Elva Stefanie: Walks Away From Competition | Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

– Today you were being
tested on shading. Based on your work, one of you will be packing your machines. Elva. – The Medusa is
a killer, always. – I love what I did. I got to add some of my flair. It's not my best tattoo,
but I stand behind it. I also wanna say for my
personal mental health, I am excusing myself
from the competition. – Wow. – I'm feeling tired,
I definitely feel like I made the right
choice for myself. It sucks that I couldn't be the first female Ink
Master of color. That's what I came here to do, but I got to do a lot
with the time I had here. – You said something
that's really hit home for me,
which is self care. And if this environment
is detrimental to you, I totally back you. – My downfall definitely
had to do with the skull pics,
and how that went. – I would like a black and
gray Medusa head on my back. – A what? I just knew that from the
moment I got the Medusa, it was gonna be a
tough one for me. – A Medusa's something of
power, the snakes are fierce, but none of the heads really
look like strong snakes. Overall, the design's
heavily, heavily challenged. – I think the
judges got it wrong. I don't think that
they understood what I was doing with my work. I definitely think
that Alexis's face should've been on
there, it was ugly. – Yeah, the tattoo's like,
lacking a little bit, but it's not by any
means bottom material. – The hardest part
for me was definitely living with a
bunch of strangers. Some people were coming at
me for personal reasons, and then other people came at me because they knew that I
was a good tattoo artist. When you're going
around and bringing negativity everywhere,
you're dragging us down. You just don't know who you
can trust and who you can't. – I was proud of what you did. – I appreciate your honesty, and we support everything
you do moving forward. – Nothing but respect. – Elva, you can pack your
machines and close shop. Thank you.
– Thank you guys. This is definitely an
amazing opportunity, and I think I did
a lot more than most people do with the
time that they have. Just because I didn't
win doesn't mean that I'm not a badass tattooer,
that I'm not gonna keep fighting the fight,
and that I'm not gonna keep representing for all
the other people out there. Just because this wasn't my
day doesn't mean it's the end. (uplifting pop music) (upbeat rock music)

33 thoughts on “Elva Stefanie: Walks Away From Competition | Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)”

  1. Worst season ever. Contestants are shait. One perhaps two are fine, rest are straight garbage. You ran out?

  2. I hated this bitch, talks about how men choose the easy way out and then quits herself. Yes, you are a quitter. You quit. Also, talking about how the women should stick together and then throwing them under the bus. She was a massive hypocrite and she wouldn't of won anyways. Having a mental illness does not excuse you from being a shitty person. This gender equality, woman of colour bullshit can fuck right off too. Sorry, but you are not a strong woman neither a fighter.

    Why the fuck you join a competition if the stress is too much for you to compete with? It's so easy for people like her to pull the victim card when things are tough. People only ever identify themselves by their gender and skin colour, the judges decide who wins by their art. If a man wins, its because they were the better artist. If a woman wins, the same thing applies. So why does this "first female of colour to win ink master" bullshit matter? Honestly you only make this an issue if you let it..

  3. What an annoying person.
    – Plays victim
    – uses a mental illness to justify her incompetence
    – Ready to use the race card if possible
    – Refused to receive the judges criticism
    – Her ego was not only fragile but at times she seemed to believe she was entitled

    Glad this attention seeking incompetent tattoo artist left.

  4. What a baby

    It’s so obvious she Quit because she knew she was getting eliminated regardless!

    What a fucking brat!

  5. that tattoo sucks, but I can clearly understand that her mental health is very important and the environment can be a detriment to her. so, she made the right choice.

  6. I can tell you right now she is the type of person who walks around in everyday life thinking that everything and everyone is a racist. she was taught this by her parents to use it as a crutch or a reason all bad stuff ever happens to her.

  7. It's not the first season, people know what the show is and what it's like. She took a spot from someone else who could have stuck it out and maybe even won.

  8. I am so glad she decided to leave. I was already over hearing about artist of color and gender equality and then I had to hear about bipolar disorder. I couldnt have taken a whole season of it. But its obvious she couldnt hang. She described her teammates talking to her as coming at her and she was the most aggressive. And that Medusa wasnt even that good.

  9. You can't use mental health as a crutch for everything, we ALL have problems and struggles and we ALL feel emotions and get affected by them. Not everyone is built for competition at the end of the day.

  10. I'm glad she quit because she wasn't even remotely a good tattoo artist or strong enough for the competition. She was also a hypocrite. She would talk about them sticking together as women and then throw the other women under the bus.

  11. She wasn't cut out for the pace of this competition. She complained A LOT. About everything and everyone.
    Love the way Dave Navarro talked to her. I think I may have heard his voice crack a bit. Hope she does well in the future.

  12. It’s hard to admit that you need help and what your limitations are, but your mental health is very important!!! Hope you have nothing but greatness ahead!!!

  13. In all honesty without mental issues what she did is what most normal people would do under the kinds of circumstances this show is. I enjoy the show but everyone knows these reality shows fuel drama, the living conditions are meant to put contestants on edge, the show itself is designed to put the artists in an environment where it's very difficult to produce their best work and they'll be judged for it on national TV, I get it.

  14. I was really looking forward to seeing more of her work. But in the end you have to take care of yourself so that you can flourish in Life the way God wants you to.

  15. I’m glad to see the comments are generally supportive of this girl’s mental health. I half expected everyone to be bitching about her. This shows a positive change in the world as we are becoming more accepting of mental illness.

  16. Elva: I want to be the first woman of color ink master, men are mean to girls in the tattoo industrie, people think i'm weak, bla bla bla sjw crap. Also Elva: I quit

  17. im so happy she left. i just saw the first episode and the shit ahe was saying i was like bitch im haooy when u leave. playing the double victim card boooh im a black woman im so stigmatized bla bla bla. girl u are freaking weak. and the reason she left voluntarily is that she saw she doesnt have any chance of winning. shes nothing but a weak person and a sore loser. bye girl

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