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– [Narrator] D & M Toy Club. Are you subscribed? Hey guys, welcome back to D& M Toy Club. We’ve got a brand new toy tool set. We just got it in two days ago. So, we are going to open this up and talk about this amazing set. And, this one is actually,
to tell you guys the truth, the coolest set that we’ve got so far. And, I am gonna show you exactly why. So, let’s get this box cracked open. This has got to be one of the coolest. So, let’s move our tools. Let’s get them out of the
way, so we have enough room. Alright guys, here we go. This is gonna be the coolest. So, here is the drill. This is one of the biggest drills. It’s so realistic. It looks like a real one, not even a toy, to tell you the truth. And, it’s really super heavy. So, we have our drill. We’ve gotta put our battery pack on. Here is the battery pack,
just like a real one. And, this one’s called Power,
is the name of this brand. And, this drill, I’ll have to show you. I’m gonna show you exactly
why I think this has gotta be one of the coolest sets.
(fireworks exploding) So, that’s the battery pack.
(fireworks exploding) This is what makes all of these work. So, when you get a real drill,
if you go to the store and you pick up a real one, you
gotta put the battery pack on. So, let’s try to figure
out, let’s get this on here. I already put batteries in this one. So, it’s already got the
energy that it needs. So, we’re gonna make it happen. We’re gonna get this on here. Let’s put it down. There we go. See that? This is huge. My hand is actually really big. And, this is bigger. Bigger, look at this. Way bigger than our Black & Decker drill. So, we have our drill. Now, watch. This is the cool part. This came with two different drill adapters. These are adapters, they’re called, right? Guys, really quick, I’m
gonna do a three-part video. Because I’m gonna show you
how this works in this video. And, then I have so many other tools. This has like 40 different tools in there. It’s one of the biggest sets
that we’ve ever had, too. So, this is the drill adapter. And, this is the saw adapter,
(chimes stair-step) Okay Remember, look at this one. This was the one we had before, right? This stays on here. I can’t change this. This doesn’t come off. This is just a drill, right?
(drill rotates) Now, this one is just a saw. See that?
(saw buzzes) But, this one is the best,
because it does both. Right? So, let’s put the saw
on, this is the most fun. Let’s put this one on. I’m super-excited. Okay, so we got it going. See it rotating?
(saw buzzes) See it going around? Alright, now let’s put this on. It’s a little tricky. This is so cool because this
is exactly like a real one. Let’s get that on there. Okay. It goes on. See that little notch right there? The little arrow? Okay, so we have to slide. There it is. There it is. Okay, see that other
little arrow right there? We gotta match up those two arrows. So, we put it here. That’s where it connects, right? You see that? That’s the first notch. You guys see that right there? Okay, now, we have to turn
it to lock it into place. Cause we don’t want to hurt ourselves. That’s where it fits perfect. That’s where it has to meet. Alright, so at the this point,
it’s locked in, ready to go. Look at this, by the way,
this is so realistic. It has the little notch
that makes it go either, you can either go forward
or go backwards, in reverse. See? None of our other drills,
these other drills, they don’t have that. That’s why this is so realistic. One of the coolest toys out there. Alright, so now we’re gonna make it work. Here we go. (saw buzzes) Look at that. Huge blade. Right? Isn’t that the coolest? See, this is even bigger,
it’s bigger than this one. Look at this little, tiny blade. (saw buzzes) Yeah, that was cool when we first saw it. But, this one. (saw buzzes) Holy moly, look at the size of that. (saw buzzes) Coming right at you. It’s like in 3-D. Isn’t that cool? And, it’s so neat. This is adjustable. We can take it off. Alright, let’s take it off, guys. We’ll take this one off, right? Now, this one, this one here is made, and it actually tightens up, Which is really cool, like a real one. This one is made for screwdrivers. So, here’s what we’ll do. We’re gonna go to our next video. I’m gonna do on the next
video the screwdriver part. And, then we’re gonna dive
into the rest of these toys. Cause, look, it’s all brand new, guys. I’m not kidding you. Look at this. We haven’t even opened these yet. Look at all of these really
