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Educational Videos for Students, Watch Cartoons Online, TV, Kids, Children, television online Mr. Rose: Well hello there fellas. Tell me
something good. around in the neighborhood. what are you up
to? Mr. Rose: oh nothing boys. Just finishing
up some work here at the shop before I closed it down for the day. I’ve been working on
misses Jenkins Cadillax. She keeps peeling out all the time and messing up her transmission.
Chills: I didn’t know Misses Jenkins can peel out in her old skool Cadillax.
Franky: yes she always tells us to stay away from her car because she doesn’t want us to
get it dirty or mess up her white walls. Mr. Rose: now that sounds like the misses
Jenkins that I know. Dale: Hey nows Walter.
Mr. Rose: hey Dale. What are you doing stopping by the shop this late in the day?
Dale: well Walter I have an emergency. FISHING season is starting today and I can’t get my
camper to start. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Can you help me?
Mr. Rose: Dale now I told you, you need to take that old thing to the junkyard. You have
me fix on that thing every year and it’s falling apart.
Dale: Walter I can’t get rid of my lucky camper. That camper has brought me a boat load of
fish every year during fishing season. If I was to trade Betty I’d might never catch
another fish again. Mr Rose: well it looks like got her up and
running. Dale like I said before you need to stop being cheap and put some money away
so that you could buy yourself a real camper. Dale: Walter I can never get rid of this camper.
This camper is a family legacy. My daddy had this camper. Before that his daddy had it,
and before that his daddy had it. They passed it down from generation to generation.
Mr Rose: do I look silly to you Dale. They haven’t even been making these campers that
long. This is a 1990. Dale: okay you got me Walter. But it sure
sounded good didn’t it? Mr. Rose: you know what Dale I have to get
home. Plus I have to take the boys with me. That’ll be $99.95.
Dale: Oh yeah about that Walter. About that payment. Um I’m a little short today because
I spent my whole security check on bait and cheese to go fishing.
Walter: you spent your entire check on bait and cheese. I don’t even want to know what
you’re doing with the cheese. Dale you had me working on your camper for nothing.
Dale no of course I wouldn’t do that. But I’d be willing to trade you the repairs payment
for an all expenses paid free fishing trip including all the cheese you can eat.
Franky: oh wow that sounds awesome can we go.
Mr. Rose: Dale does it look like I want to go fishing?
Franky: Mr. Rose can we go? Please. Walter: Really Franky. only for you guys.
Dale next time you gotta get some money for me to fix your truck.
Bill: You know Walter I am sure glad you and the boys came on this fishing trip. I guarantee
it’ll be worth way more than what it cost you to fix old Betty.
Mr. Rose: whatever you say Dale. But as long as we are together, I have one favor to ask.
Dale: oh that is no problem Walter. You know you are my buddy and I would do anything for
you. Mr. Rose: Well that’s good to hear. The one
thing I don’t want you to do or to hear about this trip is any of your old fisherman’s tails.
Dale: well old friend I can do anything except for that. This will not be a great fishing
trip if I didn’t tell you any of my stories. Chillz: oh yeah. Can you tell us some of your
stories cousin Dale? Dale: of course I can. Have you heard about
the killer catfish that almost took me and my camper Betty into the lake?
Mr. Rose: Here we go. Dale: Boys you just don’t know how lucky you
are. You are getting a chance to go fishing with a world-class fishermen. Many men have
tried to do what I do. But there is no one who knows fishing like me. I can think like
a fish. I know their every move. Here fishy fishy. Here fishy fishy.
Chillz: does that really work? Dale: are you kidding me? Remember when it
comes to the art of fishing I am the master of kung-fu fishing.
Franky: you’re a master of what? Dale: I am the master of kung-fu fishing.
This is a plan of a fisherman to try getting inside of a fish’s head and knowing their
thoughts. I have to make my mind one with theirs. I have to have a fish’s brain.
Chillz: he said he has fish brains THE BOYS LAUGH
Mr Rose: ok boys I’m back. But I sure don’t feel right all of a sudden I’m itchy.
Dale: Uh Oh! Mr Rose: Uh Oh! What do you mean Uh Oh!
Dale: Walter did you go to the bush on the right or on the left?
Mr Rose: I went to the one on the right like you told me.
Dale: Walter don’t get upset but I have to tell you something.
Mr Rose: what is it now? Dale: I think I sent you into a bush of poison
ivy. Walter: you sent me into what? I can’t believe
I came on this trip. I can’t stand you deal. I just want to go home. Dale: I’m sorry Walter.
Mr Rose: boys do you have all of your stuff together? It’s time for us to go.
The boy say nothing Mr. Rose: Boys did you hear me? It’s time
to go. Chillz: yeah we heard you Mr. Rose but right
now we are not talking to you. Mr Rose: you’re not talking to me. What’s
going on boys? Chillz: Mr Rose it was really mean how you
treated cousin Dale. Mr Rose: I know boys. Sometimes he gets me
so upset though. Chillz: but you know what Mr Rose, me and
Franky don’t always get along but when we don’t get along and we do something that you
know is wrong we apologize. Mr Rose: I get what you’re saying boys. Mr Rose: hey Dale you got a second? Dale don’t
worry Walter I’ve got everything packed up and I’ll get you back home to the city.
Mr Rose: Dale look I want to apologize for how I talked to you earlier.
Dale: you know what Walter I deserve it. I am always a screw up.
Mr Rose: Dale no matter how bad you may mess up sometimes I should not treat you how I
treated you. I was wrong and I want you to know I appreciate you as a friend.
Dale: I’m your friend Walter? Mr Rose: um. Yes Dale you’re my friend.
Dale: that’s my buddy Walter I knew you would come around you old son of a gun.
Mr Rose: somebody help me.

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