Elsa teaches Kate & Lilly about ANGER and Forgiveness

my best less fun Christmas break but I kind of like school today hey girls did you have a good first day of school after well you know why because you did so good today I have a little surprise set up for you come here come on look all right you girls can sit down to play lucky girls this stuff is awesome Wow I just can't wait to open up the play-doh oh we just have to cut them out of there so hard we have to wait oh dear no where's a ruler girls what is going on in here Lily did you smash her creep girls I am very disappointed in you go to your rooms right now go to your room I heard you arguing it is not funny young lady go to your room now [Laughter] I wanna play with Elsa what is going on why are you girls so angry at each other I made a creation and my sister smashed it and I got angry we had to go inside close oh I see lily is that true you did that why well her creation looked better than mine so I smashed it I'm never going to talk to her again oh that's horrible you're never gonna talk to your sister again I have a story I would like to tell you girls once upon a time Oh do you wanna build a snowman no wanna woo I've got my castle there come on let's go overlay onna go away I am working ok bye okay onna let's go play okay onna build a snowman oh good job on it now do you want to see what I can do so unfair your creases are always better than mine I'm never talking to you ever again [Applause] ah no you please come out so I can talk to you go away ha but no you're in there please could I talk to you ok fine what do you want Elsa I just wanted to say I am so sorry for showing up and we forgive me I forgive you Elsa and that was the best hug I've ever had the end so Lily you need to ask Kate to forgive you for what you've done is you really hurt her and Kate you can ask the Great King to help you forgive your sister hey sisters are best friends Elsa gee I missed it Kate okay will you please forgive me I love you sis and I forgive you good job girls I'm so proud of you okay I have a surprise for you but it's downstairs so come on let's go oh oh oh gasps okay

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