Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Baby Toys that Build Math Skills

Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right
Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be talking about
mathematical play. Mathematical play consist of toys that are building blocks, construction
sets, or basic building toys. And we have several different kinds to offer. These help
children with problem solving activities, reasoning and sequencing and encourages consequential
thought and development of logic and problem solving skills. Here’s a basic set of wooden
blocks. Most of parents are probably very familiar with this item, it’s been around
for years. It’s probably one of the best items for younger children because you just stack
the blocks on top of each other and there’s a little thought needed or skill. But it is
the first step in learning these skills with the basic set of building blocks. One of the
more usual items we have which is the next step would be the wedgits starter set. These
are squared pieces and shapes. They basically stack on top of each other and fit in tight
into each other so that they stack into different shapes and you can make different patterns.
And this is fun when you’re a little more advanced in being able to build but it’s a
great set for a child for 2 to 102. For the younger child, the very beginning set would
be the chicco mondo maxi blocks. These blocks are the gigantic blocks, you often find in
doctor’s offices to entertain the children when they’re young and they can stack on top
of each other very simply. There are 22 pieces and they’re great for a child that’s 1 and

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