just recently added and London-Stansted is also part of this Furthermore destinations are Munich, Geneva and Brussels The virtual windows in Dominik’s suite Normally I like to stand in the middle of the cabin and show you guys The whole cabin, unfortunatelly that is not possible in here Emirates in the triple seven has got sic first class suites In flight direction on the left side Are three cabins, on the other on three aswell You can see it, the first one in the middle Has it’s entry on the right side And the other suite in the middle on the left side And the first two suites in the front have their doors opposing So you can book those two as a couple This suite has got so many features I can’t believe it There are so many, first I will have to check it out myself What stuck out right away was this display with the five buttons With this I can control the lights and also the seat To put that one in a laying position But I can also climatize my suite However I would like it to be I set it a little bit colder Because in here it was like 30 degrees and I was sweaty And this is the light show Some of you probably have already seen this I can simply change the LED colours That is amazing, isn’t it? In the cabin is not much space for an overhead bin Because the suite is closed up to the top So you can’t see in it from the outside That’s why there are two big bins Here on the right is space for a piece of lugagge Or under the monitor In there is also the blanket and an extra pillow As well as some magazines And the headphones And those aren’t like at many other airlines made by Bose Those are made by a really famous brand Bauers and Wilkens And really expensive Look at this great quality Over-ear and noise cancelling Extremly comfortable But we will save this for later I am going to explore my seat before So now we got the P2 champagne And the warm nuts And the mixture here is even bigger than I knew We got cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, pea nuts and almonds Delicious For this scene I was really excited I have never seen or heard of this, not even in a hotel The room service I can take a video call or a voice call with the crew, if I want to order something It’s ringing WOW, did you see that? Unique like I said, and it’s fun because the crew is really nice on this flight To Frankfurt, by the way that was the waitress Who is just responsible for the First Class passengers There are five passengers And it’s still relaxed Emirates put a special focus that you feel like home That’s why I can close the curtains With magnets, it’s perfectly made This cabin was made in partnership with Mercedes-Benz You can see it on the design Sunset! In my virtual window Amazing! And this isn’t a fake Luckily the cabin 1A Free now, originaly that one was booked Now I can sit next to Dominik And I like I just said, if you are travelling together you can take 1A and 1E those are parallel It’s time to explore the seat a little To the right of me are four quick acsesses But I can also controll fast over here But at it’s best I am doing it right here And I have to leave the button pushed Did you see what happened, while it was changing to the laying position? It went to the left So it didn’t just go down and went flat, it also went to the left Now I will show you the left side And the fun starts with this huge touchpad I am not going to say which brand it is I can even hold it in my hands And I am already in controlling mode The controlling for the seat Which I can set in various positions But there are also the One Touch positions I already showed how the bed goes into sleeping position But I can also look at the flight map We are currently flying among Saudi-Arabia I can change the lights And in there is also the camera So I can do the video call with this device But also Watch videos and shows and that in a great variety Emirates ICE Entertainment system A masterpiece in my opinion, I don’t know about your opinion But the selection of movies is huge And even in German audio There is often a great selction But either in vernacular or in English Here I can even set the menu control In German Amazing, I can sort and choose which movies are available in German without searching for them I also have games, music, Live-TV, Radio, I can’t stop playing with it This system is unbelievable On the bottom I have different buttons It’s almost like in the cockpit For the light control and the channel The flight attendant Or the device to darken the window Which is electrically I can also set those single Here is also a small table If I don’t want to go forward I can put my glass of champagne or whatever on there And watch my movie I can’t stop exploring this seat I find new things the whole time And we are already flying over an hour Normally at this time I have all scenes cleared But here I find new things all the time Here on the top There is the blanket And the big pillow And here are also parts of the bed There is nothing this seat doesn’t have There is even a USB-C connector And I was thinking is there just USB-C Because not everyone has got a device for that Of course up here is a normal plug Here is a USB connector And HDMI and USB Data The normal USB-Data connector They thought about everything For all passengers Economy, Business and First Class is Is Wifi available the first 20mb are free But 20mb are gone extremly fast I am so far away from the table Normally it’s breakfast time Our flight was departing in the morning I could have ordered a big breakfast But first of all I don’t like to eat breakfast on an airplane And secondly I have already eaten well We were almost 24 hours at Dubai Airport and ate a lot So normally I shouldn’t eat anything But I want to try this burger And I want to show it to you guys Normally there is caviar service, but not for breakfast That is just available