Educational Videos for Kids | Brain Candy TV Channel Trailer v2

Welcome to Brain Candy TV! Hey Brainiacs! Who wants to watch some fun learning videos with cool vehicles, and our cute dog Lizzy?! At Brain Candy TV, learning has never been so much fun! We’ll learn about numbers and math… “Go!” The alphabet… “Look Lizzy, it’s a zebra!” “And zebra starts with Z.” Colors… “This is green” “This is blue!” And even some cool science… “Do you know the names of all the planets in our Solar System?” “The closest planet to the sun is Mercury.” If you want to see more, don’t forget to
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28 thoughts on “Educational Videos for Kids | Brain Candy TV Channel Trailer v2”

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  7. This is still probably the best, high quality channel for preschool learning. I love how in depth this channel gets with the content while keeping it fun. I also wish BCTV would also show geography, more science, weather, and biology on a kindergarten scale. Unfortunately, we lack a lot of science in our public schools. I myself, was surprised to learn that rivers form canyons. Had no idea.

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  9. My 4 year old loves these videos with Lizzy in them. He's autistic and Lizzy makes him very happy. He's sang to me several times that he loves her. I'm so glad that you made these videos. Thank you.

  10. How are you not in violation of intellectual property rights by depicting characters such as Lightning McQueen and Ninja Turtles?

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