21 thoughts on “Elon Musk on Education”

  1. Seems like such figured are dedicated to marring education. It's obvious, to a lesser extent they truly believed what they preach (Musk has a college degree). Instead, promoting anti-education is a racist way of promoting the employment of lower class whites and allowing them to her their foot in the door. Giving them a significant advantage over study cultures like imdians, Asians, Jews.

  2. School is now two things:

    Pass and get blow job from your Math teacher.

    Fail and get humiliated instead of learning things and learning from your mistakes.

  3. We must say our teachers to see elon musk interviews and all his biography so that teachers must learn something from elon and in this way may be teachers try to improve themselves and also they may be able to answer that why we need to learn.

  4. My Hope's is for Elon musk to see my comment
    Please share and comment, I am ready

  5. Sounds good initially….Buy STEM majors from engineeeing schools such as MIT and CalTech provide you with tons of grounded methodologies and scientific knowledge. Do we want people operating on our brains without degrees and someone flying a 500 people A380? How about choosing PRESIDENTS that have no in-depth education? How do you gauge their qualifications? Find three other employees with experience and watch the new person work on life and death stuff to see whether it can work out? Pretty naive despite the seemingly charming persona. He is in so much troubles now. I think he should get a degree in finance and manufacturing / logistics and be much more grounded on executing one idea at a time.

  6. Imagine EA and Activision on big government budgets creating tons of interactive games that educate fundamental skills to all the children. Khan academy on steroids.

  7. Here's the problem Elon, when we ask "Why?!" in our Schools we get demolished by the teachers 98% of whom don't even know what they're talking about, that ruins curiosity/ambition, that's why people get ignorant about science and things in general they just can't be bothered anymore with the bullshit you have to always go through by asking "Why?!" just to learn or get the right thing done

    If you don't have a deep belief in yourself and thick skin your world becomes your enemy.

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