cool, amazing tools, man. Look at ’em all. Brand new. We’re gonna get into opening these. So, check it out on the next video, okay? We also have, let’s see what else we have. We got our safety goggles. We even have a tool belt. So, check out on our next video. You gotta watch all three of ’em. I’ll do three of ’em, so
we can break down the bag and take a look at all these
tools each, individually. – [Narrator] Hey guys, welcome
back to D & M Toy Club. Today, we are gonna learn our colors. We’ve got all kinds of
colorful and amazing tools. And, we are going to
see what each color is. Then, I’m gonna ask you
guys which color is the tool that I will show you. So, here we go, let’s get this started. So, we’ve got all kinds
of really cool toys, as you always know. We got really amazing tools, right? The ax, ow. And, then we have the saw. Don’t do that, no way. And, then we have the clamp. All kinds of cool clamps
and all kinds of cool tools. So, let’s get started
in learning our colors. So, this one is the color red. You see this here? That is red. R-E-D Red. We have our fantastic miter saw. And, what color do you think this is? This is the color yellow. Spell it with me. Y-E-L-L-O-W. Yellow. Alright, let’s take a look at our ax. This is super-sharp. Ow. The ax is what color? What color is this part of the ax? It’s green. You are right. You are right and spell it with me. G-R-E-E-N. Green. That is the color. Let’s take a look at our next one. This is one of my favorites. This is the two-sided wrench. Now, what color is this? Let’s take a look at the other side. See the color? It is orange. Spell it out with me. You ready? O-R-A-N-G-E. Orange. That’s pretty cool color, actually. Orange super-power. So, let’s go on to our caliper. One of the most, look
at this, look at that, coolest toys that we have. It’s so realistic. Watch that knob. See it go around? Now, what color is the caliper? What color is this? Yellow again. You’re right. Y-E-L-L-O-W. Yellow. It’s a fun color. It’s the color of the sun too, by the way. Let’s go over to, what should we do next? What should we do? The little green one in the back, here. The adjustable wrench. My favorite. Now, what color is this
part of the wrench? What color is that? You’re right. It is green. You guys are geniuses. Green is G-R-E-E, oh yeah, and N. Yes. Green. G-R-E-E-N. Green. You guys are awesome. Fantastic. Let’s take a look at one more here. We got another one. What do you think this
thing, see this two-sided. Look at this. The Phillips screwdriver, a socket wrench. What, and a flathead? This is actually amazing, this tool. And, it looks like the letter T, right. So, what color is it, though? What color is this? We’ve done it twice already. It’s yellow. Exactly. You guys, I’m telling you. You are all geniuses. How do you spell yellow? Y-E-L-L That’s right. It’s got double-L. O-W Yellow. That is right. Pretty cool. Pretty cool. I actually like this. This is like three tools in one. Well, let’s take a look at another one. Because this color, that’s right. We haven’t done this color yet. What color is this part of the tool? Blue. You guys, I’m telling
you what, you should be doing these videos
because you’re so smart. Blue. B-L-U-E. Blue. Very smart, you guys. Good job today on the
spelling of the tools and their colors. Now, let’s try this one
one more time because, you know what, this
one, let me take a look. This one is a one of only two toys that have 3 colors. Can you see those? This one has grey. Let me put this down and
show you really quick. Cause this is something I just noticed. Grey, yellow, and green. So, let’s do the first one. Grey. Why? Well, because we’re spelling it. That’s why. Grey. Grey. And, then it has yellow. And, let’s do that one again. That’s why this is the fun one,
because yellow has two L’s. Right here, see it? Y-E-L-L-O-W. That’s right. It’s got yellow, and lastly green. G-R-E-E-N. Green. You guys are not only amazing,
but we’re learning colors and spelling all at the same time. That’s pretty cool. So, like I was saying, this
one has got three colors, too. It’s got orange, blue, and
hello, do you see the red? Of course you guys do,
because you guys are geniuses. You’re tool-time geniuses. Okay, so let’s do. We’ve already done orange. We’ve actually done the blue. Well, let’s do it again. We’ve got red. Let’s do red. R-E-D. That’s an easy one. You guys, that’s so super-easy. But, you know what’s a
little more challenging? Let’s do the orange. Let’s do the orange, because the ax also has two colors, though. Green and orange. How do you spell orange guys? You know how to spell orange. O-R-A

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