38 thoughts on “El Reno: Lessons From the Most Dangerous Tornado in Storm Observing History”

  1. I wonder? Do these spotters or chasers really offer us any great service other than videos of the violent storms? "You are Free to kick a bear in the nose. The price of FREEDOM is PERSONAL  RESPONSIBILITY.

  2. Excellent analysis of this off the scales meteorological phenomenon by some of the best in the field.
    Gabe, your narration is very engaging as usual, I really appreciated your comment at the end that “no data or footage is worth your life”.
    So true and yet YT is crammed with storm chasing videos frequently made by foolish and dangerous yahoos who have little or no equipment (or common sense) purely to get more views and subscribers. It’s bad enough that they would risk their own lives with no regard for their family or friends but to endanger legitimate researchers simply by adding to gridlock or worse by their reckless behaviour to get that “Hey Leroy Ima gonna high five this here tornaaadeeey!!” Money Shot is unforgivable.

  3. Who sent the tornado? You explain the science explicitly just as a neurosurgeon details the brain, yet neither conceived the why with the same wisdom.

  4. Ok, the 12:00 mark, what the heck is that? At first I thought it was the chopper but it's too erratic! It's at the 6:08 El Reno time stamp, it HAS to be someone's car! I'll finish the video now (for the second time in one sitting, awesome, thanks!) because I'm sure we must have lost someone at that point. Rest in peace to all and thanks for all you do in educating and your continuous strive for understanding.

  5. I narrowly missed these tornados in el reno, as I was headed east from a job. The stupidest thing was my struggle to get past all those idiots tying up a traffic jam as they stopped under the ft.reno exit overpass to escape the hail. Barely one lane was open. As we had to slow down for these idiots. To avoid hitting them. I missed these tornados bu a few minutes because as I came into Yukon at over 85 mph. I heard the tornado hit the vo tech, the stock yards. And dropped a power line over the widened part of I 40 by the weigh station. This is the main factor in survival people panic and in turn create traffic jams. That will lead to their deaths. I was lucky as those who were trailing with me because we never slowed down till we were out of harm's way.

  6. Don't chase tornadoes in a fucking Toyota Yaris or a Chevy Colbolt, you're just asking to die. Only a moron would chase tornadoes in a pussy 4 cylinder vehicle.

  7. Gary England because of his Weather research and development has potentially saved Millions of lives….

  8. EXCELLENT NARRATION!!!! sorry for the lives lost on that terrible day, simply awful!!! bless the family survivors.

  9. This is by far the most informative tornado video I have ever seen. The tornado tracking with accompanying video/data is amazing! Awesome job guys.

  10. Not a storm chaser, but have lived in Oklahoma all my life, and even I know that you never watch a tornado from the east, the only safe place is south and west of the storm. If you are northeast of an approaching tornado, you are usually in the bullseye. These traffic jams , caused by chasers, can also block escape routes for those caught on the road. My own personal experience with a tornado happened when I was at my local airport (I am a pilot). I was visiting with a friend who ran a aircraft paint shop when we began to hear hail hitting the metal building we were in, and believe me, if you are in an aircraft hanger when it hails the noise is unbelievable. Hail usually always precedes an approaching tornado since the same updrafts that make tornadoes also create hail. We then hear the local tornado sirens begin to sound. Not wanting to be in a metal hanger with a tornado approaching, we jump into my car and attempt to leave the airport but the only road out leads west, directly into the approaching storm. What happens next was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. As we see the fast moving twister approaching from the west directly at us, there is such a massive pressure change in my vehicle that all the windows fog over almost instantaneously . We make a U turn, head out onto the runway and head to the south end as fast as we can drive and bail out of the car into a drainage ditch from where we watch the tornado make a direct hit on a national guard armory north of the airport. Something I will always remember is that although we were probably half a mile from the twister, that the wind was too strong to stand in.

  11. I've lived in OKC my entire life and I've never experienced such an unpredictable storm. I left my house and drove South to get out of the path which is generally a good idea because most ( not all ) tornados here track in a NE direction but once the storm reached OKC it dived south. Stuck in traffic with trees and fences being blown down next to my car I ran for my life into a McDonald's but I couldn't even open the door because of the wind. Two guys inside had to help me.

    Summary: Even though I left with the storm 15-20 minutes away, I got stuck in traffic and could have died that day. So take it from me NEVER get in your car to flee a storm.

  12. This is a very well explained documentary, and went into much detail in a little over 26 minutes. I will have to watch it a couple more times to totally understand everything you explained.

  13. People had better start waking up to the FACT that tornadoes are part of weather warfare…they are 'manufactured, directed & moved according to what area THEY want to destroy….there IS NO NATURAL WEATHER ANYMORE…hasn't been for a very long time. Those who doubt what I am saying had best check out WeatherWar101's channel & do some serious research. Just put tornadoes in the search box, he shows you EXACTLY HOW THEY DO IT. He got 'taken out' in Dec 2017….they didn't like what he was teaching us. WAKE UP!

  14. Many large, violent tornadoes have narrowly missed the OKC metro area. Honestly it's just a matter of time before a worst-case scenario happens.

  15. Some day a monster tornado is going to directly hit Dallas, TX killing probably at least 1,000 people. Scary. Watch “Perfect Disaster: Super Tornado.”

  16. This is an OUTSTANDING video. Absolutely amazingly done. Whoever produced this should be proud of themselves.

  17. I’m lucky I lived in Tulsa a year before this. If we had moved a year earlier, I would have been through something very life-risking.

  18. I wish the base cloud was much higher so we can actually see the thing and not just a dark clusterfuck moving around

  19. This is a really good video. So often when media has stories about tornadoes, they focus mainly on the panic and trauma of those in the path of destruction. That is really not news and is always a factor.
    I want to learn about the science and the working of tornadoes and how they are learning how to make better forecasts.

  20. Wow!!! Lots of questions answered in this video!!! The life and behaviors of tornadoes!!! Lots of details I never knew about!!! Thank You, Norman!!! An AWESOME video and AWESOME explanations!!!

  21. That Tornado went after them. This video was brilliant and we'll informative. You did a DAMN good job, especially explaining how the condensation vortex and the ACTUAL wind vortex are so different. Well done!

  22. Always struck by how many people would go storm chasing do so and small underpowered cars. You think he'd want something to out of a situation where they were in a high wind

  23. I grew up in tornado alley in the 80s, and we had top notch weather forecasts back then that saved a lot of lives and property. The technology and data they have now is amazing and lets them study in depth so there are longer and more accurate warnings possible. A few nights ago I got a warning sent to my phone that gave me 3-5 minutes before the sirens started. It makes it a lot less stressful to grab the bags and the fam and hunker down in 3-5 minutes of the sound of rain, than in 3-5 minutes with sirens going off in your town and all the surrounding towns, and that familiar freight train boom bearing down on you.

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