Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Bath Time Baby Toys

Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right
Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be talking about
bath toys. Why should play be just for outside the bath? We have many great items for the
bath that will encourage the love of having a bath or a shower. One of the items is for
children who love to finger paint and do creativity as we have stampers that come with wash off
paint. You can either finger paint it onto the walls of the bath or you can use the stampers
and dip into the paint and make pictures. This is transportation and we also carry garden.
For the girl, role play is as important in the bath as it is during regular playtime.
We have Princess in a Tub; it’s a dress up set so as they take a bath they can dress
up as a princess and if you dip your wand into the water, there’s lights and sounds.
One of my favorite toys is this bubble blower. Kids love bubbles outside but wouldn’t it
be great to be able to have bubbles in the bathroom? This connects to the wall and you
just turn it on, it’s battery operated and it produces bubbles in the bath. No bath is
complete without basic bath squirter’s. Here’s a set of bath toys that are sea life, we have
many different kinds of squirter sets. These are a must have for children. We also have
this tub fun set where the starfish is the water tester, this is a squirter and the octopus
glows when it hits the water. It’s a splash and flash bath tub set.

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