Elevate – Multiplying Opportunities

Taking the ACT, I would sit there and I
would panic because it wasn’t reinforced enough. I’ve always struggled with math.
Their ACT or their SAT scores are just right below that threshold of where we
want them to be to go to college. I’m gonna come around I’m gonna answer
questions if you have questions. Math Ready starts with a pretty generic
review over some basic algebra concepts. What would that look like if you
multiply that out? There’s a lot more hands-on activities. Where you’re gonna
put this one? We encourage them to critically think. Does that match either
of those tables? Yeah, it matches this one. When you get that like one-on-one with a
teacher time you get to ask her those more questions where you’re struggling and
not where the whole class is struggling. My goal is to make sure that they’re ready
to move on to the next level and to be successful at the college level. We take
the CCMR class for full remediation. I truly believe that this course is
going to create students that are successful at college. The students learn
what’s expected of them. Are they the same? No. It has problem-solving, it has
real-world applications, so that the students are exposed to what careers are
going to be like what college is going to be like. But it’s the same thing, so I
want you to think through how did you get this number, how did you get this
number. It’s just basic concepts they just need to be reminded. Right we have
the whole thing take away the part we know and we’re left with the part we don’t
know. And it’s fun to watch the light bulbs go off, finally makes sense and
they get to see it in a different avenue and a different way of seeing it, it’s
really fun. I would have had to take remediation courses if it wouldn’t been
for this class. Oklahoma families are paying out of pocket twenty two million
dollars every year for courses that could have already been mastered in high
school and that do not earn college credit
toward a major. This is a win for Oklahoma families but it’s an even
greater win for Oklahoma students who are deepening their foundation and are
ready to hit the ground running when they finish high school. I had a student
go to Panhandle State and she told her mom that she did… the math class up there was so easy because it was just like what we’ve done
here and she felt so prepared. My math ACT score went from an 18 to a 24, I could
sit there and was like “yeah, I know how to do this this is easy,” and so my
confidence went up. I have one kid George he went from an 18 in math on his ACT
to a 25 in math on his ACT at the end of the year, and he was like is that good,
and I said George this is a legit score, you are gonna, this proves right here
you’re gonna be successful, you’re ready. The joy of the CCMR course is that
they are doing that collaboration they’re learning how to be successful in
their careers or college just by taking that course. I didn’t think I could go to
college because I couldn’t do math, well maybe now I can do math maybe now I can
be successful. There you go.

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