Emergency Permit User Guide for PK-12 Educational Entities

Good Morning this webinar is being
presented on emergency permits with me today we have Kathleen Senft who is the
lead specialist for emergency permits with the Division of Certification
Services we have Phil Ferrari who is a Supervisor in the Division of
Certification Services and myself Renee Lenker who is also a Supervisor in the
Division of Certification Services Today’s webinar is going to last about
30 to 40 minutes long and it’s specifically on emergency permits. PDE
has updated our website resources you will see some website changes and
updates you’ll find some user guides for applicants and LEA’s and
also we are going to be storing this recorded webinar on our website for
future use if you can bear with me right now I’m going to bring up a website so
you can see exactly where the changes have occurred This is the PDE website which has
changed some time ago the the homepage has changed what I want to bring to your
attention are our new division pages which we have completely changed to be
more user-friendly and to be helpful to educators as well as the LEA’s. The
first page when you go under certification has been changed to these
blue boxes which are quick links which give just a few words of a quick
link and they can take the educator right into the information they need we
have included a quick link to what we are simplified to staffing guidelines
which are the CSPGs you can also go to the regular links over here but for
individuals who are not familiar with PDE’s acronyms these titles and subject
areas might be a little bit easier for them to choose and handle when they go
under current PA educators I’ll show you that page these are pages for
individuals that are already educators in Pennsylvania for further assistance
for Act 48, Instructional Add-ons Emergency Permits, Changing their Name,
Level 1 to Level 2 there’s just a wealth of information here for them to click on
and find as a self-help you’ll also see at the bottom of this page there is a
link if anybody needs additional services or questions they can click on
that it’ll give them some quick links as well to specific information if they
don’t find the information on our website that is useful to them they can
also always contact us by calling us but they can also submit
an email for more detailed help what we’re really proud of over here is our
complete revamping of the TIMS system if you click on help with TIMS we have
added a wealth of information in here for
applicant user guides on submitting an application submitting an emergency
permit requests but also we have added a user guide for you as the LEA an
emergency permit user guide now we do have another guide that we’re going to
be working on probably this fall for work affirmations but right now we have
to focus on processing applications through our busy season this is probably
where I’m proposing that this webinar be housed right here in this section so
everything is together our web office will be housing this hopefully very
shortly that it can be printed out or listen to directly from this link on the
website. So now we’re going back to our webinar on emergency permits
we have three CSPGs dealing with an emergency permits the first one is CSPG
13 which was revised in February so hopefully you’ve all had a chance to
look at that see CSPG number 14 which has not been changed on act 97 waivers and
our brand-new CSPG number 25 for vocational emergency permits this is a
brand new emergency permit dealing specifically with vocational there was
so much information embedded for vocational in CSPG 13 that they felt it
was just a lot simpler to break it out into its own and shortened up each of
these to be specific for regular emergency permits and then vocational. Emergency permits are issued to the requesting school entity they are issued
to you as the LEA to use an individual in a certain situation with your
district this permit is not issued to the candidate even though it has the
candidates name on it, it is not issued to the candidate to take and pass around
to a private agency or to other school districts the emergency permit that
you request is specific to you it is not transferable between school entities
same as if someone comes once to day-to-day sub for you and they already
have an 06 permit for another district that 06 permit is the other districts
you must request your own they are district specific. The application is a
three-step process the first step is the applicant submits the permit request
through TIMS to the employing school entity this is not an application yet it
is just a request to the district to use them on an emergency permit situation
the next step is the school entity selects the type of payment and the
subject area is being requested the entity selects the date of the year
that they want the permit to be issued for the method of payment
it depends in this situation whether who is paying for this permit some districts
require that the applicant pays for the permit in that case the district needs
to choose money order as the method of payment and then the applicant must
submit that money order along with their other documents after the application is
submitted. After all the information is filled in the LEA or the
school entity actually submits the application in TIMS at that point is
when it has become an application and PDE staff can now view it as a submitted
application and process it from our dashboard after the application
is submitted either the school or the applicant must submit the required
documents to PDE along with the TIMS application cover sheet.
