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for the last 200 years we have relied on a fossil based economy this is supported huge economic and population growth technological development and social prosperity but it has also created great environmental challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss these have a cascading effect on other global issues like food and water security poverty migration and human health we need to transform our economy to ensure a sustainable future for future generations we need to move from a linear fossil based economy towards a circular bio-based one European forests are central to this transformation they are our most important biological infrastructure playing a key role in the resilience of our continent regions and cities forests are the most important host of biodiversity and the greatest terrestrial carbon sink they are key for providing drinking water but our forests have another role too they are a source of biological renewable resources with advantium Science and Technology these resources can be transformed into material we have this cotton or as resistant left field you bio-based solutions can replace octal based and non-renewable raw materials and products for example a new generation of wood engineering products means using wood for construction has no technological limits we can create buildings more than 80 metres high using wood reduces building time and costs even better wood construction can reduce carbon dioxide emissions as well as store them for decades if not centuries our forest resources are crucial to build a resilient society that prospers within a circular Bioeconomy to unlock their potential we need new holistic ways of governance which recognize that their economic environmental and social aspects reinforce each other the role of research becomes more important than ever to support policymakers and communicate to society at the European Forest Institute we connect knowledge to actions our forests are fundamental to building a sustainable future join us

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