19 thoughts on “#EducationCan: Sustainable development begins with education”

  1. The term ‘education’ as such is meaningless if we don’t agree on the contents, values, and methods involved. In my culture, the current education system predominantly considers students as objects on an assembly line to be shaped and crafted into conformistic, uncritical supporters of our consumer society. This kind of education only aggravates the neo-liberal destruction of our planet’s life support-systems and prevents sustainable development.

  2. absolute rubbish video. pulling out stats from thin air without any explanation. Very complicated problems with oversimplified solutions. Videos like this makes people not trust science and facts due to the clear misuse of facts.

  3. Nice Video. As a career Educationist I agree with this. Whether it is health or insecurity, It is only Education which can be used as a tool for sensitization and reconciliation. Governing uneducated country is too difficult. The same doctors, and Healthcare givers passed through the hands of a teacher.

  4. Console Mission explored that its existences in 2010 is for the development of human. Therefore based on last 5-years of study from April 2010 – March 2015, Girls are at the Core of our Mission.

  5. yes but how abt high tax and low wages? umm rapid population growth? no one will be paid higher if they all have a degrees, and no skills are specialized anymore

  6. Afghanistan has launched educational movement across the country, now is going to create sustainable employment.

  7. Education is the key for sustainable development! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWv5OS1gc1k

  8. Sustainability! Yes! Awesome! Great video. Thumbs Up. In connection, I also find this article very helpful. Just want to share. It's just like similar to this topic. http://bit.ly/1HZn18u

  9. Missing from this is the one change that makes all of these changes, in the video, pale into insignificance ( when EVERY MINUTE 146 women become pregnant who did not plan or wish it) We must help 3rd world countries PLAN THEIR FAMILIES: http://populationalert.org/solution.htm

  10. The Paris Dec 2015 Agreement needs to be:

    —– An immediate Moratorium on the Exploration for new reserves.
    —– We must define a Global LIMIT for the extraction of fossil fuels from existing reserves, with an end date and schedule for every coal, oil, and gas LOCATION. Meanwhile prioritize on locations where production is cheapest.
    —– Laws for Monitoring and Enforcement must be made to incur extreme penalties on those corporations and countries that don't comply.
    —– A LIMIT for Global Warming as close to 2 degrees C as possible.


  11. Yes, am agree with this statement but first of all we have to think on Sanitation and hygiene because Women are most affected by lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation and are at higher risk of exposure to water and related diseases. 
    Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to increased health problems such as infections and Infertility.so, the Girls are also Reluctant to attend schools,and parents are disinclined to send them, if there are no safe , private toilets for them to use.

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