Documentation that needs to be submitted to PDE there’s instances where a
professional license a copy of a professional license must be submitted
to PDE in instances in applying for an emergency permit for a school nurse the
dental hygienist or there’s very many vocational subject areas that require a
professional license these are all designated in CSPG number 25 official
transcripts also need to be submitted in many cases to PDE they can be submitted
directly to this RA account ([email protected]) by the college or they can be sent to the
individual hard copy and then the individual will forward the unopened
transcript to PDE along with the application cover sheet all initial
permits require transcripts except school nurse, dental hygienists, and PA
certified educators there are certain vocational subject areas that require
transcripts this is spelled out in CSPG number 25 and every long term substitute
with Education obligation which is a type 01 requires re-issuances require a transcript. If
someone is a non-us citizen or foreign educated we need a copy of their
permanent resident visa card or in other words common language is a green card
the signed declaration of intent and either an original or notarized
photocopy of their foreign evaluation report signifying that they have the
equivalency of a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree again CSPG number 5 will list all
of those details emergency permits in TIMS
this is a view of the educators dashboard every role in TIMS has a
different dashboard they’re similar but they all have slightly different
Q’s on them this is the educators where you can see they click on the about an
emergency permit application from their dashboard next is going to ask them to
supply their demographic details their certification details and their
affiliation details if this is a first request for your School District they
must add your district under the add new affiliation section of their application
if this is not the first time they would continue past that page to the LEA
selection and they would put a checkmark by your school as you they would have
added you in previously and they would just put a checkmark by your school
under LEA selection and also the background questions the good moral
character questions that need to be answered on every application these are
the background questions that an applicant must answer if they must
answer yes to any of these questions there will be detailed information on
the requirements and documents they need to submit to PDE for review they
also will see an affidavit which they’ll have to indicate a checkmark
that they’ve read if they understand that if a type 01 or Act 97 waiver is
requested that they will be enrolling in a state-approved program and completing
credits every year after they have completed this page they will then click
on the button initiate permit request. At that point the application will now be
submitted electronically to the LEA the LEA has the option of reissuing permits
from a prior year for type O6 they have the option of search and print permits
and if you’re choosing to reissue type 06 permits from a previous year the individual must complete the paper 33AG form you find
on our website which has been modified for emergency permits it will only
include the good moral character background questions
these questions must be answered every year and if you reissue someone’s permit
from the year before without them actually going in and putting the
request in through TIMS then they must fill out the paper P form which will
which is basically just asking them to answer the background questions if they
answer yes to any of those background questions when they hand you that paper
back in the application must come through PDE electronically in other
words they must put that request in from their end answer the background
questions in the system and go through that clearance this is the LEAs view
of their TIMS dashboard the certifying officer and chief school administrators
dashboard will look the same it’s just that some sections are visible under
each of these roles some are grayed out so if you are with a small school
district you may be both served the same role of certifying officer and chief
school administrator you would have to log in and log out as the certifying
officer and chief school administrator but you will know that there will be
different things that will be grayed out under different circumstances but most
of you are probably at a large enough school district that it is two
different individuals and that these will go through two different
individuals with two different roles there’s also a search permit request in
TIMS on the dashboard you can search for someone by their PPID number pull
up their information or their permit request this is the page that you will
see which you will fill out indicating all the permit information you’ll choose
the year you will choose the credential type whether it’s a type 01 type 04
type 06 or Act 97 waiver and the subject area you can choose more than one
subject area per permit type 04 requests, these were some changes that we’ve made to CSPG 13 the first change is
that a type 04 request can be requested for an LEA that is not
anticipating future employment for the position, would be examples of
temporary coverage whether it’s someone you’re filling in for a sabbatical
or a medical leave such as a maternity coverage while you’re recruiting if the
position opens quickly and you have to put someone in there till you can
recruit or coverage for a position that was going to be eliminated at the end of
the year perhaps you’re only offering Chinese for one year and you’re going to
be eliminating that position at the end of the year you could hire somebody on a
type 04 because it’s not anticipated that that position is is going to be
offered in the following school year a type 04 can be issued twice two
times for the same subject area type 01 requests are for a position when the LEA does anticipate future employment for the position for example if it’s a new
position that the district has opened up a brand new position that’s never
been filled before or due to a resignation or retirement situation or
termination or death something where something has occurred but you are going
to keep that position with the district you’re going to continue that position
with the district this is where the biggest change has occurred for a type
01 re-issuance under CSPG number 13 we’ve heard a lot of complaints and
requests that that first year until an individual can get accepted into a
state-approved program which does take time they don’t have the
remaining time to take the nine required credits so we have changed this we’ve
made it a tier system now for this first year only if the initial permit was
issued between August 1st and November 30th they have to complete six program
credit if the first issuance was between
December 1st and March 31st they must take three program credits and if the
first issuance was between April 1st and July 31st they must submit proof of
program enrollment with that first re-issuance for the second re-issuance and
all subsequent re-issuances they are required to complete nine program
credits a type 01 does not have a limit on the number of Ruis wences it’s as
long as they are in their program completing the might the nine credits
the type of one can be reissued until the program is completed if you have an
individual who has completed their program and may be struggling with the
tests a permit may be you re-issued one additional time after the program is
completed for testing purposes if the tests have been attempted in the
previous year we must have evidence that the tests in TIMS were attempted in the
previous year the LEA must alert PDE that the permit is being requested based
on testing because there’s no indicator in TIMS where you can just check that
off so either with an email or submitting something in writing you must
let us know when a permit is being requested based on that one test year
education obligation it is the school districts as responsibility to discuss
