we are sorted a group it mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way we've got chefs we've got normals and a whole world of stuff for you to explore that everything we do starts with you good morning I'm Jamie and this is Ben it is the morning we're about to do breakfast ultimate egg Benedict's depend when people watch it that's me I forgot that bit today a new spin on our ultimate battles our three normals have been cooking with us for many years now they should know the basics we are testing Barry and Jamie on two skills hollandaise and poached eggs so without a recipe in 30 minutes we want one plate from each of them of an egg's Benedict of their choosing let battle commence in three two one do it right thank you know you're starting because do we do we work together for the first bit and then go and waste the end all right have you started the timer yes okay so hollandaise is one of those mother sauces are warm emulsion based sauce a combination of melted butter and eggs I'm going to start off by making my hollandaise sauce that's 125 grams of butter melted I'm going to try and take some of the white bits the scummy bits off once that's done get it clarified or I can add excellent I need that pouncer thank you the key to the butter is it should be clarified so warm up regular butter and you're only using the bits without the impurities the impurities will sink just pour the butter from the top it shouldn't be scalding hot it certainly shouldn't be cold obviously it will be solid I don't know how much I'm going for I don't think I'm gonna have about 150 145 155 okay how many pounds are using three maybe four what what why you think what are you doing I'm making eggs benedict Merredin no come on mate play fair no no no no you're doing why would I do then there didn't mean to do that you think you're in a rush mate didn't mean to do that so for me perfect hollandaise starts with a reduction of vinegar and you reduce it down with peppercorns bay leaf and shelah strain it that's gonna be your base with the eggs I use a whole body kept out of water please would you like me to pour salt is that the system both water please sorry we're but there's more to share and you've just dived in the stalls Michelle was it there to win a battle with because splash of cold water to it ice cold water six minutes gone that's 20% of your time so how do I get the wax off we're leap up the mini blends up I won't touch too many blenders Wow I'm Lin Chi you're just dicking me over here to help me out with a mini chopper the problem is pants I know that I'm going to need that mini chopper later so I've just hitted it for safety so that I could what do you if you don't need a Hyundai's – you don't need a mini chopper to make hollandaise I reckon what Jamie's done is Google how to make hollandaise taking the first response and not actually considered that in 10 years we have taught in this so many times yeah but where'd you learn blessing from there poke using the birth foregrounds for the hollandaise not for the poached eggs so they're not gonna get that lovely orange yolk that that will give them so you've never had the butter over the water no get to the ribbon stage remove it perhaps put it under a t-tail absolutely yeah on to t-tests on the movement it's difficult you kind of need three hands I've been doing this for a long time and nothing so what I'm doing is I'm making a vinegar reduction first with one vinegar black peppercorns bay leaves and some shallows boil that down to reduction then strain that poke that in with my three egg yolks started blending it up then I pull in my clarified butter which is basically the melted butter and now so I can serve with my bottle of the Quattro I'm just pouring it very slowly into they're hoping magic will happen isn't it amazing how a little bit of time pressure and a camera and knowing you're up against someone you forget 16 minutes remaining you're almost halfway let's just say we're on par right now well I don't look we are no is it our confident what they're doing no either a changing tags it's not really working for either but they carry on regardless pacing that for home days means facing if this splits now I'm going to die too much heat that's right that's why that's like I know I know stop cooking happenin we occasionally get comments under the video saying that it's unfair to call these guys normals after so many years you should be left with something that is thick but does run a little bit seasoned it with salt pepper Tabasco lemon juice it's kind of up to you if you're not going to use it immediately you need to keep it somewhere warm hot it will scramble cool it will split so somewhere just above room temperature the back of the stove is perfect if you're not going to say that immediately got a cover it with cling film that's touching the hollandaise so you don't form that skin I've made a hollandaise which is a surprise to me as it should be to everyone else and yeah I made it and it was unbelievable and now I'm gonna potentially ruin it Jamie hello what's happening hello is your twist avocados yes I know Jamie fold I don't weed there mate but it's bold and I like it this could be me handing Barry the wind [Applause] Joe and I had to make a chef cry I put my griddle pan on and Jamie's chosen to use half of it for his buns and I've used the other half I can get all my asparagus the perfect poached egg needs to be cooked in poaching water not boiling water but instead water that's just got a few of those tiny bubbles on the top and it should be well seasoned with salt shouldn't cuz I seasoned it with vinegar oh yes one or other there is a chance that my experimental avocado holidays won't work so I am also keeping some of my original home base paint just in case my twist is my favorite Eggs Benedict I've got some beautiful smoked salmon some have a last bit of a card oh just you saying that that's asparagus and a really simple hollandaise sauce all of which are simple I've never managed it so you know what's gonna happen eggs benedict is indeed ham but we are for the second you guys we've said as long as it's got a poached egg and hollandaise beyond that experiment it could end up as x-ray our exploring teen any of those six minutes remaining the last 20% you've got to experiment sometimes they work sometimes they don't you want a little bit no sure I'm making hollandaise whoever decided to do a baccardo holidays was an idiot that was the worst possible thing I could think of doing it didn't work at all so I'm just going to construct it as is and cracking my eggs into glasses first to make sure that egg is a home I wouldn't bother but here there's too much at stake how long just get your explore best don't care wait a minute I've got two bottoms evening my top have I you've need my top have a talk I'm gonna put a little bit of the hollandaise sauce on the bottom of the muffin stack up with ham a poached egg then the hollandaise and then a little lid on top because Eggs Benedict works best as a sandwich as the most things I think I'm down five-four-three-two-one unfortunately the pepper didn't make it only 20 okay I smoked some Jamie's super interesting that you served half a portion any reason behind that I'm cutting down some of you okay look consistency of hollandaise runny yolk oh you nicked Alaska dang you stole the last Canaan that is the definition of an expert now you try you cook the ham I don't you thriver you fry the ham I didn't cook I know right that's why I'm criticizing okay the eggs running it's a runny yolk the rest of whites cooked yeah it's not completely like egg shaken over its spread a little bit but it's well cooked egg I think it's I think it's impossible to get the eggs that like look like a a ball bag the to get a big a big stockpot and like that big and you get it like just bubbles just at the surface then you drop it in and the egg drops and then the bubbles take it up and that's how you get the tail hollandaise well as I manage well-seasoned well seasoned yeah well seasoned come on is a touch one-dimensional because you didn't you didn't do anything with the vinegar so it's just kind of a little bit you know I'm looking for something super smooth creamy quite light actually reducing the vinegar like you did just bring us a little bit of depth to it you know like the bay flavor the peppercorns and then I like the Tabasco Tabasco I like at the end Barry's rum I feel like that's what you expect as a portion you've got the two halves with the egg on each half I love the color of the holidays from those earthy brown eggs it's nice and personally I quite like that more boldness poached egg as opposed to Jamie's was flattened out but he still had the runny yolk nothing wrong Post Oak very nice not perfect Oh skid you've opted for a bit of smoked salmon a world toasted muff very confused by your hollandaise method I'd have liked to see hollandaise on the plate that's the best holidays ever made plump doesn't the whole new technique there's a whole new technique will give me that hmm the reason that didn't that was well I've done at home and I've got it wrong over the time I've made scrambled eggs and that is doubt I think I've got a lot of practicing but I can't get it right that was a cheese method to avoid contact hate and getting scrambled eggs and I was I mean the place I would fail on this would be scrambled eggs it's more like mayonnaise made with butter than hollandaise that's not so great if I had a recipe in front of me and I could follow it in my own time I know that I can make it properly put me under pressure take away for stuff to look at and I forget things and that's not right it's not how normal people cook if we were judging this purely on the quality of the poached egg berry would win if we were judging it purely on the quality of hollandaise because of the method and the seasoning I think Jamie would take it collectively with the chance of taking a twist our overall winner is listen you both did fantastically well but the overall winner is berry I can agree with that and we like in mind tell us which normal she's going head to head next time and also what skill we should be with if you love a bit of breakfast then you might really enjoy our book AM menu it's full of only breakfast recipes and they're amazing you can buy the book by itself or you can sign up to the club and get a new book every time we launch one yeah we've already made cooked up and produced three incredible books in the last year we're working on another one and if you're a club member you can access all of them digitally using the app on iOS and or Android it's quite a good deal honestly five already and I find myself lost in a plethora of beautiful food photography some did matter the day for two more books you can have a new recipe from the book every single day of the year if that's not worth signing up for I don't know one thing you don't have to sign up for is this gold donkey fell into a bowl of sugar the other day now that was a sweet ass see I kind of knew where that was going yeah as we mentioned we don't just make top-quality YouTube videos we've built the sorted Club where we use the best things we've learned to create stuff that's hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers check it out if you're interested thank you for watching and we'll see you in a few days knowing both no bends are dict but do you know how to Benedict I'm gonna make in a twist Barry loves Ben