in the afternoon What is that? A beef burger It is small But really delicious And it’s a real stake in there You really have to try this banana smoothie Extremly delicious There are two bathrooms In the first Class on the left and on the right The right one is a little smaller So we will look at the left one There it is Not a huge bathroom Like the A380 is known for But the airplane is brand new it was distributed in July And now I am in here in August So only a few weeks old That’s also what it looks like A great smell And they put much effort into the design There is a liquid soap dispenser or I can use the packed soap Additionaly The air freshener Eau de toilette Towels and amenitys Like body creme, tooth brush, comb Or cups And more towels I said it before, but I can’t say it often enough Every single suite is completly lockable Until the top And there are two openings for start and landing The door and the window The window is here so that The service can still be made even if the door is closed That’s what the window looks like when it’s closed And thats the door It’s not like the old First Class, electrically I have to do it manually, sometimes it’s really hard to close But therefore I have a total amount of privacy The flight attendant told me that there is a safety aspect That they left those small holes in the window, Singapore Airlines does that aswell So that at least the crew can have a look, and see if everything is okay Normally all faces in our videos are oliterated Passengers as well as crew staff But luckily the flight attendants agreed that their faces are shown in this vidoe So I am glad for less work And that they want to be a part of this But like I just said the passengers are still being made unrecognisable Guys look at the bed Did you see how the bed has been prepared? It is extremely fluffy The blanket is not too thick You don’t need a thick blanket, because you could just warm up the suite A great pillow and it’s not an extremely flat pillow No it’s really fluffy, big heavy Yes, perfect to sleep I’ll show you detailed what is inside the Amenity-Kit Hankies, deoderant, shaving creme A shaver, comb A wet towel Toothbrush and toothpaste And different cremes Body creme, face creme lip balm And a small eau de cologne It’s all made by Bulgari A relatively expensive fashion brand An Amenity Kit like that cost about 50 Euros And the pyjama Actually those are the slipper Those are the slipper which are really soft and comfortable The pyjama Specially developed by Emirates With an extra coating But they keep really warm So this is the body part And those are the pants, I have multiple of those at home I don’t have to buy pyjamas anymore I have a whole cabinet with pyjamas I will put this one in a package, with Amenity Kit and Slipper And will give them away on my facebook account Are you already a follower of ours? If not click on the “i” And have a look I post a lot of deals there And of course our videos and photos of places we have been We have been on a world trip recently And we have seen so much, we have been in LA, in Sydney In Taipei, in Seoul Hongkong, Singapore Kuala Lumpur And everywhere we took pictures Every single one we posted on our facebook page But more important for you guys is how to book a Business Class flight After the service The crew prepared a small bar, with sweets, snacks and drinks But look at this The star sky And the lightning On the right side everyone’s door is closed I am going to do the same, my bed is prepared So that was the light show You can also call it disco You have to push the buttons so it doesn’t run itself The LED lightning is a great idea, I have it at home aswell It was really relaxed here Now I have normal lightning again So that you can see everything in detail I will put the shades up Even brighter, and the view is great We are above Turkey at the moment So it’s not gonna take that long two hours until Frankfurt And I have done almost everything It’s a lot of fun in this First Class I believe the rest of the flight I can just relax I am going to eat something Watch a movie And maybe cut this video So the video is being uploaded as soon as possible But you can look at my channel Subscribe And check out the different playlists Those are really good headphones I can’t hear any outside voices That looks like Egg Benedikt Just with out Toast I would not have expected that Normally it’s not possible to keep and egg rare in an airplane Everything is heated in an oven This one is like in the lounge It’s so good spinache and a half rare egg So about an hour left It was great, this suite is one of the best It’s really stylish There are so much features I like this touchpad the most The dinner was ok There was just breakfast That is it It seems like I am in a private jet And I can look out of both windows I ate something delicious Have an hour left and gonna watch the movie till the end And think about this flight Actually it’s a really good product provided by Emirates in the First Class It’s about half a year old This plane is only four weeks old The pilot said this airplane has got like 500 flight hours It’s brand new There is nothing scratched or broken Top The crew was great aswell Extremely kind Just like we expected it What do you think about the new First Class? You have to take care that it is a triple seven if you are flying to Germany The new first class is only in the triple seven In the A380 is still the old one Thank you for watching Thumbs up Subscribe See you in the next video

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  5. Sieht mega aus. Ich hoffe turkish airlines wird bald auch extra first class anbieten. Die Business class von Turkish Airlines ist der mega hammer.
    Aber solch einen first class würde ich auch haben wollen von denen

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