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I’m Kathleen Archer, and I teach biology at Trinity
College in Hartford, Connecticut. I love teaching biology. There’s just nothing better
than working with students as they learn about the beauty and
the complexity of living things. When I first started teaching, I had a
lot of training in how to do research, and absolutely none in how to teach. That’s still true for many
faculty, and post-doctoral fellows, and grad students, even today. Fortunately, educational experts know
a lot about what methods work well. And we’ll take advantage
of their work to emphasize teaching tools that are of demonstrated
effectiveness and ease of use. In our course, you’ll
create learning outcomes, explore a variety of
active learning strategies, and craft assessments for
learning outcomes you desire. You’ll work with other
students in the course to apply these methods for a topic
of biology of interest to you. Creating a successful learning
experience for students makes working in the
classroom a joy for me. And I think it will
be a joy for you, too. I hope you’ll join us for Effective
Methods in Teaching College Biology.

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