Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Baby Toys that Build Language Skills

Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right
Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be talking about
linguistic play. Linguistic play includes music CDs, music activity toys, talking toys,
DVD’s. These encourage a child verbal skills, they nourish development by exposing the child
to the environment filled with sound rhythm and language patterns. We have several toys
that do this for the child. For a 3 and up toy we have a light and sound phonics. The
benefits of this is it is a talking toy, it’s phonics based learning and it has 8 activities.
There’s lights and sounds and there’s no reading required. So it asks you questions like can
you find the first letter of the word car? We have a product that is similar for a 1
year and up. This is the magic mirror laptop. This is great because it has 1, 2, 3, 4, A,
B, C, D. So you can discover animal names and sounds as well as babies like to look
at themselves so it comes with this mirror. And the mirror lights up with different activities
and pictures. For learning we have a Telly teaching time clock. This is a time clock
that has an analogue and digital display and this clock is bilingual and English and it
teaches time using 2 learning modes. This also is a talking toy and it’s interactive.
Here is a sample of several of the DVD lines we carry. We have Babies First TV, Little
Steps, Animal Baby, Brainy Baby and an animated series from Way to go Juno, as well as many
other titles in our media department.

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