Elvis "Heartbreak Hotel" Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginner Songs

hello friends and welcome back to Swift lessons for another by request song tutorial in today's session I'm gonna be showing you how you can play Elvis Presley's 1956 classic Heartbreak Hotel on the acoustic guitar to accomplish this we're going to be combined in some strumming patterns some shuffles and some licks over a one four five progression in the key of E now I got full PDF study guide for you at patreon.com slash script lessons you could support the channel there gain access to a ton of extra resources but on my popular youtube guitar lessons now let's get started with a full demonstration as always I want you to see what you can figure out just using your ear and your musical instincts then you can move on to the instructional segments a one two well they have a since my baby left me I found a new place to drown it's down on the end of lonely Street and Heartbreak Hotel Navi I'll be so lonely baby you got me so lonely I guess so well although it's always crying you still can't find some room for broken 90 lovers to cry in the gloom and beating so they'll be so lonely baby every so long they eat baby so they could die we're the best tears keep on the desk X testing back and they feel so long lonely Street own it it'll never get bad can be you soon to be so lonely baby they'll be so lonely there be sorrow they could die well now if your baby leaves you got a sad tale to tell just take a walk down lonely Street ooh Heartbreak Hotel and be so be so lonely baby you'll be so lonely you'll be so it's always crowded it's takane fanciful but broken are lovers to cry in the room to be so you'll be so lonely baby you'll be just so lonely he'll be so lumpy you okay close think of the fretboard we're in standard tuning key of E major this is a pretty simple song all the verses are played the exact same way they are played over a one four five progression in the key of e so the basic chords in this song our E major your one chord a seven the forecourt and also b7 which in the key of E is our five chord okay taking this line by line we're getting started with the chord E major okay we're gonna count to three and on beat four we're gonna say the word well and then jump into a measure since my baby left me right on the word me we're gonna throw in a quick upstroke and down stroke on the E major chord okay so it should sound like this one two three well since my baby left me okay now let's make sure you can count that it's going to be one two three four one two three more so that up stroke and down stroke are coming in on the end for at the end of these first two measures of the tune okay so let's see if we can apply that to the first two lines found along using your chord sheet at patreon.com slash both lessons so one two T well since my baby let me I found a new place to dwell okay if you want to keep the rhythm just by scratching the dead strings I'm kind of holding my hand over the strings making sure that none of the notes are ringing through I'm gonna play down up down up down down down up down up down just like that okay so now on to line three it's just a cappella I'm gonna keep scratching those strings so what you have so far well since my baby left me I found a new place to twelve it's down on the end of lonely Street all right right here right after the word at we're going to play this cool little descending bass line and then transition to an a major chord okay so I played D G that's fifth fret of the a string then I go to the D flat down to C and then an open a string as i start to fret the AME to accord pull all that together and we have okay now once we've gotten to the a major chord you could just take the a and add that little third fret to the high E string and then start strumming kind of swing it on it but what I like to do is I like to throw in a little bit of a shuffle bass groove to the a major chord and then throw in the a7 chord with some strumming okay so coming out of line number four all right let's get that bass groove down we're gonna have the open a string followed by a short upstroke gonna grab maybe the B string g string maybe the D string then grab the second fret low E string that's gonna be an F sharp note then the open E string twice and back to the f-sharp okay it's a complete that little shuffle pattern there and make sure that it's a little bit staccato and that it's also swinging all right then once I've done that I'm gonna hit the open a string and play with my a seven chord fretted grabbing that third fret high E string as I bar the D G and B I'm gonna play up down up down up down okay so in a measure of the a7 chord shape put that together and we've got next transition to the b7 chord all right very simple display base up down and went back to the e major chord and perform the exact same strumming technique okay put all that together and we have a one two three well ever since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell it's 10:00 at the end of lonely Street a heartbreak you to know I'll be happy so lonely baby be a man okay if you can do all that then you can apply that to all the different verses they're all play the exact same way you're ready to move into the guitar solo section okay very good job everybody you have the verse section down now we're going to be jumping into the guitar solo section it's gonna sound like this nice and slow comin at a major chord one and two [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay so what here there was an adaptation basically we took the tarsal elixir here in the beginning and then just to kind of cover where the piano comes in I threw in some more of those walking bass lines okay so very simple we're starting off sliding up into the 12th fret position on the B string and high E string okay so with the pick'm plane down up down up slidin on that first down stroke slide them from somewhere around the fifth fret area it doesn't really matter all right from there we're going to play twelfth fret B string up to the 15th fret with a slight Bend and then to the high E string twelfth fret okay next we're gonna have a very similar look that's kind of a response of call-and-response slide it away on the 15th fret of the B string so and then we're playing 1215 with a slide away so if we have we're gonna repeat lick number one okay from there in the original track Scotty Moore is just going to play the twelfth fret of the B string and high E string as the piano player comes in with his solo over the four and five chords but what I like to do is I like to grab the 14th fret of the B string and 15th fret of the high E string this is an old rock and roll trick and do a little bend in on those two notes so we're gonna count that one and for and I'll slide away and get to the a major chord okay so you put all that together over the E chord or plane all right just like that if we want to major it up a little bit just remember that if you have a little double bar here on the B string and high E string you can always add the 13th fret of the g string to add a little bit more major flavor to the sections okay so now moving on to the four chord we're going to start off with just that shuffle that I showed you in the verse section but we're going to throw in a second shuffle okay one more time real slow okay so this is a classic move right here we're gonna play a a 4/4 I then to the D string to to hammer up a whole step and then go back to the 2nd fret of the D string put all that together we've got okay next I'm going to apply the exact same riff to the key of B start on the second fret now against your B note to the root of the chord second fret of the a string I'm going to slide up to the sixth fret of the same string I then go to the fourth fret D string that hammer and then back to four okay then I'm gonna go back to the E major chord and play it down up down and then a quick downstroke to start the next verse okay so now let's review playing from the four chord through the five chord start off with shuffle number one shuffle number two and two and not okay tremendous work everybody you have the verse and the guitar solo sections down now the last thing you need to learn is the closing turnaround so you're in the last verse you're in the b7 chord it's gonna sound like this I'll be so lonely I could die okay so pretty simple it's very much like what we played at the end of all the other verses I'm gonna hit the low E string twice then I'm gonna go to the fifth fret of the a-string a D note down a half step down another half step down to B all right I'm going to pick that notes just once strike the low E string so for you have all right then I'm going to create an E major chord shaped but I'm going to place it up one half step so this is technically part of an F major Barre chord shape all right we're just gonna strike those three strengths and then go down to the E major chord to end the two now if you struck those open strings on the F shape it's gonna have a cool dissonant sound to it which I actually recommend so okay and it's gonna sound even better in the context of the turn around okay congratulations everybody you have all the parts you need you're ready to perform all right friends thanks so much checking out this lesson on Heartbreak Hotel I hope you enjoyed it let me know to think in the comments section down below as always big thanks to my supporters at patreon comm slash foot lessons hope you enjoyed all those extra resources and thanks to you guys I got many more lessons coming up so keep checking in please subscribe please share this is Robin Swift guitar lessons in Philadelphia saying happy picking

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