  1. Jamie being the school yard bully and poor Barry scrambling around like a lost lamb till Ben comes in to help him boil some water. Classic sorted shenanigans

  2. Not sure I understand the disappointment/hate Jamie is getting from some commenters. The boys have always been mean to each other, and sabotage has been a part of the battles for as long as I can remember. Does it feel worse now because it's only two normals instead of three, so more of the sabotage by one guy makes the edit? In that case, the reactions are more of a feedback to the editor than to Jamie…

  3. Because Barry used a modern technique (the blender hollandaise) its suddenly mayo? Pls, that just came across as being snobby about the method.

  4. I feel kinda bad for the hate going towards Jamie’s but he was a real jerk. Sometimes he’s funny but normally I don’t like him.

  5. Wow brits can fuck any meal up. “Chefs” my ass, raccoons would walk away from what these gays call food. Probably because they do everything backwards, like driving on the wrong side of the road.

  6. This was very unpleasant to watch. If it's called Skill battle, then the cook shouldn't have to be a complete dick to get ahead. I'm very disappointed in Jamie.

  7. The joy of 'a well-toasted muff' is a rare point of unanimity between Chefs and nudist sunbathers.

  8. finally! one of these i could for sure win. i prepped at least 50 every Sunday brunch for over a year at footprints on the lake on otisco lake in NY

  9. i remember you were used to go to each other houses and cooked there. can you do that again? i miss that cozyness

  10. 11:20 you're exposing your electro-mechanical nature, Ben.
    (seriously what is up with the sound in this episode?)

  11. I've tried man. But the intro is just kinda off.
    It doesn't set your video's groove/nuance . I used to listen to but nowadays I always skip it. Hope you won't change your format too.
    I know you read it, so cheers!

  12. Thanks, now I have to go and listen to Anita Ward. Also, big corporations can go suck it. Thank you for the video. <3

  13. Lads please be carefull with your extension lead. It is wrapped up in a coil producing an electro magnet plus it will really heat up

  14. The whole fighting by stealing stuff and sabotaging gets old, if I wanted that I would just watch iron chef or master chef. Like it better when they just panic!

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