ELAS and the Library Part 4: Scholarly Articles

ELAS and the Library
Part 4: Scholarly Articles Hello, my name is Rebecca Hutchinson and I’m
the Math Librarian at the University of Waterloo. If you ever have a question about the library
or research, please email me at [email protected] There are two types of articles: scholarly
and popular. You should search for and use scholarly articles. These are the reliable
articles that are important to use when writing assignments at school and communicating to your colleagues and through work reports. Popular articles are for the general public,
sometimes they are written to entertain people and they may just be one person’s opinion. You will often find them in newspapers and magazines through a Google search. They have advertisements and these articles are
not peer-reviewed, that means they are not scholarly. Scholarly articles are the reliable articles!
Scholarly articles are written to spread research and knowledge to academics, to communicate
research. They are found in journals and they do not
have advertisements. Most importantly, scholarly articles are peer-reviewed.
Peer-reviewed means they are written by an expert on that topic (like one of your professors)
and then they are reviewed by other experts on that topic – only if they agree that
the information is reliable and accurate, is the article published. You can tell an article is scholarly (not
popular) because it comes from a journal that requires peer review, it has an abstract;
procedures, materials, and methods described in detail and a bibliography. Scholarly articles are sometimes referred
to as, or called, academic articles, journal articles, or peer-reviewed articles. Now you know about scholarly articles!
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