Ellen Puts the Students in Charge for ‘You Bet Your Teacher’

There are a lot of crazy made
up holidays on the calendar like National Pickle Day and
National No Pants Day and Tax Day. And there’s also one called
National Superhero Day. And in honor of that, Ziploc
has partnered with Avengers– Infinity War to make
some amazing products. And right now Ziploc
wants to celebrate the real superheroes, teachers. With a new twist on one
of my favorite games, it’s time for You
Bet Your Teacher. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMING] Oh, my god! All right. Yes, of course you’re scared. You’re way up there. Yeah. Those are two of my
favorite teachers up there. There’s Cathy and Mr. O.
Tell us about your teachers. Tell us about Cathy. Well, Mrs. C. She’s a
very sweet, loving person. And she gave me really
neat handwriting. And she’s my favorite
teacher ever, but just don’t tell any of my
other teachers that please. Yeah. OK. Yeah, she’s great. Oh, yeah. She’s the best. Right. She doesn’t know a lot
of the lyrics and stuff like that but, yeah. Yeah. All right, and tell
us about Mr. O. I love Mr. O. He’s
so kind and generous. And even though he’s not
originally from Baltimore, he works every day to
make Baltimore better. Aww, that’s very sweet. Here’s how the game works. I’m going to say a category,
like types of soup. And you’re going to say,
I bet my teacher can name like eight types of soup. You’re going to say,
I bet my teacher can name nine types of soup,
you go back and forth. Or you can start
with three or two. And then you can say challenge
at any time you want, and the teacher that can’t
complete the bet in 30 seconds, they drop. OK? Got it. We’re going to start with Mr. O. Why? You cannot– [LAUGHTER] All right, how
many US presidents do you think that
Mr. O can name? I think Mr. O can name four
United States presidents. Well, hopefully so. Yes. How many do you think
your teacher can name? I think she can name five. Yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes. I think Mr. O can name six. All right. You think she can name seven? I bet she can name seven. I would like to challenge. You’re going to challenge. All right. All right, Cathy. All right. You’ve got this. Seven. How many? Seven US presidents. Go. All right. Franklin D Roosevelt.
Abraham Lincoln. George Washington. Obama. Abraham Lincoln. George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. John Adams. That’s good. How many more? You said Abraham Lincoln twice– She did, so fall. –so name somebody else? No, that’s third– time’s up. Name one more. Wait, wait, give me a second. Oh my gosh. Bill Clinton. Bush! Bush. Yes, yes. All right. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Yes, Mrs. C. Sorry, Mr. O. [INTERPOSING VOICES] No, Ellen. Just Ellen. Yes. You know how you say
be kind to people? I feel like this is a moment
where you can live that out for us all. Like, be the embodiment
of that saying. What I will do is I
will kindly drop you. No, no, no, no, no. All right, here we go. I have to drop him because. Stop her. Yep. All right. [CLICK] [SCREAM] Oh, dear God. Oh, my god. Mm. Oh, my gosh. All right, see what happens. Oh, my god. Am I on the ground? Next time– Where am I? –before you challenge,
you want to be careful. Good job, Olivia. OK, here we go. We’re going to start again. Reasons you get detention. What do you think, how
many can Cathy name? Oh, she can name
like five of those. Five of them. How many could he– I believe Mr. O can
name 10 reasons. OK. Challenge is for sure accepted. Yeah, challenge. I don’t know about that. Detention. Detention. Detention. All right, Mr. O, 10
reasons you’d get detention. Chewing gum in class,
walking around in class, walking out into the hallway,
using inappropriate language, throwing things
in class, talking when you’re not
supposed to be talking, not doing your homework,
not doing your classwork, acting up during a test, and
playing around during resource. That’s right. No, no, no, no. Cathy. Cathy, come on down. No, no. Come on down, Cathy. It’s more fun down here. No, please. It’s lots of fun down
here. altitudes better. Cathy– I can twirl easier. –you know what,
Cathy, once you’re over with it’s going to be so,
but it’s the anticipation. I know. All right. Will you let me know when? [CLICK] [SCREAM] See? It wasn’t that bad. It was, Ellen. No. It was bad. No, no. [INTERPOSING VOICES] No, here is our final category. OK. Things you can put
in a Ziploc Bag. Tajma, what do you think? I bet Mr. O can
name seven things you could put in a Ziploc bag. All right, come on, Olivia. All right. I bet Mrs. C can
name eight things. I bet Mr. O can name 10 things
you can put in a Ziploc bag. No, go back, she can name more. That’s a challenge accepted. Oh, no. She’s didn’t, this
is kindergarten. They can do Ziploc and stuff. 10 things in a Ziploc. Mr. O. OK. Snacks. That’s a baked category,
but never mind. Scratch that, Ellen. Take that off the board. Pretzels, popcorn,
crayons, pencils, pens. That’s 5. Cathy, you teach kindergarten. Goldfish is a big thing. Yes. Pieces of paper, why not? No. Your keys because it’s
really good and it’s clear. You can see. Food: blueberries,
strawberries, and other snacks. Fruit snacks for the children. Love them all. I think that’s 10, right? Yeah, I think that’s
10 right there. [BELL] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Fall on down! Wait. Great job, Tajma. Cathy. Oh, I’m so scared. Give me a second to breathe. OK. OK. Oh, God. All right, when? When? Now? [SCREAMS] No! OK. All right, now? No, no, no. OK, tell me– take
a deep breath. OK. You OK? OK. All right. Are you ready now? Now, I am. Go. [SCREAMING] Are you down? No, no I’m not. Oh, you’re not. I thought you were down and
I wanted to know how it was. Tell me when you’re ready. OK, all right, ready? One, two, three. All right. [SCREAMS] Oh, my God. I’m so– [CLICK] [SCREAM] Oh, my god. All right, you won. But I’ve got to get you down. Here you come. [SCREAMS] All right. All right, you can take
off your blindfolds. [APPLAUSE] We won! I’m sorry, Ms. C. I love teachers so much
that you’re both winners and you’re both getting
$10,000 from Ziploc. [SCREAMING AND CHEERING] Thank you, Ellen! Ziploc is donating to teachers
through donorschoose.org. And you can help them by
shopping these products with your $150 Visa gift card. All right, I want to
thank Kim Kardashian. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye.

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