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Hi guys welcome back to our channel today this is our old toy if you see its out of the box already because the box really is damaged this is called create and play there’s so many stuff yo can make and you can even make stuff that’s not on the box and here we have all the materials so guys this are all the pieces in the box you see them all its raining ok there’s three types of things you can connect one big screw one normal and one of this things and an eye ball and so I think were gonna give you an example of making that ok that lets start building guys so I should do the bottom mya I got one wheel mya make sure to put it here yeah in the middle always in the middle oh noh so this one isn’t in the middle its actually at the front yeah its noh its in the middle it will be better in the middle I made the first one now we gonna do the pictures.. look so I’m doing the top if you look so I have a screw and a flower I’m gonna turn it over perfect I made that we’re gonna be working all day this is really cool guys we will be building all day I’ve done the second part of mine I’ve done the other wheel so guys I’m just finishing up the second part part just one more screw to put in me too I’m just adjusting this Mya’s done the bottom which is actually harder than the top so now we are going to connect it Mya’s connecting one side I’m connecting the other Mya can you hold this thing up like I’m holding it up for you so guys if you see we are done we made extra attachments the eye but now we will just put the extra parts in it so guys if you see this is the thing, this is the side this is the front, this is the other side, this is the back this is the screw and this is the i don’t know this is what we build guys and we added some extra googly eyes this is were you put your shopping and we just push the cart so bye guys, hope you like this video and hope you get this toy, Subscribe to my channel and remember if any parents like this educational toy get it for your kid bye guys bye bye I’ve got my teddies

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  1. Outstanding video! I am glad I came across your channel! I've never seen someone create such magnificent work! Very impressive! I can't wait to
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  5. Excellent video, beautiful toy, you guys are great with construction, great work, I love to hear it old one, when you kept it like new.fully enjoyed see you

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  7. beautifully captured video indeed, loved the your kids have demonstrated they are so cute , keep uploading , my daughter loves watching them .

  8. i like the accents the way kiddos speak,, is that a British accent? if i was not mistaken?i did as what an honest do . ill be expecting you waiting for your friendly response/

  9. Wow this is such a super cute toy set. Playing while using your creativity, so awesome. 🙂 Great unboxing and share, friends. We enjoyed watching in full and left you a big thumbs up #63. Have a wonderful day, friends 🙂

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