Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Baby Toys for Travel

Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right
Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be talking about
travel toys. Travel toys are great for family trips. As you all know you want to keep those
children occupied. So we have several types of travel toys. If you’re in the car, this
is a Wonder Wheel. This hooks up to the back seat and the child has this interactive steering
wheel in which they can play lights and music. It’s basically a remote control and it makes
the pictures and activities light up on the play mat. This is for 12 to 36 months when
the baby is in a forward facing car seat. For an older child that likes to draw and
do creativity and art, we have this Splash Art. There’s two sided and you create pictures
with water. There’s no mess, it’s safe, clean, and fun. You can carry it anywhere. That’s
12 months and up. For a different type of travel, travel on your stroller, we have the
Twirly Whirly which connects on the bar of your stroller and it has all these little
characters that crankle and make noise and little teether’s. This is great for the younger
child 0 to 12 months for using the stroller.

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