39 thoughts on “"Educational" Videos on YouTube”

  1. they must think they are dumb as a doorknob if this is like how they get money lol i hope they have hobbies and a actual job or SOMETHING

  2. I'm convinced that Ethan was caught actually
    enjoying these videos, and he told Hila he was
    just watching them to make fun of them, so
    he had to put together this whole video as a cover P.s repost this so Hila can see

  3. When I first saw the thumbnail I didn't notice for the longest time that she was only wearing an apron.

  4. The ending for this video was god tier. Litterally made me lol. Just like the sea monsters one where you had ranch all over your head. Notice "head", not "face" xD. And you could only get the medium sized pizza, lul

  5. Ethan, please make a full version carrot tutorial! I wanted to do some research at night! 😹 Nice boxers!

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