Dear followers, this day we have prepared a fun game Necessary materials Black cardboard, colored paper, glue and scissors Let me show you the examples I prepared before First, you draw figures of hands and feet on paper Hand and foot figures cut, let me show you an example First of all prepare a mold and it will be very easy Cut out with the help of scissors You are removing foot and hand figure I’m trying to cut it in a practical way, then fix it If you want to be practical in life, you can put a few sheets on top of each other and cut them This game does not have a name, we have put the name of a balanced fun game Balanced entertainment After cutting, give the details of the folds, To make a finger let me show you on carton Hands and feet, We place on the black cardboard in various figures with the help of adhesive I will show you now This game is from seven to seventy, Obviously three years old, three ages need some help Paste the way, for example here left and right foot concept A game that provides balanced, hand and foot coordination Very fun game, you will see playing Right now there is only a target here on the left foot When you see here, your right foot is on the floor and both hands stand on the floor Let me show you the different figures Stand right here on the right foot Here you stand with your hands on the floor and both feet on the floor Let me show you an example of a bridge I show different figures You will see how you are playing in a moment I show you how to paste The bridge game also stops the feet on this side Your hands are at the back Where you can play this game At birthday parties, family participation events I played this game in kindergarten, in kindergarten. The kids had so much fun, I’m gonna tell you about other tricks. In crowded student groups, you must prepare as many figures as possible If you’re playing with five people, you should put five figures If you’re playing with six people, you must put six figures When we cut here, we cut them with my daughter. When cutting and gluing your muscles, your skill is improving. Students or children are listed Children can be on your birthday You open music Playing music Places are placing these figures Dancing around the figures If you heard it in front of the card when the music stopped, Look at this reverse bridge card The movement that we have difficulty in making it understand that it is left or right according to the fingers. do this movement as soon as the music stops playing If I count down to one to two, I get the card and the game goes out You have a joker card without a figure Let’s start then Yes, kids, now it’s time to play You’ll turn around dancing around the cards with music As soon as the music stops, you will move I’m going to count you up to two or three cards, or the game will take the card Understood How fun are you guys? Very fun, we always play like this.

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  1. Onur Mühendislik çalışanları olarak severek eğlenerek çocuklarımıza izletiyoruz. çocukken dengede kalmayı öğrenmek lazım oyunla dahi olsa. tebrik eder başarılar diliyoruz

  2. çocuklarımızın gelişimi için faydalı işler paylaştığınızdan ötürü kocaman tebrikssss =)

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