Educational videos for kids with toy construction toys

(bright music) – [Narrator] Hey guys, it is
time for the D and M Toy Club. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Hey guys. Welcome back to the D and M Toy Club. Today, we are going to check
out our toy toolbox for kids. A really cool educational
video, let’s check it out. Are you guys a lubster by the way? Are you subscribed to
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of our new videos everyday. Let’s take a look at this
huge collection of toy tools. Let’s go. Whoa, check out the toy crane. Cool construction truck. Whoa, that is a big toy truck. Wait a minute, that’s a real toy, that’s a real dumpster. That’ not a toy. Cool, let’s check out the next, awesome. Look at the size of that bolt. That’s a screw with a lug nut. And you put the lug nut on by just twisting it on the bottom. Whoa, that’s awesome. C clamp. Awesome. C clamp is so, so cool. You can put that together with anything. Take a look at this screw driver. Whoa, it’s a power drill. ♪ Beep beep beep ♪ Remember if you like our videos, give us a big thumbs up. ♪ Beep beep beep ♪ What do we have up next? It’s a bull dozer. Check out the bull dozer. (children’s music) Cool bull dozer. Man look at our big toy collection. Power drills, hammers,
saws, screw drivers, double sided wrenches and calipers. Check out all these cool tool box toys. (children’s music) Alright, here we go, another one. Adjustable wrench, how does that work? Oh you twist that little dial, and you can fit it to
the size of the lug nut. That is cool. Alright let’s take a look at our next one, it’s a toy train. Toy trains, it’s Thomas’ friend. Do you guys know who that is? Tell us in the comments
if you know who this is. Which train is it. From Thomas the Train. (children’s music) Construction truck. Look at all that dirt. Look at the size of that truck. That’s definitely not a toy truck. That is a real bull dozer. ♪ He played knick knack on my shoe ♪ Alright, let’s get our gloves on, we got a new pair of gloves. What do we have? Oo wow, the Black and Decker drill. Calipers. Bam. Check out the two sided wrench. Oh the Jack Hammer. Everyone loves the Jack Hammer. Wow look at this collection. This is a new set, cool. Wrench, that’s an adjustable wrench too. Cool play tools man. Those are awesome. And let’s take a look again
at the rest of our collection. (happy music) We got more calipers and screws
and Phillips screwdrivers. Whoa, look at these pliers. ♪ Give a dog a bone ♪ Let’s see what can you do with a plier. Hey give us a big thumbs up guys. Cool, we’ll see you
guys on the next video. D and M Toy Club. ♪ Give a dog a bone. ♪

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