Ellen’s Favorite Moments with Noah Ritter

– Apparently
earlier this year I apparently had
a little boy on this show named Noah Ritter,
apparently. After his interview with
a local news station went viral, I knew that
I had to meet him. Noah loves dinosaurs,
he loves his grandpa, he loves my production
assistant, Robby. Most of all he loves saying
whatever pops into his head. – Apparently I’ve never
been on live television before, but apparently sometimes
I don’t watch this– I don’t watch the news,
because I’m a kid. And apparently every time– Apparently grandpa
just gives me the remote after he watched
the Powerball. [cheers and applause] This is my first time
on a talk show. – What is it, Noah? – My first time
on a talk show. – Oh, man. Welcome.
[cheers and applause] [laughter] You’re waving
to your grandpa? – Yep.
– Yep. Your grandpa’s in the audience.
Hi, grandpa. So you’re in kindergarten. What are you learning
in kindergarten? – I think– I think they’re holding me
I don’t know how many hours. Probably, like, 11 hours. I don’t know, it’s like I was
in prison for ten days. [laughter and applause] – So you’re enjoying it? – Yeah, five days. That’s a week. – Yeah, so– – Ten days, year. – Yeah. Hey, I have a question
about dinosaurs. I heard you like dinosaurs
a lot, right? – Yeah, I do.
– Okay. – What if I told you we had
a dinosaur here today? It’s a friendly dinosaur too. I think you’re gonna
like it. Look. – Wow! I’m pretty sure that’s
a guy in a costume. [laughter and cheering] – Who’s coming here now? – He’s a triceratops.
– Yeah. Now tell me,
you know if this is a predator or a herbivore. – A plant-eater.
– He’s a plant-eater. – Yeah, I’ve seen a lot
of dinosaur movies in my day. – Oh, have you? Look at this guy’s eye. Come down here, look. – [snorts]
– Oh, my God! – Oh, no.
– He just sneezed on me! He just sneezed on me! – Whoo-hoo! – You gonna ride with me?
– I’m gonna ride with you. – Here we go.
– Whoo! – Hate L.A. pizza? – Welcome back to California. Do you like California? – Uh, no. No, I do not. I do not like the hotel– I do not like
the hotel– the hotel TVs. They’re terrible.
They don’t have any cartoons. I mean, I’m like,
big fail. [laughter] I met Robby
because he came over and he’s one of the cameramen except he’s not holding
a camera at all. – Okay.
– All right, here we go! [upbeat Hawaiian music] – Wait, Ellen, can I say
hi to my grandpa–grandma? – Yeah. – Hello, grandma,
and thank you for watching me
on the “Ellen” show, and plus if you want to see a YouTube video made by me and my grandfather, go to ww–youtube.com slash–greatest fails
of all time, until when–
until when– and make sure to leave a like
and subscribe to my channel. [laughter and applause]

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    Kid is laying down the law 😂

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  3. this boy is very funny. but does he resemble the Donald j trump speak. i mean the voice. this is the way trump used talk when he was a child. but the boy is great. made my day

  4. Noah grandpa spends a lot of time with him.
    I hope he's around to reach Noah about life for a long time❤❤

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