20 thoughts on “Elk Grove School District Approves LGBTQ Curriculum”

  1. do people suffering from other genetic mutation have entire textbooks dedicated to them??

    more Commufornian #LGBTQWERTY cuntardary, NO ONE asked for, being pushed on youth, the make themselves feel good about themselves.

    CHILD ABUSE is what this is.

  2. Time to homeschool. The only reason these pseudo-teachers understand is the reason of money going into their pockets.

  3. KEEP voting for Anti-GOD Liberal Dummycrats Politician…You get what you ask for. Let calling what it is Child Abuse and Perversion.

  4. Not once during my decades of school did we learn about Diabetes – if you take the 75% of diabetics that die from 'heart disease' and put them in the death category of 'diabetes' – Diabetes actually becomes the #2 leading cause of death world wide. Can't schools focus on the majority instead of the minority. I'd rather have my kids learn about how to avoid foods that are designed for addiction or to damage their body so as to create money for Oil industries that own the pharmaceutical industry. Teach kids to avoid Atrazine, BPA and most petroleum based products and that will help so that people don't feel excluded after their hormones are damaged due to themself or their parents being exposed. Nothing wrong with people of any type but focus on fixing the cause of the problem rather than trying to break down the family by pretending that damaged hormones are always a natural event and everyone should accept broken as healthy. Mental Illness, auto-immune disease, psychological trauma – lots of people feel excluded and not represented but most of these problems are the result of large companies choosing to poison billions so they can make a profit.

  5. This is the first step in them normalizing gender confusion. It's only because stupid parents cowtow like obedient sheep

  6. Progressive's seek to abstain from moral values. This is a spiritual war. Christians have been onto this for ages, it's time for the unbelievers to wake up. Whatever your belief, there are literally good, and evil forces at work all around you. Choose your side carefully, you matter, you influence those around you. Your decisions will affect your families future! Support the killing of babies, or don't. It's a pretty classic example of "Good vs Evil". Cartoons wouldn't even go so far as to depict the evil that democrats "support" as a human right. You fool yourself if you support liberals/progressives.

    Conserve – To protect from harm or destruction.

    Democrat – Wants to kill babies and dick sticks in a$$holes.

  7. If every sexual preference is none of anyone else's business then why must small children learn about the private sexual preferences of historical figures?

  8. Time to DEFUND the Dept of Education. Take away their funding and they will GO AWAY. As long as they are funded expect more and more of this. Oh, and remove ALL of these school board members immediately.

  9. Limited thinkers always resolve to tears or emotions when trying to get a bill or agenda change. They very rarely bring facts, as you just observed the crying from one side while not on the other.

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