Elaine Bayles–FINALIST–2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – Outstanding Support, TA

What Miss Elaine does that I think is
significant is her ability to connect with each and every student. She supports
and she promotes them so that they can be successful every day at our school. She has this wisdom about her, she’s able to bring everyone into her world and open up their own. She brings this energy to the classroom. We’re always laughing
the kids are always laughing with her. She’s always having fun laughing, dancing,
singing, hugging everybody and just having a great time. Singing in the halls is one of my
favourite things. Create the school environment to be a fun place. In September when the students come in I do what I call two by ten. Two by ten is that every week I pick ten children and
I talk to them every day for two minutes. These kids know that I believe in them. This is my element, I love being
outside with the kids and allowing them the freedom to play.

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