El Nino – What is it?

Every few years the El Niño phenomenon
kicks into life in the Pacific Ocean around the equator. It can affect weather
around the world changing the odds of floods, drought, heatwaves and cold seasons for different regions
even raising global temperatures. But what is El Niño and how does it
happen? Firstly we need to know what’s normally
happening in the tropical Pacific. This vast stretch of ocean sees consistent winds called ‘trade winds’ that blow from east to
west. These winds push warm water near the
surface in their direction of travel, so the warm
water piles up on the western side of the ocean around Asia and Australasia On the other side of the ocean around
South and Central America as the warmer water gets pushed away
from the coast it’s replaced by cold water which is
pulled up from deeper down in the ocean a process called upwelling. This creates
a temperature difference across the tropical Pacific with warmer
water piled up in the West and cooler water in the east. Warmer
water adds extra heat to the air which causes
the air to rise with more vigor and its this rising air that creates an
area of more unsettled weather with more cloud in
rainfall That rising air in the West sets up atmospheric circulation across
this part of the world with warm moist air rising on one side
of the Ocean and cooler dryer air descending on the other This circulation reinforces the easterly
winds so this part of the world sits in a
self-perpetuating state until El Niño begins. If conditions are
right tropical Pacific weather systems or slow
changes in the ocean around the equator can set off a chain of events which weaken or even reverse the usual trade winds With weakened trade winds there’s less
push of warm surface water to the western side of the ocean and less upwelling of cold
water on the eastern side. This allows the
usually colder parts of the ocean to warm canceling out the normal temperature
difference. Because the area of warmest water moves so does the associated wet and unsettled
weather. This changes rainfall patterns over
the equatorial Pacific as well as the
large-scale wind patterns. It’s this change in winds which
has a knock-on effect changing temperature and rainfall in
locations around the world. The main impacts are around the tropics where you see an
increase in the risk of floods in Peru and droughts in Indonesia, India and parts of Brazil. But virtually
wherever you are in the world El Niño has the potential to affect you
directly via the weather or indirectly via
socio-economic impacts There’s another impact from El Niño
which happens because of all the extra heat at the surface of the
tropical Pacific. This releases vast amounts of energy into the atmosphere which can temporarily push up global temperatures. This is why El Niño years often feature among the warmest on record. Each El Niño event is different so the global impacts can
change. You can find out more about the
different impacts of El Niño on our website. El Niño peaks around
Christmas-time and last for several months. It can dive
back to neutral conditions but sometimes reverses into La Niña. This is the flip side of the
oscillation which sees a strengthening of the normal trade
winds. This pushes the warmest water to the far
western part of the tropical Pacific and increases the upwelling of cold
water in the east. This cooler water extends out from the coast of the
Americas towards the central part of the ocean La Niña also impacts global weather and tends to have opposite effects to El Niño. You can also see more about La Niña and
its impacts on our website.

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  3. You have explained El Nino well. But some viewers get confused because of the way you presented it. Initially you are explaining normal phenomenon ( which is similar to La Nina) . Later you are explaining El Nino ( but didn't explicitly mention " El Nino ").

  4. This was great! Thank you so much. Now I feel like I really have a better grasp on both concepts of this weather phenomenon. I’ve subscribed to your channel and will visit regularly for more lessons. Excellent work.

  5. Tried getting help from videos for my geography mock exam coz this topic baffles me and omg I'm more baffled than ever like omg I'm so confused!!!

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  8. Can you make a video on all the things happening in the stratosphere and how it affects the tropospheric weather regimes

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  13. But why does trade winds weaken or strengthen and giving rise to such a phenomena only in pacific and not in atlantic ocean?

  14. When I was in LA I was constantly hearing about El Nino but in Australia we just call it the Southern Ossilation Index.

  15. What causes the warm air over the Asian coast to migrate back east? Why not push over the continent? 1:37.

  16. https://dle.rae.es/?id=QW5mMvv
    Those are the official definitions of "niño", which you are unable or unwilling to spell correctly, and you may use a translation service of your choice to understand the definition of the word.
    If you want, you can call it a Southern Oscillation instead of calling it a male child.

  17. You gotta stop calling it that. Spanish words are severely ill suited as scientific terminology.

  18. Can you tell me what is general temperature difference between hot spot and cold spot . . . Just for having clear picture

  19. It's "el niño" it's not "the Nino" sorry I just needed to say it
    😂 Cause I'm Latina and the name is in Spanish

  20. Just been watching a tourist Info prog on 3SAT TV. – seemd like a stupid question, BUT it turned into the usual German Media Spin on Global Warming and the effects on Coral:- so WHAT IS the speed of the El Nino current which they SAID helped damage the Coral in the Seychelles, along with the current flow from Recent Tsunamis !!! ??
    Google cannot furnidh the answer to tha question, Can you guys?

  21. Volcanic action under the sea from the ring of fire causes the pacific ocean to warm up. That's the El Niño explanation in a nut shell. It took 16 seconds to explain. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  22. Only a personal view to all those watching this lesson ,
    Why does El Nino happens in 3 years 4 years and so on or random ……….the scientists have not been able to predict these why is so …..
    I was watching this one and a question came into my mind that….
    Earth is revolving around the same orbital path around the sun then every thing should go around as normal but why in the case of El Nino it is disturbed I was just thinking it might be the positions of other planets around us, it might be because of solar radiation , maybe because of the gravitational pull from the black holes when earth passes close to it while revolving around sun and so on …many questions were there in my mind ………I expect answers from you all

  23. Hey! My name is ElNino and my Sisters name is LaNina! She does the same thing that I do, just a lot more extreme, so, I form, by atmospheric pressure in the eastern pacific, when this happens, easterlies weaken, then, upwelling stops, several circulation cells form, and then air rises over the eastern pacific, and then subsides over Australia and Indonesia 🇮🇩

    I memorize that for my exam tom 😄🙈 how do you think I did?

  24. 2:21 asso[s]iated? not [sh]? this sounded like american and then this unusual pronunc.
    can somebody comment on this

  25. Still didnt explain WHAT ARE THE VARIABLES involved in the weaking and strengthening of the TRADE WINDS to cause either or.

  26. It affects the number of Atlantic tropical storms, and how many hit the United States eastern seaboard.

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  28. El nino- what is it?
    Honest answer!- It is a 'hoax' created by rogue, greedy 'weather scientists' just to affect the targeted markets as per their wealthy and more greedy master's wish.
    Everytime an 'al-nino' alert was issued, just like the dooms-day prophecy, the opposite weather conditions happened be it 2016 or 2017. Every time it proved to be a false alarm, embarrasing for the alert issuers. Although, it wasn't a complete failure, it created the desired panic in the markets for a shortwhile but opposite weather blown it away like the thin screen cloud blows away in the strong winds.
    This year there wasn't even a slightest fuss about it as the embarrasments from 2016-2018 buried the 'weather scientists' deep under the ground.

  29. Here we go. Let's blame the all "wannabe" powerful humans for this well documented cyclical pattern of ebbing winds and ocean currents that cause "crazy" weather!! This is a cycle that happens for a reason, we don't control it, we just have to live with it. You Man Made Climate Change people are nuts! You'll never have comfortable averages all across the globe because its not supposed to be like that. Sure, Climate Change is real, but we are not perpetrators of this mechanism being activated and deactivated.

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