31 thoughts on “Eli Cohen Master Israeli Spy – Full Story”

  1. John Craig. Here’s to 4 more MAGA years. Perhaps even 8 .

    Wish we could have a MAGA clone for PM in our country !!

  2. What puzzles me is where did all these malevolent Israeli and Jewish hating people learn English?

    Are they all comfortably living in Britain, Canada, the USA, Israel ?

    Admittedly their vocabulary is laughably limited, and their brains are definitely sozzled…but nonetheless they read and write English.

    Where did they learn it, and where do they live? Should be easy to find out for MI6, MI5, CSIS, CIA , FBI and the Mossad.

  3. By the way Iyas, i am making bettinjan mechoui. The recipe was given by a lovely hijabbed Palestinian lady I met at the supermarket and who smiked gently when she saw my Magen David.

    I joked with her because she and her friends were lively chatting for a long time. Bett kalaam ketteer awee… they burst out laughing and gave me a big hug and kisses, and explained they were catching up on their news.

    This is what I need to see happening in my lifetime between Palestinians and Israelis.

    Both people want the same thing, and this could have happened 71 years’ ago. Neither your family nor me and mine would have become refugees. Logical respectful Territorial give and take is the answer.

    Not terrorism not hatred.


  4. Eli Cohen was impressive, he didn't have to learn Syrian as his parents where Syrian Jews , hence there was a Syrian Jewish community there, and he even had a Syrian Rabbi present at his excuation.
    Cohen is given a lot credit for "mapping" Syrian army positions around the Golan when these are readily available by satellite images if not there own but happily supplied by C1A.
    A very interesting point is that Cohen most probably was involved in the Jewish terrorist attacks in Egypt in 1954 as Cohen lived there till 1955. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_Affair

  5. I'm sure israel have not spies but amrica helps in their security intelligence…
    CIA has another name called mossad…

  6. Israelis talk a lot of shit and make bullshit out of nothing. This Eli guy was a coward and a murderer. He was a rat and was exterminated like a filthy rat. That’s all.

  7. listen carefully you sewege shit,in Allah permission this day IS gonna come.
    We gonna eat your flesh and drink your blood and no piece of mercy
    O ENEMY OF ALLAH !!!!!

  8. May Syria cook Israel with the fire of 1000 suns! Stolen land, subverted peoples. We will fight until the death along your side my Syrian goy komaraden. Forward! Against the Jude plague…

  9. The God of Israel is My God. I stand with the State and people of Israel. I pray blessing upon this great Nation of God and its people.

    USS LIBERTY -1967
    Semper Fi & God Bless America

  11. G-D bless Israel 🇮🇱 and all our Jewish family all over the world 🌎 conservative Reform And Orthodox

  12. I envy Israel. Because they have great hero Eli cohen. On the contrary, One wrong leader is ruining whole nation,south korea. Good morning. I am harry kim from south korea. Sorry, My english isn't good. But I want to tell the world about this. South korea president Moon jae in is suspicious people. He belongs to minju party.(democratic party, actually satanic party) He is subverting democracy, freedom, south korea. He is leftist communist Chinese friendly politician who does not want to cooperate with America. At first he prosecuted former president park – gun -hye with false evidence. His cabinet(Secret of statement Lim jong seok, moon jeong in and so on) are extremely anti-USA politician. He is extreme leftist and anti – usa politician. He is top spokesman of Kim jung eun. He is too close to North Korea and its leader. He is like micro xi jing ping Chinese leader. The famous pro-democrat politician wants to stop and shut down THAAD(America's missile defence system) completely. They love North Korea, They want to support North Korea evil regime despite the starving and inhumane treatment of ordinary North Korean citizens. They do not like the rich and want to destroy the Chaebol(Super rich person) or anything that resembles. but most korean are very naive. He is top spokesman of Kim jung eun.

    We are really suffering from him. Their party(Minjoo party -moon jae in's party, very evil, extreme commie) is about to pass the fast track reform law. If they permit this, We can't stop commie's reigning korea forever. It's horrible. Most korean are being fooled by minjoo party's mass media's control. Korea will be like venezuelea. The economy will be destroyed.

    We should drag him for world peace. This nation is heading for commie's nation. But most korean doesn't know the fact.

  13. Why did the top Syrian military tell someone who was supposedly an expatriate from Buenos Aires all their secrets? Were they really so stupid or were they bribed? One of the saddest
    parts of this story is that Arab countries no longer trust their Jewish population. Despite its problems Syria was open to other religions. It welcomed tens of thousands of Christian Armenians after the massacres by the Turks.

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