Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Baby Toys for Teething

Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right
Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be discussing
teether’s. We have many different kinds of teether’s in our store. Teething babies find
relief on chewing on many things. We offer a wide range of teething toys that are all
filets free. This is one of our best teething toys. This access as an activity toy as well
as a teething toy. There are teether’s on each arm, as well as little rattles and teether’s
on each foot. It acts as an activity toy because it keeps the baby occupied which is crinkly
sound, which they love and it keeps them happy and from bitting on anything else they shouldn’t
be bitting on. We also have a more traditional teether which is training teether’s from Combi.
These come in stages; there’s a 2 months, a 4 months, and an 8 months. They come in
this great case which is perfect for parents who don’t want to worry about there being
germs on their teether’s. When they’re done, they can put it in the case, take it some
place later and wash it and then they can carry this. Another kind of teether which
is more traditional is one in which it has a teether that you can freeze and use cold.
Some babies like this especially when they’re going through that stage where they have teeth
coming through and they want to be able to freeze the gums a little so they feel the
pain as the tooth cuts through. An alternate to that and this is the concern now days,
many parents like to have something that is more natural. We do have this line of earth
brights teether’s which are natural wood, which are perfectly safe for children to chew
on. As well as fabric, that is also completely safe. Now I must say, all of our teether’s
we have are filets free. We made a point to go to every single vendor and have them verify
that there are no filets in any of the teether’s which is an issue coming in 2009 when the
law will change in California and all toys have to be filets free. So there’s our selection
of teether’s.

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