Email and Social Media Archiving for Education

Although K-12 schools and universities are
constantly buzzing with activity, much of the conversation has moved online. Schools post updates on their social media profiles. Teachers and parents exchange information by
emailing, calling and texting. The line between using these channels on and
off school grounds has blurred, so it’s not surprising that the regulatory landscape
has become increasingly difficult to navigate. To meet compliance with FERPA, handle lawsuits
and be able to respond to public records requests, all educational institutions have to retain their
electronic communications and be able to provide them upon request. With email archiving, your school will be able
to respond to Freedom of Information requests faster and more efficiently. You’ll minimize the FERPA and Federal Rules of
Civil Procedure costs and prevent liability issues for your district. A fully automated archiving process will eliminate
human error, prevent the accidental or intentional destruction
of evidence, save time and keep your IT staff happy when
a request comes in. Powerful search and audit capabilities will
transform your ediscovery and audit processes. An archiving solution that can capture not
only email but also social media, instant messages, calls,
and SMS will also let you monitor employee and student
communication for policy violations and provide valuable insight for
all your departments. Jatheon is an email archiving specialist with 15 years
of experience in providing turn-key on-premise and cloud solutions to K-12 school districts
and universities. If you’d like to learn more about Jatheon’s products and services, visit us at

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