EKG Interpretation – Master Basics Concepts of ECG

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23 thoughts on “EKG Interpretation – Master Basics Concepts of ECG”

  1. U r my roll model sir …lot of love from Tamilnadu 💝💝💝 … pls give me one heart sir…

  2. I know this may sound stupid but at around 25 min… why would positive charge move towards positive electrode? Should it not repel?

  3. Your lecture is so good that a person having basic understanding of physics vectors and depolarization will easily understand ecg , say a class 11th student

  4. I just want to confirmed one thing that in your previous lecture ( the one which is before the break) you said that the strength of vector is identified by its tail then now you draw small tail vector again which makes me a bit confused….

  5. when depolarization or repolarization means change in potential is occuring inside the cell , is their any effect on cell by changing its polarity?

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