the Education obligation with the position candidate even though they
check that off they are not familiar with what they are responsible for on a
type 01 you can also refer the position candidate to CSPG 13 for complete
information but the district does need to make clear to the candidate what
their responsibilities are a type 06 substitute audit these are randomly
requested through TIMS what it means is for all those type 06 uploads for
every hundred or 150 uploads the system will automatically flag an application
for an audit we do have people upset they’ll say well I had a type 06 for
six years and now I have to submit my documentation to PDE it’s just that they
were selected that year as a random audit it does not mean that they did
anything wrong or that they’re being flagged for something that’s you know
that we’re questioning or that we’re looking at their particular
situation it’s just that they have been the applicant application that’s been
chosen to submit all their documents to PDE which would be their bachelor’s
degree transcript there are audits that are done routinely for those individuals
with good moral character issues or if they are not US citizens those
applications are audited every year what I’m referring to here is the
system-generated random audit that occurs guest teacher permits if you are
contracting with a guest teacher provider like the
local Intermediate Unit day to day substitute permits may be requested by
the LEA responsible for the guest teacher program because the IU is a
public school entity they can request emergency permits this does not apply to
long term substitutes if you need a long term substitute it is your
responsibility to get the emergency permit for that individual private
providers if you’re contracting with a private provider such as Kelly Services
or source for teachers they cannot request emergency permits because they
are not public school entities according to what the law requires you as the LEA
is responsible for the substitutes that are walking through your door are
working with your students you need to check to make sure that
each individual that is being sent has an active or valid certificate and if
they do not then you have to request the emergency permit they cannot be sent out
to you without having a valid Pennsylvania certificate or that you
have requested an emergency permit we are hearing reports where you know
individuals are having one district obtain an 06 permit for them they’re
taking that permit to a private provider the private provider is using that
permit that has been issued to one district to send them out to multiple
districts we’re also hearing instances where individuals are being sent out
without anything without any 06 by a school district or Pennsylvania
certificate you as the LEA will be audited the private providers will not
go through any audits by PDE therefore it is your responsibility to make sure
that everyone that is coming through your door that is submitted or that
is provided to you has the proper documentation to be in your schools as a
day to day substitute a locally issued day to day substitute there is a lot of
confusion surrounding locally issued school districts feel that there should be a certificate issued or that they still have to submit
documentation to PDE this is not an actual certificate per se that is issued
it is just something that is all kept at the district level all the files are
kept at the district level that’s why it’s called locally issued everything is
kept there nothing is sent to PDE in these circumstances and CSPG 13 is
very clear under each of these categories exactly what the requirements
are, there’s three different categories one could be active PA
certificate or comparable out-of-state certificate the teacher preparation
program completers that’s this time of year where educators have graduated but still don’t have their PA certificate under
Act 36 along with a letter from their program provider you can hire them as
day-to-day substitutes until the end of the school year and also prospective
teacher substitutes which is relatively new the district can hire an individual
that is currently completing a teacher cert program for twenty days throughout
the school year again all of this information is clearly defined in the CSPG Expedites PDE asks that the schools do not exercise their privilege
to expedite emergency permit applications emergency permit
applications are ready given priority over every other application type and
what that means when evaluators and specialists start their work for the day
the emergency permits are always at the top of the workload over every other
application type and all schools permit requests are based on an emergency need
and therefore we ask that they are taken by date received in order to be fair to
all correcting educator mistakes this is on your dashboard you have the ability
to deny any application requests from your dashboard without any penalty to
the educator that has made that request you might have an instance where an
educator has submitted four or five emergency permit requests to you because
they’re not sure it went through so they just keep requesting over and over and
over you can just choose one follow through and process that permit request
and deny the remainder this will not have any reflection on the educator at
all or maybe you open it up and you don’t know the educator that has made
the request you can just deny it again at that point it is not an application
to PDE for an emergency permit this is just the request to the district to be
hired as a substitute if you deny them at this point there is no reflection or
anything indicated at the PDE level emergency permit
tips you can request emergency permits for the current school year at any time
this is something that you can request whenever you feel the need throughout
the district whenever throughout the year you need to
carefully check the year to make sure you’re choosing the correct year when
you submit a request we asked and this is something not new this year we always
ask that the permit applications for the next school year are that the upcoming
school year do not be submitted until July 1st
anytime after July 1st we will accept and process applications for the
next school year up until then they get mixed in with the
current school year’s applications so we if we receive any of them we’re just
going to filter them out and not process them until after July 1st so
please do not submit those until July 1st you may also enter multiple
subjects on a long-term permit request type 04 you can have multiple type 01 you can have multiple but keep in mind that with a type 01 request for
every area that you ask the individual must enter into a certification program
so you only want to ask specifically for the positions that they’re going to be
long-term filling with your school the difference there is also that if you
apply for a type 01 for special education
if the educator does not hold the prerequisite certificate you must
request the emergency permit for the prerequisite as well as the special ed
subject area an individual cannot enter into just a special ed program they must
be in a dual program if they don’t have the prerequisite so that has to be part
of the request for a type 01 permit and that concludes our webinar
we do have a lot of frequently asked questions also on our website if you
or the educator needs to contact us for any reason
we do have contact information on there where you can call us or you can send us
an email or you can chat with staff this is for the district purposes only that
if you are going to call us the districts have the option of choosing
option 9 which will take you directly in as the next available evaluator a
specialist comes available for answer this is for the district level only
educators or outside individuals should not have access to that line so
if you have any other questions I’ll feel free to contact us and that ends
our webinar today thank you

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