Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Educational & Expressive Baby Toys

Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right
Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be talking about
visual play and creativity. Visual play is an important part of a child’s growing up
because it helps them learn to cope with their emotions and feelings. Being able to use products
to falstemental growth by providing opportunities and new ideas of thinking and problem solving.
These are ways in which you can draw a picture and redraw it over and over again differently
or using different products together in different medians. Some children like to use crayons
and they learn to be able to use crayons and finger paints together. Other children like
to use paints and be able to use markers and make new different types of pictures by using
different medians of products. We do have products like finger crayons which are great
for young children because they’re very durable, they have a spot inside the crayon itself
in which they can put their finger and it helps them to be able to use and draw. Unlike
a traditional crayon that is very small. This is better for hands that are 2 and up. There’s
also products like the finger paints which are one of the most popular items. Because
kids can just stick their fingers right in and draw pictures with either paint brushes
or fingers and use them in coloring books or on pads of paper. And we also offer unique
products like the funky brushes which have different textures. You can also use that
with the finger paints and poster paints to be able to make different more usual pictures.
These products all work well on an easel like this which already comes with a set of beginners
brushes, with the larger handles so the smaller hands can hold them. The paint cups in which
you can pour the finger paints in. They are no mess no spill and it comes with a roll
of paper. Inside there’s also a tray in which you can put all your other extra art supplies
to keep it nice and neat and orderly.

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